List of every TV series aired on Nicktoons (TV channel)

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Nickandmore! presents a list of TV series that have aired on the Nicktoons TV channel in the United States.

Dates correspond to the “TV day”, which starts and ends at 6:00am Eastern Time. In general, First Aired is representative of when a TV show first began to air on the channel. However, there are times where this may vary, such as a pilot airing before an official premiere. Last Aired is the most recent date a program aired on the network. The length of time between the first and last airings is not necessarily representative of a program’s total time on the network. Various shows have gone months or years between different airings. See the Notes section for additional airing information.

Published: October 14, 2021
Updated: December 9, 2023 (211 titles listed)

Program First Aired Last Aired Notes
Oh Yeah! Cartoons May-1-2002 Sept-3-2007
KaBlam! May-1-2002 Dec-17-2007 [regular airings ended Jul-31-2005]
Animaniacs May-1-2002 Aug-26-2005
Pinky and the Brain May-1-2002 Aug-?-2004
The Ren & Stimpy Show May-1-2002 Aug-26-2011
Rugrats May-1-2002 Dec-25-2022
Doug May-1-2002 Dec-17-2020 [regular airings ended Jul-31-2005]
Aaahh!!! Real Monsters May-1-2002 Nov-26-2007 [regular airings ended Mar-31-2006]
Rocko’s Modern Life May-1-2002 Aug-23-2011
The Angry Beavers May-1-2002 Feb-12-2008 [regular airings ended Jan-10-2007]
Hey Arnold! May-1-2002 Jan-1-2009 [excluding movies; regular airings ended May-30-2008]
Rocket Power May-1-2002 Jun-18-2010
SpongeBob SquarePants May-1-2002
The Wild Thornberrys May-1-2002 Jan-21-2008
CatDog May-1-2002 Aug-22-2011
Butt-Ugly Martians May-4-2002 late-2002?
Invader ZIM May-4-2002 Feb-23-2021
Action League Now! May-4-2002 Dec-29-2010
The Fairly OddParents May-4-2002
As Told By Ginger May-4-2002 Jan-2-2009
Pelswick May-4-2002 May-30-2005
ChalkZone May-5-2002 Oct-27-2013
The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron, Boy Genius Jan-12-2003 Sept-24-2021
Charlie Brown Dec-31-2003 Apr-?-2004
Corneil & Bernie Feb-21-2004 Oct-16-2008
Kaput & Zösky Mar-7-2004 Dec-31-2006
Tiny Toon Adventures Apr-5-2004 Aug-26-2005
Yakkity Yak May-28-2004 Sept-23-2007
Nicktoons Film Festival Oct-24-2004 Nov-20-2009
Martin Mystery May-16-2005 May-2-2008
My Dad the Rockstar Sept-4-2005 Jan-31-2008
Skyland Nov-26-2005 Jun-1-2008 [full series premiered Nov-18-2006]
6teen Dec-20-2005 Jul-2-2006 [only aired 4 total times]
All Grown Up Dec-25-2005 Oct-27-2013
Kappa Mikey Feb-25-2006 Nov-28-2010
Avatar: The Last Airbender Mar-13-2006 Aug-28-2020
My Life as a Teenage Robot Apr-1-2006 May-15-2016
The X’s Apr-3-2006 Dec-20-2015 [regular airings ended Oct-31-2008]
Edgar & Ellen Sept-2-2006 Apr-5-2010 [full series premiered Oct-7-2007]
