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List of every TV series aired on Toon Disney and Jetix

Toon Disney and JETIX logos

Nickandmore! presents a list of every TV series that aired on Toon Disney in the United States from 1998 through 2009. This list also includes programs aired during the Jetix programming block.

The Walt Disney Company launched Toon Disney as a digital cable spin-off from the Disney Channel on Saturday, April 18, 1998 at 3:00 p.m. Eastern Time. The first programs to air were the theatrical shorts “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice”, “Mickey’s Trailer” and “Boat Builders”. On February 14, 2004, the channel (along with ABC Family) added the boy-focused action programming block Jetix. Finally, on February 13, 2009, the Toon Disney channel rebranded to Disney XD.

Jetix programs are for their start and end dates on Toon Disney, not the ABC Family block. Despite the channel space still existing today as Disney XD, this list is being kept separate for research purposes and user experience. View the Disney XD list for what has aired since 2009. Dates correspond to the “TV day”, which starts and ends at 6:00am Eastern Time. In general, First Aired is representative of when a TV show first began to air on the channel. However, there are times where this may vary, such as a pilot airing before an official premiere. Last Aired is the most recent date a program aired on the network. The length of time between the first and last airings is not necessarily representative of a program’s total time on the network. Various shows have gone months or years between different airings. See the Notes section for additional airing information.

Published: November 17, 2019
Updated: March 2, 2024 (117 titles listed) – Significant updates!

