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Published: July 2, 2019

It was first announced on April 30, 2009, that Discovery Communications and Hasbro, Inc. had entered a 50/50 joint-venture to turn the Discovery Kids network into a new TV destination for kids programming. On January 14, 2010 the joint-venture (ran by president Margaret Loesch, former leader of ’90s TV staple Fox Kids) announced a fall 2010 launch of the TV network, announced as The Hub.

The Hub officially replaced Discovery Kids on Sunday, October 10, 2010 at 10:00am ET.

With slogans like “Where Everything Comes Together” and “It Could Happen… Only on The Hub” the network ran a mix of new and old shows, both animated and live-action, as well as movies. The channel had a soft-rebrand as “Hub Network” in summer 2013, before a full rebrand with an updated logo and tagline (“Making Family Fun”) on January 13, 2014. That last attempt to jump start the struggling network didn’t work.

Running for a little more than 4 years, The Hub Network came to a close (with Hasbro reducing their share of the joint-venture to 40%) on Monday, October 13, 2014 at 6:00am ET. Discovery rebranded the network into Discovery Family, which remains today.

Note: This list does not include the channel’s previous state as Discovery Kids, nor the current state as Discovery Family.

The “First Aired” date indicates the first appearance of a series on the network, whether as a preview or the official premiere. The dates listed go by a “TV day” which runs from 6:00am to 5:59am.

The “# of Airings” column indicates how many total times each program aired. Numbers with an asterisk (*) are for series with hour-long episodes. You can double the number to compare the total timeslots they would take up compared to half-hour series.