Shuriken School Sept-8-2006 Jun-1-2008
The Secret Show Jan-20-2007 Nov-28-2010
El Tigre, The Adventures of Manny Rivera Mar-3-2007 May-5-2021 [regular airings ended Feb-9-2018]
Mr. Meaty Mar-10-2007 Jan-3-2010
Danny Phantom Jun-1-2007 Mar-31-2021 [regular airings ended in 2016]
Tak and the Power of Juju Sept-1-2007 Sept-2-2012
Wayside Sept-1-2007 Apr-5-2010
Shorts in a Bunch Sept-23-2007 Dec-30-2007
Back at the Barnyard Sept-30-2007 Feb-5-2021
Catscratch Nov-25-2007 Dec-19-2015 [regular airings ended Dec-30-2008]
Ricky Sprocket: Showbiz Boy Jan-21-2008 Mar-31-2012 [regular airings ended Apr-5-2010]
The Mighty B! Apr-28-2008 Feb-14-2016 [regular airings ended Oct-25-2013]
Speed Racer: The Next Generation May-2-2008 Aug-25-2013
Three Delivery Jun-27-2008 Jun-5-2012
Making Fiends Oct-4-2008 Oct-31-2016
Are You Afraid of the Dark? Oct-20-2008 Oct-31-2008 [original series]
The Penguins of Madagascar Nov-29-2008 Oct-2-2016
Random! Cartoons Dec-6-2008 Jul-4-2014
Wolverine and the X-Men Jan-23-2009 Jan-13-2013
Nick News Feb-9-2009 Apr-26-2015 [original series]
Iron Man: Armored Adventures Apr-24-2009 May-3-2015
Fantastic Four: World’s Greatest Heroes Aug-14-2009 May-20-2012 [regular airings ended Oct-8-2011]
Glenn Martin, DDS Aug-22-2009 Oct-9-2011
The Troop Sept-26-2009 Apr-24-2015 [regular airings ended Sept-20-2013]
Fanboy & Chum Chum Oct-23-2009 Dec-24-2016
Big Time Rush Jan-11-2010 Oct-14-2010 [“Big Time Movie” aired twice in 2012]
Dragon Ball Z Kai May-24-2010 Apr-14-2013
iCarly Jun-27-2010 Jun-27-2010 [one time airing]
VICTORiOUS Jun-27-2010 Jun-27-2010 [one time airing]
True Jackson, VP Jun-27-2010 Jun-27-2010 [one time airing]
BrainSurge Aug-2-2010 Aug-1-2014 [one week in 2010; returned Apr-28-2014]
Hero Factory Aug-19-2010 Dec-6-2014
Zevo-3 Aug-22-2010 Oct-9-2011
NFL Rush Zone Sept-6-2010 Jul-8-2015
Planet Sheen Oct-2-2010 May-5-2015
T.U.F.F. Puppy Oct-2-2010 Feb-5-2021
Supah Ninjas Feb-5-2011 Apr-24-2015
Power Rangers Samurai Feb-11-2011 Mar-17-2020
Drake & Josh Mar-7-2011 Feb-14-2016 [excluding the TV movie]
Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide Mar-7-2011 Aug-5-2011
Voltron Force Jun-16-2011 May-3-2015 [regular airings ended Mar-10-2013]
Bucket & Skinner’s Epic Adventures Jul-19-2011 Jun-29-2012 [regular starting Jan-17-2012]
Winx Club Sept-25-2011 Sept-25-2011
Wild Grinders Sept-26-2011 Apr-22-2016 [official premiere Apr-27-2012]
Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness Nov-4-2011 Jul-8-2018
Power Rangers Jungle Fury Nov-18-2011 Apr-13-2017
Power Rangers Dino Thunder Jan-6-2012 Nov-24-2014
Dragon Ball GT Jan-16-2012 Dec-11-2014
Monsuno Feb-23-2012 Apr-27-2014
The Legend of Korra Apr-22-2012 Mar-13-2020
Power Rangers Ninja Storm Jun-1-2012 Nov-24-2014
Huntik: Secrets & Seekers Aug-6-2012 Jun-30-2013