Program First Aired Last Aired Notes
Magical World of Toons Apr-18-1998 Aug-31-1998 [collection of classic Disney shorts; used as a programming block starting Sept-1-1998]
Timon & Pumbaa Apr-18-1998 Feb-8-2009
The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh Apr-18-1998 Oct-19-2007
Goof Troop Apr-18-1998 Dec-21-2008
TaleSpin Apr-18-1998 Jun-28-2008
Aladdin Apr-18-1998 Dec-14-2008
The Littles Apr-?-1998 Aug-31-2002
Adventures of the Gummi Bears Apr-?-1998 Dec-28-2001
Jungle Cubs Apr-?-1998 Dec-30-2001
What-a-Mess Apr-?-1998 Aug-31-2002
Wild West C.O.W.-Boys of Moo Mesa Apr-?-1998 Mar-?-2001
Bump in the Night Apr-?-1998 Mar-31-2001
Bonkers Apr-?-1998 Sept-?-2004
Mouse Tracks Apr-?-1998 1999 [aka “Mickey’s Mouse Tracks”]
Darkwing Duck Apr-?-1998 Jan-19-2007
Chip ‘n Dale Rescue Rangers Apr-?-1998 Aug-3-2008
Quack Attack Apr-?-1998 Dec-31-2002 [aka “Donald’s Quack Attack”]
The Little Mermaid Apr-?-1998 Jan-25-2008
Madeline Apr-?-1998 Oct-?-2003 [includes “The New Adventures of Madeline”]
Gadget Boy Apr-?-1998 Dec-31-2001
Wuzzles Apr-?-1998 2001
Wish Kid Apr-?-1998 Aug-31-2002
The New Archies Apr-?-1998 Aug-31-2002
The Wizard of Oz Apr-?-1998 Aug-31-2002 [1990 animated series]
Raw Toonage Apr-?-1998 Dec-30-2001
The Shnookums & Meat Funny Cartoon Show Apr-?-1998 Jul-6-2007
Super Dave Apr-?-1998 Aug-31-2002
Marsupilami Apr-?-1998 Dec-30-2001
Mighty Ducks Aug-31-1998 Mar-2-2007
Blazing Dragons Aug-31-1998 Aug-?-2002
Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog Aug-31-1998 Aug-?-2002
Quack Pack Aug-31-1998 Oct-31-2004
The Care Bears Aug-31-1998 Aug-31-2002
Hello Kitty and Friends Sept-1-1998 Jul-5-2002?
101 Dalmatians Sept-1-1998 May-22-2007
Toon Disney Doodles Sept-1-1998 Sept-30-1999
Gargoyles Sept-1-1998 Feb-11-2009
DuckTales Sept-3-1999 Feb-9-2007
Hercules Sept-4-2000 Feb-4-2009
Lloyd in Space Mar-5-2001 Oct-23-2006 [aired for a special event Aug-25-2002; regular starting Sept-1-2002]
Recess Aug-20-2001 Feb-12-2009 [aired for special events Aug-20to23-2001, Nov-12-2001; regular starting Sept-1-2003]
The Weekenders Aug-24-2001 Feb-6-2009 [aired for a special event Aug-25-2002; regular starting Sept-1-2002]
Teacher’s Pet Aug-25-2001 Aug-19-2006 [regular starting Jan-7-2002; last regular airing Jan-29-2006]
Pepper Ann Sept-3-2001 Jul-20-2008
Disney’s Doug Sept-3-2001 Oct-31-2004
Rupert Sept-10-2001 Aug-30-2002
House of Mouse Nov-18-2001 Feb-6-2009 [regular starting Sept-2-2002]
Teamo Supremo Apr-22-2002 Aug-27-2006 [aired for special events Apr-22to25-2002, Aug-25-2002; regular starting Sept-1-2002; last regular airing Jan-29-2006, aired as post-movie filler for months later]
Mary-Kate and Ashley in Action! Sept-1-2002 Feb-28-2004
Sabrina, The Animated Series Sept-1-2002 Aug-29-2004
Ultimate Book of Spells Sept-3-2002 Aug-29-2003
Toad Patrol Sept-3-2002 Sept-5-2004
Fillmore! Feb-17-2003 Jan-18-2009 [regular starting Sept-2-2003]
Buzz Lightyear of Star Command Aug-31-2003 Aug-11-2007
The Legend of Tarzan Aug-31-2003 Feb-6-2009
Garfield and Friends Sept-1-2003 Jan-29-2006
Power Rangers Dino Thunder Feb-14-2004 Jan-16-2009
Digimon Feb-14-2004 Feb-12-2009
Beyblade Feb-14-2004 Jan-14-2007
Power Rangers Ninja Storm Feb-16-2004 Jan-28-2009
Spider-Man Jun-26-2004 Feb-10-2009 [1994 animated series]
Spider-Man Jun-26-2004 Jun-26-2004 [1967 animated series; 1 episode only]
The Proud Family Sept-6-2004 Feb-6-2009
Sabrina’s Secret Life Sept-11-2004 Feb-27-2005
Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go! Sept-20-2004 Feb-12-2009
X-Men Sept-26-2004 Feb-11-2009
Dragon Booster Oct-25-2004 Sept-30-2007
Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends Nov-6-2004 Feb-11-2009
W.I.T.C.H. Dec-19-2004 Aug-31-2008
Dave the Barbarian Jan-1-2005 Feb-8-2009 [regular starting Jan-17-2005]
Shinzo Jan-17-2005 Feb-11-2009
What’s with Andy? Jan-18-2005 Jun-2-2005
Power Rangers Generations Jan-18-2005 Sept-29-2007 [“Mighty Morphin” to “Wild Force”]
Power Rangers S.P.D. Feb-7-2005 Jan-16-2009
Battle B-Daman Apr-3-2005 Nov-5-2005
Kim Possible Apr-11-2005 Feb-12-2009
The Tick Jun-13-2005 Mar-31-2008 [1994 animated series]
Get Ed Sept-19-2005 Feb-11-2009
Kong: The Animated Series Sept-19-2005 Jan-27-2008
Brandy & Mr. Whiskers Jan-1-2006 Jun-8-2008 [regular starting Jan-14-2006]
Lilo & Stitch: The Series Jan-16-2006 Feb-8-2009 [regular starting Apr-1-2006]
The Emperor’s New School Jan-30-2006 Feb-4-2009
A.T.O.M. Jan-30-2006 Feb-8-2009
American Dragon: Jake Long Feb-20-2006 Feb-12-2009
Power Rangers Mystic Force Feb-20-2006 Jan-20-2009
Dungeons & Dragons Apr-8-2006 Jan-27-2008
Oban Star-Racers Jun-3-2006 Feb-11-2009
Silverwing Jun-5-2006 Jan-27-2008
NASCAR Racers Jun-10-2006 Aug-31-2008
Daigunder Jun-10-2006 Jan-14-2007
Legend of the Dragon Aug-14-2006 Aug-31-2008
Yin Yang Yo! Aug-28-2006 Feb-12-2009 [advertised premiere Sept-4-2006]
All Dogs Go to Heaven: The Series Sept-2-2006 Oct-16-2006
Jackie Chan Adventures Sept-5-2006 Feb-11-2009
Mon Colle Knights Sept-10-2006 Jan-14-2007
Bureau of Alien Detectors Sept-10-2006 Jan-14-2007
Pucca Sept-18-2006 Feb-11-2009
The Mummy Oct-3-2006 Sept-30-2007
The Buzz on Maggie Jan-5-2007 Jan-5-2007 [4 episodes only]
Xyber 9: New Dawn Jan-20-2007 Aug-3-2008
Power Rangers Operation Overdrive Feb-26-2007 Jan-26-2009
The Replacements Aug-20-2007 Feb-12-2009 [regular starting Oct-1-2007]
Superman: The Animated Series Sept-28-2007 Feb-8-2009
Batman: The Animated Series Sept-30-2007 Feb-3-2009
Chaotic Oct-1-2007 Feb-12-2009
Pinky and the Brain Oct-1-2007 Aug-31-2008
Shaun the Sheep Nov-23-2007 Jul-6-2008 [regular starting Jun-21-2008]
Captain Flamingo Jan-28-2008 Feb-11-2009
Power Rangers Jungle Fury Feb-18-2008 Feb-9-2009
Iron Man May-4-2008 Feb-11-2009
Monster Buster Club Jun-9-2008 Feb-11-2009
The Incredible Hulk Jun-6-2008 Feb-12-2009 [1996 animated series]
Fantastic Four Jun-27-2008 Feb-12-2009 [1994 animated series]
The Suite Life of Zack & Cody Sept-1-2008 Feb-12-2009
Phineas and Ferb Sept-1-2008 Feb-12-2009
The Avengers: United We Stand Sept-1-2008 Feb-12-2009
Spider-Man Unlimited Sept-29-2008 Feb-9-2009