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Program First Aired Last Aired # of Airings
The Twisted Whiskers Show Oct-10-2010 Feb-28-2014 612
Dennis and Gnasher Oct-10-2010 Oct-6-2013 270
Cosmic Quantum Ray Oct-10-2010 Oct-6-2013 230
Atomic Betty Oct-10-2010 Dec-29-2013 452
Pound Puppies (2010) Oct-10-2010 Oct-12-2014 3,154
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Oct-10-2010 Oct-12-2014 4,550
Strawberry Shortcake’s Berry Bitty Adventures Oct-10-2010 Oct-12-2014 2,710
Fraggle Rock Oct-10-2010 Oct-4-2014 827
Deltora Quest Oct-10-2010 Dec-29-2013 423
Men in Black: The Series Oct-10-2010 Jun-1-2012 634
Batman Beyond Oct-10-2010 Feb-28-2014 1,106
Meerkat Manor Oct-10-2010 Mar-24-2012 123
Family Game Night Oct-10-2010 Oct-12-2014 1,107*
The WotWots Oct-11-2010 Dec-29-2013 562
In the Night Garden Oct-11-2010 Oct-6-2013 520
Animal Mechanicals Oct-11-2010 May-31-2013 711
Maryoku Yummy Oct-11-2010 May-31-2012 479
Tutenstein Oct-11-2010 Dec-30-2012 47
Pictureka! Oct-11-2010 Dec-28-2013 694
Endurance Oct-11-2010 Jul-21-2013 279
Honey, I Shrunk the Kids: The TV Show Oct-11-2010 Sept-13-2013 472*
Family Ties Oct-11-2010 Sept-26-2014 1,809
The Wonder Years Oct-11-2010 Aug-30-2012 1,187
Doogie Howser, M.D. Oct-11-2010 May-26-2013 827
Happy Days Oct-11-2010 Sept-26-2014 2,134
Laverne & Shirley Oct-11-2010 Jan-12-2014 1,303
Batman (1966) Oct-11-2010 Sept-1-2012 1,447
Transformers (1984) Oct-11-2010 Jul-16-2014 1,092
G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero Oct-11-2010 Oct-10-2014 945
The Adventures of Chuck & Friends Oct-15-2010 Oct-12-2014 1,076
Trading Spaces: Boys vs. Girls Oct-15-2010 Jun-25-2011 37
Adventure Camp Oct-15-2010 Mar-25-2012 71
Scout’s Safari Oct-15-2010 Jun-25-2011 37
The Saddle Club Oct-15-2010 Mar-24-2012 74
Where on Earth is Carmen Sandiego? Oct-16-2010 Sept-2-2012 122
Strange Days at Blake Holsey High Oct-16-2010 Jun-25-2011 21
Truth or Scare Oct-16-2010 Oct-29-2012 55
Serious Oct-16-2010 Jun-24-2011 37
Timeblazers Oct-16-2010 Jun-24-2011 37
DinoSapien Oct-16-2010 Mar-24-2012 70
The Future is Wild Oct-16-2010 Jun-24-2011 37
Time Warp Trio Oct-17-2010 Jun-26-2011 37
Growing Up Creepie Oct-17-2010 May-29-2011 33
Grossology Oct-17-2010 Jun-26-2011 37
Kenny the Shark Oct-17-2010 Mar-25-2012 79
Taylor Swift: Journey to Fearless Oct-22-2010 Dec-30-2011 16*
R.L. Stine’s The Haunting Hour: The Series Oct-29-2010 Oct-12-2014 1,073
Hubworld Nov-5-2010 Oct-29-2011 142
Transformers Prime Nov-26-2010 Oct-10-2014 2,192
G.I. Joe Renegades Nov-26-2010 Oct-12-2014 954
Dan Vs. Jan-1-2011 Oct-3-2014 594
Jem May-28-2011 Oct-10-2014 706
Conan the Adventurer May-31-2011 Oct-16-2011 105
Flight 29 Down Jun-3-2011 Dec-24-2011 29
Wilbur Jun-4-2011 Jun-24-2012 55
The Game of Life Sept-3-2011 Jun-29-2014 277
Scrabble Showdown Sept-3-2011 Dec-28-2013 121
Batman: The Animated Series Sept-6-2011 Nov-29-2013 1,319
Goosebumps Sept-6-2011 Oct-5-2014 990
Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader? Sept-19-2011 Sept-13-2013 570
Majors & Minors Sept-23-2011 May-26-2013 81*
Secret Millionaires Club Oct-23-2011 Oct-12-2014 57
Clue (miniseries) Nov-14-2011 Jun-8-2014 86
Transformers Rescue Bots Dec-17-2011 Oct-12-2014 1,198
The Super Hero Squad Show Jan-30-2012 Oct-10-2014 1,323
The Aquabats! Super Show! Mar-3-2012 Oct-4-2014 309
Sabrina The Teenage Witch Apr-2-2012 Mar-28-2014 624
The Facts of Life Apr-2-2012 Mar-22-2013 321
Mork & Mindy Apr-2-2012 Jan-12-2014 511
Kaijudo: Rise/Clash of the Duel Masters May-5-2012 Oct-12-2014 347
Care Bears: Welcome to Care-a-Lot Jun-2-2012 Oct-5-2014 796
Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman Jun-3-2012 May-25-2014 550*
ALF Jun-4-2012 Oct-12-2014 1,127
G.I. Joe Sigma 6 Jul-9-2012 Feb-28-2014 160
Transformers Animated Jul-9-2012 Feb-28-2014 389
Superman: The Animated Series Sept-3-2012 Feb-28-2014 504
Sliders Sept-3-2012 Aug-30-2014 401*
Hercules: The Legendary Journeys Sept-3-2012 Aug-30-2014 514*
Animaniacs Nov-4-2012 Oct-10-2014 1,465
Littlest Pet Shop Nov-10-2012 Oct-12-2014 1,588
Ninja Turtles: The Next Mutation Jan-12-2013 Dec-28-2013 47
Who’s the Boss? Apr-1-2013 Jul-12-2013 149
Wizards vs Aliens May-27-2013 Jun-15-2013 17
SheZow Jun-1-2013 Oct-4-2014 159
Tiny Toon Adventures Jul-1-2013 Oct-12-2014 1,038
Step by Step Oct-7-2013 Oct-12-2014 883
Sabrina: Secrets of a Teenage Witch Oct-12-2013 Oct-12-2014 323
Spooksville Oct-26-2013 Oct-12-2014 213
Sister, Sister Mar-3-2014 Oct-12-2014 610
Teenage Fairytale Dropouts May-31-2014 Oct-12-2014 74
Kid President: Declaration of Awesome Jun-21-2014 Oct-5-2014 53
Blossom Jul-7-2014 Oct-12-2014 323
Too Cute Aug-18-2014 Aug-22-2014 5*
America’s Cutest Aug-18-2014 Aug-22-2014 10*
Bad Dog! Aug-18-2014 Aug-22-2014 10*
It’s Me or the Dog Aug-18-2014 Aug-22-2014 10*
Parents Just Don’t Understand Aug-23-2014 Oct-12-2014 31*

The Hub was on the air for…

4 years, 2 days, 20 hours
209.12 weeks
1,463.83 days
35,132 hours
70,264 half-hours
2,107,920 minutes
126,475,200 seconds