KaBlam! premiered in October 1996 on Nickelodeon. The animated anthology series aired for four seasons and 52 half-hour episodes.

A spin-off series, Action League Now!, aired in 2002.

About The Show

What happens when cartoons and comics collide? “KABLAM!” Welcome to the most fantastic development in comic book history—a comic book TV show where Henry and June, two tireless cartoon kids, turn the pages for you! Each episode is jam-packed with alternative animation and breaks all the rules of kids’ cartoons. Watch “KABLAM!” and prepare to be blown away by some of the most mind-scrambling cartoons known to mankind! Each week you’ll marvel at the ongoing adventures of the peppy plastic crime fighters of “Action League Now!” You’ll wonder at the alternate reality of “Life With Loopy.” You’ll try to keep up with the nonstop energy of “Sniz and Fondue.” And you’ll puzzle over the primitive primates and aliens of “Prometheus and Bob.” And that’s only the tip of the KABLAMBERG. [via]

The Episode List

The episode list and air dates below are for Nickelodeon in the United States. The dates, days, and times listed are for their first appearance on the network. The codes are official episode numbers used by the network.

Note: The series does not have formal episode titles. It has been a common practice among fans to use the title of the back cover shown at the end of most episodes.

Code Title Date Day Time
Season 1
001 Your Real Best Friend! Oct-11-1996 Fri 8:00p
002 It’s Flavorific! Oct-18-1996 Fri 8:00p
003 Comics for Tomorrow Today! Oct-25-1996 Fri 8:00p
004 Not Just for People Anymore! Nov-1-1996 Fri 8:00p
005 All-Purpose KaBlam! Nov-15-1996 Fri 8:00p
006 What the Astronauts Drink! Nov-22-1996 Fri 8:00p
007 KaBlam! Gets Results Dec-6-1996 Fri 8:00p
008 You’ve Tried the Rest! Now Try the Best! Dec-13-1996 Fri 8:00p
009 Untitled (June refuses to turn the page) Dec-27-1996 Fri 8:00p
010 A Little Dab’ll Do Ya! Jan-3-1997 Fri 8:00p
011 Built for Speed! Jan-10-1997 Fri 8:00p
012 Comics of Champions Jan-17-1997 Fri 8:00p
013 Resistance is Futile Jan-31-1997 Fri 8:00p
Season 2
015 Won’t Crack or Peel! Sept-26-1997 Fri 8:00p
014 Won’t Stick To Most Dental Work! Oct-3-1997 Fri 8:00p
016 Hurts So Good!! Oct-10-1997 Fri 8:00p
017 Harold’s Glow in the Dark Brand Butter Oct-17-1997 Fri 8:00p
018 Tastes Like Paper! Oct-24-1997 Fri 8:00p
019 I Just Don’t Get It! Nov-7-1997 Fri 8:00p
020 E Pluribus KaBlam! Nov-14-1997 Fri 8:00p
021 Better Than a Poke in the Eye! Nov-21-1997 Fri 8:00p
022 Get Sam Donaldson’s Mystery Bag Dec-5-1997 Fri 8:00p
023 Cramming Cartoons Since 1627 Dec-12-1997 Fri 8:00p
024 Hand Cranked for Your Enjoyment! Dec-26-1997 Fri 8:00p
025 Art + Science = Fun! Jan-2-1998 Fri 8:00p
026 James KaBlam! Jan-16-1998 Fri 8:00p
Special A Very Special Action League Now! Special (In the Whine of Fire / The Wrath of Spotzilla) Mar-28-1998 Sat 8:30p
Season 3
027 More Happiness Than Allowed by Law! Sept-4-1998 Fri 8:00p
028 Money Train 2 Sept-11-1998 Fri 8:00p
998 Life With Loopy Birthday Gala-bration Sept-25-1998 Fri 8:00p
030 Holdeth the Pickle, Holdeth the Lettuce Oct-9-1998 Fri 8:00p
031 It’s All in the Wrist! Oct-23-1998 Fri 8:00p
032 Year Round Fun! Nov-6-1998 Fri 8:00p
029 Your Logo Here Nov-20-1998 Fri 8:00p
034 Great for Paper Training! Dec-11-1998 Fri 8:00p
033 The New Class Jan-15-1999 Fri 8:00p
035 You’ll Love Our Selection! Jan-29-1999 Fri 8:00p
997 An Off-Beats Valentine’s Feb-12-1999 Fri 8:00p
036 You May Already Be a… KaBlammer! Feb-26-1999 Fri 8:00p
037 KaFun! Mar-12-1999 Fri 8:00p
999 The Henry & June Show (A Show of Their Own / Be True to Your School) Jun-25-1999 Fri 8:00p
Season 4
044 Timeless! Dec-31-1999 Fri 11:00p
040 In It to Win It! Mar-4-2000 Sat 12:30p
038 Sasquatch-ercise! Mar-11-2000 Sat 12:30p
039 Takes a Knockin’ and Keeps Tick-Tockin’ Mar-18-2000 Sat 12:30p
042 A Nut in Every Bite! Apr-1-2000 Sat 12:30p
043 Now With More Flava’! Apr-8-2000 Sat 12:30p
041 The Best of Both Worlds Apr-15-2000 Sat 12:30p
045 The KaBlair! Witch Project May-6-2000 Sat 1:00p
046 Going the Extra Mile! May-13-2000 Sat 1:00p
047 Under New Management May-20-2000 Sat 1:00p
048 Just Chillin’ May-27-2000 Sat 1:00p