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List of every TV series aired on Fox Family Channel

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Nickandmore! presents a list of every TV series that aired on the short-lived Fox Family Channel from 1998 through 2001.

Fox Family Channel launched on Saturday, August 15, 1998 at 12:00pm Eastern Time as a rebranding of The Family Channel, which had been purchased by Fox Kids Worldwide Inc., a joint venture between News Corporation and Saban Entertainment. The channel attempted to compete with the other major kids networks, but was largely unsuccessful. About halfway through its short run, the channel attempted to shift to a more teen/young adult focus in primetime, but that too failed. On Saturday, November 10, 2001, the channel quickly rebranded to ABC Family after having been sold to The Walt Disney Company just a month prior.

This list is just for the channel’s time as Fox Family, not The Family Channel, ABC Family, or Freeform. The list also omits paid and religious programs. Dates correspond to the “TV day”, which starts and ends at 6:00am Eastern Time. In general, First Aired is representative of when a TV show first began to air on the channel. However, there are times where this may vary, such as a pilot airing before an official premiere. See the Notes section for additional airing information.

Published: November 26, 2019
Updated: January 27, 2024 (128 titles listed)

Program First Aired Notes
The Three Friends… and Jerry Aug-15-1998
The Adventures of Shirley Holmes Aug-15-1998
Spellbinder: Land of the Dragon Lord Aug-15-1998
Fox Family Countdown Aug-15-1998
Walter Melon Aug-15-1998
Donkey Kong Country Aug-15-1998
Eek! Stravaganza Aug-15-1998
Bad Dog Aug-15-1998
Monster Farm Aug-15-1998
Pee-wee’s Playhouse Aug-15-1998
Outrageous! Aug-15-1998
I Can’t Believe You Said That! Aug-15-1998
Show Me the Funny Aug-15-1998
Ohh Nooo!!! Mr. Bill Presents Aug-15-1998
Spider-Man (1994) Aug-16-1998
Oscar and Friends Aug-17-1998
The Harveytoons Show Aug-17-1998
All Dogs Go to Heaven: The Series Aug-17-1998
Creepy Crawlers Aug-17-1998
Heathcliff (1984) Aug-17-1998
Camp Candy Aug-17-1998
The All-New Captain Kangaroo Aug-17-1998
Shining Time Station Aug-17-1998
Mister Moose’s Fun Time Aug-17-1998
Magic Adventures of Mumfie Aug-17-1998
Bobby’s World Aug-17-1998
Dennis the Menace (1986) Aug-17-1998
The Spooktacular New Adventures of Casper Aug-17-1998
The Real Ghostbusters Aug-17-1998
Life. Camera. Action! Aug-17-1998
The Why Why Family Aug-22-1998
Animal Crackers Aug-22-1998
Enigma Aug-22-1998
Where on Earth is Carmen Sandiego? Aug-22-1998
Peter Pan and the Pirates Aug-23-1998
Mr. Bogus Aug-23-1998
Attack of the Killer Tomatoes Aug-23-1998
Eerie, Indiana: The Other Dimension Aug-23-1998
Columbo Aug-23-1998 [branded as “Columbo Mystery Movie”]
Mork & Mindy Sept-9-1998
The Mouse and the Monster Sept-19-1998
Famous Families Oct-5-1998
The New Addams Family Oct-19-1998
AXN Oct-19-1998
Great Pretenders Oct-31-1998
Romuald the Reindeer Nov-30-1998
Mr. Bean Dec-7-1998
Sweet Valley High Jan-1-1999
The Brady Brides Jan-1-1999
The Bradys Jan-1-1999
Dino Babies Jan-25-1999
Tenko and the Guardians of the Magic Mar-6-1999
The Mr. Potato Head Show Mar-7-1999
Space Goofs Mar-7-1999
Toonsylvania Mar-7-1999
Bureau of Alien Detectors Mar-7-1999
Radio Active Apr-2-1999
Big Wolf on Campus Apr-2-1999
Oggy and the Cockroaches May-2-1999
The Wiggles May-3-1999
Mary-Kate & Ashley’s Adventures Jun-13-1999
The Mask: Animated Series Jun-21-1999
Life With Louie Jun-21-1999 [Christmas special aired Dec-10-1998]
Hale & Pace Jun-21-1999
Rotten Ralph Jul-12-1999
I Was a Sixth Grade Alien Jul-13-1999
Ripley’s Believe It or Not! (1999) Jul-14-1999 [animated series]
Back to Sherwood Jul-17-1999
Mega Man (1994) Jul-18-1999
The Partridge Family Aug-2-1999
Extraordinary World of Animals Aug-16-1999 [originally called “Incredible Animals”]
What Every Baby Knows Sept-6-1999
it’s itsy bitsy time Sept-6-1999 [included “Tom & Vicky”, “The Animal Shelf”, “Charley & Mimmo”, “64 Zoo Lane”, “Philipp” and “Zzzap”]
Storytime with Thomas Sept-6-1999 [included 2x “Thomas and Friends” and a “Mumfie” short]
Jellabies Sept-6-1999
Who’s the Boss? Sept-6-1999
World Gone Wild Sept-10-1999
Digimon Oct-3-1999
Monster Rancher Oct-3-1999
Exploring the Unknown Oct-5-1999
Random Acts of Comedy Oct-8-1999
Weird-Ohs Oct-9-1999
The Kids from Room 402 Oct-9-1999
Angela Anaconda Oct-9-1999
Mega Babies Oct-10-1999
Two of a Kind Oct-11-1999
Goosebumps Oct-19-1999
boyzopolis Nov-1-1999
girlzopolis Nov-2-1999
Guiding Girls Nov-3-1999
Bringing Up Boys Nov-4-1999
Parentz 101 Nov-5-1999
S Club 7 Nov-6-1999
Higher Ground Jan-14-2000 [originally known as “Cliffhangers”]
My So-Called Life Jan-21-2000
Hello Kitty’s Paradise Feb-27-2000
Flint the Time Detective Mar-5-2000
Paranoia Apr-14-2000
Early Edition May-28-2000
The Hi-Fi Room Jul-8-2000
Total Access 24/7 Jul-28-2000
Providence Jul-31-2000
Courage Aug-7-2000 [pilot “Extreme Courage” aired Sept-11-1999]
Freaks and Geeks Aug-29-2000
Little Dracula Oct-19-2000
Real Scary Stories Oct-21-2000
The Zack Files Oct-21-2000
The Fearing Mind Oct-21-2000
Scariest Places on Earth Oct-23-2000
Weird Science Jan-6-2001
Edgemont Jan-13-2001
High School Countdown Jan-20-2001
Step by Step Mar-12-2001
Major League Baseball Apr-5-2001
Roswell Conspiracies May-25-2001
Braceface Jun-2-2001
So Little Time Jun-2-2001
State of Grace Jun-25-2001
Garfield and Friends Sept-4-2001
Inspector Gadget Sept-4-2001
Mall-Star Countdown Sept-8-2001
Moolah Beach Sept-8-2001
Growing Pains Sept-10-2001
What’s with Andy? Sept-22-2001
Ghost Stories Oct-22-2001
Totally Spies! Nov-3-2001
Da Mob Nov-3-2001
The Wonder Years Nov-5-2001