Henry Danger

Henry Danger premiered in July 2014 on Nickelodeon. The live-action sitcom ran for five seasons and 128 half-hour episodes.

An animated spin-off, The Adventures of Kid Danger, aired for 10 episodes in 2018. After the main series ended in March 2020, a second spin-off and continuation series Danger Force premiered.

About The Show

13-year-old Henry Hart lands a part time job as Kid Danger, the sidekick-in-training to superhero Captain Man. After promising to keep his new identity a secret, Henry must navigate a double life. [via Nickelodeon]

The series stars Jace Norman, Cooper Barnes, Riele Downs, Sean Ryan Fox, Ella Anderson, and Michael D. Cohen.

The Episode List

The episode list and air dates below are for Nickelodeon in the United States. The dates, days, and times listed are for their first appearance on the network. The codes are official episode numbers used by the network.

Code Title Date Day Time
999 (101/102) The Danger Begins Jul-26-2014 Sat 8:00p
103 Mo’ Danger, Mo’ Problems Sept-13-2014 Sat 8:00p
104 The Secret Gets Out Sept-20-2014 Sat 8:00p
105 Tears of the Jolly Beetle Sept-27-2014 Sat 8:00p
106 Substitute Teacher Oct-4-2014 Sat 8:00p
107 Jasper Danger Oct-18-2014 Sat 8:00p
108 The Space Rock Nov-1-2014 Sat 8:00p
109 Birthday Girl Down Nov-8-2014 Sat 8:00p
110 Too Much Game Nov-15-2014 Sat 8:00p
111 Henry the Man-Beast Nov-22-2014 Sat 8:00p
112 Invisible Brad Jan-10-2015 Sat 8:00p
113 Spoiler Alert Jan-24-2015 Sat 8:00p
114 Let’s Make a Steal Jan-31-2015 Sat 8:00p
115 Super Volcano Feb-7-2015 Sat 8:00p
116 My Phony Valentine Feb-14-2015 Sat 8:00p
117 Caved In Feb-28-2015 Sat 8:00p
118 Elevator Kiss Mar-7-2015 Sat 8:00p
119 Man of the House Mar-14-2015 Sat 8:00p
120 Dream Busters Mar-21-2015 Sat 8:00p
121 Kid Grounded Apr-4-2015 Sat 8:00p
122 Captain Jerk Apr-11-2015 Sat 8:00p
123 The Bucket Trap Apr-18-2015 Sat 8:00p
124 Henry & The Bad Girl (1) May-2-2015 Sat 8:00p
125 Henry & The Bad Girl (2) May-9-2015 Sat 8:00p
126 Jasper’s Real Girlfriend May-16-2015 Sat 8:00p
201 The Beat Goes On Sept-12-2015 Sat 8:00p
202 One Henry, Three Girls (1) Sept-19-2015 Sat 8:00p
203 One Henry, Three Girls (2) Sept-26-2015 Sat 8:00p
204 Henry & The Woodpeckers Oct-3-2015 Sat 8:00p
205 Captain Man: On Vacation Oct-10-2015 Sat 8:00p
206 The Time Jerker Nov-7-2015 Sat 8:00p
207 Secret Beef Nov-14-2015 Sat 8:00p
208 Henry’s Jelly Nov-21-2015 Sat 8:00p
209 Christmas Danger Nov-28-2015 Sat 8:00p
210 Indestructible Henry (1) Mar-19-2016 Sat 8:00p
211 Indestructible Henry (2) Mar-26-2016 Sat 8:00p
212 Text, Lies, & Video Apr-9-2016 Sat 8:00p
213 Opposite Universe Apr-16-2016 Sat 8:00p
217 Grave Danger Apr-23-2016 Sat 8:00p
218 Ox Pox Apr-30-2016 Sat 8:00p
216 Twin Henrys May-7-2016 Sat 8:00p
995 (214/215) Danger & Thunder
(crossover with characters from The Thundermans)
Jun-18-2016 Sat 8:00p
219 I Know Your Secret Jul-17-2016 Sun 7:30p
301 A FiƱata Full of Death Bugs Sept-17-2016 Sat 8:00p
302 Love Muffin Sept-24-2016 Sat 8:00p
303 Scream Machine Oct-1-2016 Sat 8:00p
305 Mouth Candy Oct-8-2016 Sat 8:00p
304 The Trouble with Frittles Nov-5-2016 Sat 8:00p
994 (307/308) Hour of Power Nov-11-2016 Fri 7:00p
311 Dodging Danger Dec-3-2016 Sat 8:00p
314 Double Date Danger Feb-11-2017 Sat 8:00p
312 Space Invaders (1) Mar-11-2017 Sat 7:30p
313 Space Invaders (2) Mar-18-2017 Sat 8:00p
306 Gas or Fail Mar-25-2017 Sat 8:00p
309 JAM Session Apr-8-2017 Sat 8:00p