Robot and Monster Aug-9-2012 May-5-2015
Power Rangers Time Force Aug-17-2012 Oct-1-2013
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2012) Sept-30-2012
Power Rangers S.P.D. Nov-11-2012 Nov-24-2014
Power Rangers Megaforce Feb-9-2013 Jan-14-2020
Alien Dawn Feb-22-2013 Apr-14-2013
Power Rangers in Space Feb-25-2013 Sept-30-2013
Power Rangers Turbo Feb-25-2013 Nov-24-2014
Power Rangers Wild Force Feb-25-2013 Oct-2-2013
Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue Feb-26-2013 Oct-1-2013
Power Rangers RPM Feb-27-2013 Feb-27-2013
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Feb-28-2013 Feb-28-2013
Yu-Gi-Oh! Mar-11-2013 Mar-8-2014
Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL Apr-12-2013 Nov-7-2015
Rocket Monkeys Apr-19-2013 May-2-2014
Sanjay and Craig May-25-2013 Mar-31-2022
Digimon Jun-10-2013 Jan-25-2014
Rabbids Invasion Sept-1-2013 Jun-30-2017
Power Rangers Zeo Sept-30-2013 Sept-30-2013
Power Rangers Operation Overdrive Oct-3-2013 Oct-4-2013
Digimon Fusion Oct-13-2013 Sept-25-2016
Monsters vs. Aliens Oct-28-2013 Nov-8-2016
The Thundermans Nov-1-2013 Jun-5-2021
TeenNick Top 10 Dec-31-2013 Dec-31-2014
Breadwinners Feb-21-2014 Jul-3-2021
You Gotta See This Apr-1-2014 Apr-1-2014
LBX: Little Battlers eXperience Aug-24-2014 Sept-25-2016
NFL Rush Sept-10-2014 Apr-29-2016
Henry Danger Sept-19-2014 Jul-17-2021
Nicky, Ricky, Dicky, & Dawn Sept-19-2014 Aug-10-2018
Max & Shred Oct-13-2014 May-13-2016 [regular starting Mar-21-2016]
WWE Slam City Oct-22-2014 May-27-2015
Nickelodeon Sports Theater with Shaquille O’Neal Nov-5-2014 Nov-12-2014
NASCAR Hammer Down Nov-5-2014 Nov-18-2016
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2003) Dec-22-2014 Feb-13-2016
Bella and the Bulldogs Jan-21-2015 Sept-22-2017
Power Rangers Dino Charge Feb-14-2015 Mar-12-2021
Oggy and the Cockroaches Feb-28-2015 May-5-2015
Harvey Beaks Mar-28-2015 Jun-21-2019
Game Changers with Kevin Frazier Apr-8-2015 Apr-15-2016
The Haunted Hathaways May-6-2015 Aug-25-2017 [not including “Haunted Thundermans”]
Soccer Superstar Jul-8-2015 Jul-29-2016
Pig Goat Banana Cricket Jul-16-2015 Aug-10-2018 [regular airings ended Sept-22-2017]
Webheads Sept-12-2015 Oct-9-2015
Game Shakers Sept-12-2015 Apr-8-2018
Figure It Out Sept-14-2015 Sept-22-2015
Top Ten Trick Shots Oct-21-2015 Dec-25-2016
ALVINNN!!! and The Chipmunks Dec-21-2015
Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir Jan-3-2016 Jan-29-2017
The HALO Effect Jan-21-2016 Oct-17-2016
Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V Feb-21-2016 Jan-12-2019
School of Rock Mar-12-2016 Apr-8-2018
Paradise Run Apr-8-2016 May-12-2020
The Other Kingdom Apr-10-2016 Apr-10-2016 [first 2 episodes only]
Get Blake! Apr-20-2016 Dec-18-2016
The Dude Perfect Show Apr-22-2016 Apr-17-2020
The Ed Bassmaster Show Apr-22-2016 Apr-22-2016 [single airing]