315 License to Fly Apr-15-2017 Sat 8:00p
310 Green Fingers Apr-22-2017 Sat 8:00p
317 Stuck in Two Holes Apr-29-2017 Sat 8:00p
319 Live & Dangerous (1) Sept-16-2017 Sat 8:00p
320 Live & Dangerous (2) Sept-23-2017 Sat 8:00p
318 Balloons of Doom Sept-30-2017 Sat 8:00p
316 Swellview’s Got Talent Oct-7-2017 Sat 8:00p
404 Sick & Wired Oct-21-2017 Sat 8:00p
405 Brawl in the Hall Nov-4-2017 Sat 8:00p
406 The Rock Box Dump Nov-11-2017 Sat 8:00p
991 (401-403) Danger Games
(crossover with characters from Game Shakers)
Nov-25-2017 Sat 8:00p
411 Toon in for Danger Jan-15-2018 Mon 7:00p
418 Meet Cute Crush Feb-10-2018 Sat 8:00p
407 Back to the Danger (1) Mar-24-2018 Sat 7:30p
408 Back to the Danger (2) Mar-31-2018 Sat 8:00p
410 Budget Cuts Apr-7-2018 Sat 8:00p
417 Diamonds are for Heather Apr-14-2018 Sat 8:00p
412 Car Trek Apr-28-2018 Sat 8:00p
416 Toddler Invasion May-5-2018 Sat 8:00p
420 Captain Man-kini May-12-2018 Sat 8:00p
414 Saturday Night Lies May-19-2018 Sat 8:00p
415 Henry’s Frittle Problem Sept-22-2018 Sat 8:00p
419 Spelling Bee Hard Sept-29-2018 Sat 8:00p
422 Up The Stairs! Oct-6-2018 Sat 8:00p
502 Danger Things Oct-8-2018 Mon 8:00p
409 Rubber Duck Oct-13-2018 Sat 8:00p
501 Flabber Gassed Oct-20-2018 Sat 8:00p
503 Henry’s Birthday Nov-3-2018 Sat 8:00p
504 Whistlin’ Susie Nov-10-2018 Sat 8:00p
899 (413/421) Thumb War Nov-17-2018 Sat 8:00p
505 The Great Cactus Con Nov-24-2018 Sat 8:00p
506 Part 1: A New Evil Jan-5-2019 Sat 8:00p
507 Part 2: A New Darkness Jan-12-2019 Sat 8:00p
508 Part 3: A New Hero Jan-19-2019 Sat 8:00p
510 Broken Armed and Dangerous Jan-26-2019 Sat 8:00p
509 Knight & Danger
(crossover with characters from Knight Squad)
Feb-2-2019 Sat 8:00p
511 Grand Theft Otto Feb-16-2019 Sat 8:00p
512 The Whole Bilsky Family Feb-23-2019 Sat 8:00p
513 Secret Room Mar-2-2019 Sat 8:00p
514 My Dinner with Bigfoot Mar-9-2019 Sat 8:00p
515 Charlotte Gets Ghosted Mar-16-2019 Sat 8:00p
516 I Dream of Danger Mar-23-2019 Sat 7:30p
517 Holey Moley Jun-15-2019 Sat 8:00p
518 Love Bytes Jun-22-2019 Sat 8:00p
519 Double-O Danger Jun-29-2019 Sat 8:00p
520 Massage Chair Jul-13-2019 Sat 8:00p
897 (521/522) Henry Danger: The Musical Jul-27-2019 Sat 8:00p
524 Sister Twister (1) Sept-21-2019 Sat 8:00p
525 Sister Twister (2) Sept-28-2019 Sat 8:00p
523 A Tale of Two Pipers Oct-5-2019 Sat 8:00p
528 Story Tank Oct-12-2019 Sat 8:00p
526 Captain Mom Nov-2-2019 Sat 8:00p
527 Visible Brad Nov-9-2019 Sat 8:00p
530 EnvyGram Wall Nov-16-2019 Sat 8:00p
529 Holiday Punch Nov-30-2019 Sat 8:00p
531 Mr. Nice Guy Jan-11-2020 Sat 8:00p
532 Theranos Boot Jan-18-2020 Sat 8:00p
533 Rumblr Jan-25-2020 Sat 8:00p
534 Cave the Date Feb-1-2020 Sat 8:00p
536 Escape Room Feb-8-2020 Sat 8:00p
535 Game of Phones Feb-15-2020 Sat 8:00p
895 Remember the Crimes Feb-22-2020 Sat 8:00p
537 The Beginning of the End Feb-29-2020 Sat 8:00p
538 Captain Drex Mar-7-2020 Sat 8:00p
539 The Fate of Danger (1) Mar-14-2020 Sat 8:00p
540 The Fate of Danger (2) Mar-21-2020 Sat 8:00p
Combinations (after separate episodes premiered)
998 Henry & The Bad Girl May-31-2015 Sun 7:00p
997 One Henry, Three Girls Oct-3-2015 Sat 7:00p
996 Indestructible Henry Mar-27-2016 Sun 7:00p
993 Space Invaders Mar-24-2017 Fri 7:30p
992 Live & Dangerous Sept-24-2017 Sun 7:00p
990 Back To The Danger Apr-1-2018 Sun 12:00p
888 A New Hero: Power Packed Encore Jan-23-2019 Wed 7:00p
896 Sister Twister Oct-5-2019 Sat 7:00p
898 A New Hero