Chase Champion May-31-2016 Jun-3-2016 [web series packaged for TV]
All In With Cam Newton Jun-10-2016 Sept-8-2017
The Loud House Jul-7-2016
Crashletes Jul-8-2016 Apr-17-2020
Jagger Eaton’s Mega Life Oct-7-2016 Nov-3-2017
Lip Sync Battle Shorties Dec-23-2016 Mar-9-2018
Power Rangers Ninja Steel Jan-28-2017 Dec-19-2020
Rank the Prank Feb-14-2017 Apr-1-2017
Bunsen is a Beast Feb-20-2017 Dec-25-2018
Hunter Street Mar-11-2017 Mar-14-2017
Welcome to the Wayne Jul-31-2017 Jun-21-2019 [web shorts aired Aug-17-2014]
Mysticons Aug-30-2017 Sept-15-2018
Massive Monster Mayhem Oct-25-2017 Nov-17-2018
The Adventures of Kid Danger Jan-15-2018 Oct-23-2021
Knight Squad Feb-19-2018 Jun-22-2018
Keep It Spotless Mar-30-2018 Apr-19-2020
Star Falls Mar-31-2018 Apr-28-2018
Double Dare (2018) Jul-7-2018 Apr-10-2020
Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Jul-20-2018 May-23-2021
Cousins For Life Dec-7-2018 Dec-16-2018
Rainbow Butterfly Unicorn Kitty Jan-28-2019 Dec-13?-2019
Power Rangers Beast Morphers Mar-9-2019 Feb-13-2021
The Substitute Apr-?-2019 Mar-21-2021
LEGO City Adventures Jun-23-2019 Aug-1-2021
44 Cats Jun-?-2019 Feb-25-2020
All That (2019) Jun-?-2019 Dec-18-2020
Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader (2019) Jun-?-2019 May-29-2020
Middle School Moguls Sept-?-2019 Oct-?-2019
LEGO Jurassic World: Legend of Isla Nublar Sept-?-2019 Aug-30-2020
The Casagrandes Oct-?-2019 Mar-17-2023
It’s Pony Jan-18-2020 Sept-9-2022
The Crystal Maze Jan-24-2020 Apr-10-2020
Tyler Perry’s Young Dylan Mar-4-2020 Jun-19-2022
Danger Force Mar-31-2020 Jul-10-2022
Ollie’s Pack Apr-6-2020 May-6-2021
Group Chat May-24-2020 Oct-25-2020
Nick News (2020) Jun-29-2020
Nickelodeon’s Unfiltered Jul-12-2020 May-30-2021
Unleashed Oct-23-2020 Dec-20-2020
Are You Afraid of the Dark? (2019) Oct-23-2020 Mar-21-2021
Side Hustle Nov-8-2020 Jul-3-2022
The Astronauts Nov-13-2020 Jan-15-2021
Tooned In Feb-8-2021 May-22-2022
Power Rangers Dino Fury Feb-22-2021 Dec-18-2021
Drama Club Mar-21-2021 May-23-2021
The Barbarian and The Troll Apr-3-2021 Mar-31-2023 [last previous airing Jul-2-2021]
Kamp Koral: SpongeBob’s Under Years Apr-17-2021
Nick Shorts Showcase Jun-19-2021 Jul-9-2022
Middlemost Post Jul-10-2021
The Patrick Star Show Jul-11-2021
The Smurfs (2021) Sept-6-2021 Sept-25-2022
NFL Slimetime Sept-15-2021
Rugrats (2021) Oct-7-2021
Star Trek: Prodigy Dec-18-2021 Oct-27-2022
Warped! Jan-20-2022 Apr-3-2022
Blaze and the Monster Machines Feb-13-2022 Feb-13-2022
The Fairly OddParents: Fairly Odder Apr-23-2022 Dec-11-2022
Big Nate Sept-12-2022
Monster High Oct-6-2022
The Really Loud House Nov-5-2022
Transformers: EarthSpark Nov-11-2022
The Tiny Chef Show Feb-2-2023 Mar-10-2023
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1987) Jul-31-2023 Sept-7-2023