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List of TV series aired on Disney Channel

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Nickandmore! presents a list of TV series that have aired on The Disney Channel in the United States.

This list is currently missing a number of shows, especially from the 1980s and ’90s. It is a continual work-in-progress and will be updated with more in the future.

Dates correspond to the “TV day”, which starts and ends at 6:00am Eastern Time. In general, First Aired is representative of when a TV show first began to air on the channel. However, there are times where this may vary, such as a pilot airing before an official premiere. Last Aired is the most recent date a program aired on the network. The length of time between the first and last airings is not necessarily representative of a program’s total time on the network. Various shows have gone months or years between different airings. See the Notes section for additional airing information.

Published: April 11, 2020
Updated: July 4, 2024 (347 titles listed)

Program First Aired Last Aired Notes
Good Morning, Mickey! Apr-18-1983
Mousercise Apr-18-1983
Welcome to Pooh Corner Apr-18-1983
You and Me, Kid Apr-18-1983
New! Animal World Apr-18-1983
EPCOT Magazine Apr-18-1983
Contraption Apr-18-1983
The Mickey Mouse Club Apr-18-1983
The Scheme of Things Apr-18-1983
Zorro Apr-18-1983
Mouseterpiece Theater Apr-18-1983
Disney Studio Showcase Apr-19-1983
Wish Upon A Star Apr-19-1983
EPCOT America! America! Apr-21-1983
Eyes and Ears Apr-23-1983
Gumby Aug-1-1983
Donald Duck Presents Sept-1-1983
Coming On! Sept-3-1983
The Explorers Oct-8-1983
Five Mile Creek Nov-4-1983
The Adventures of Rin Tin Tin Jan-2-1984
Anka Jan-8-1984
The Edison Twins Mar-3-1984
Steve Allen’s Music Room Apr-7-1984
DTV May-5-1984
Disney Channel Magazine on the Air Jun-3-1984
Disney Family Album Jun-9-1984
Big Bands at Disneyland Jun-21-1984
Steve Allen’s Comedy Room Oct-6-1984
The Wonderful World of Disney Oct-14-1984
Still the Beaver Nov-7-1984
Wilderness Bound Jan-5-1985
SuperTed Feb-3-1985
Hopalong Cassidy Mar-3-1985
Huckleberry Finn and His Friends Mar-9-1985
Disney’s Legends and Heroes May-3-1985
Dumbo’s Circus May-6-1985
The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet May-6-1985
Children’s Island Jun-1-1985
The Raccoons Jul-4-1985
Danger Bay Oct-7-1985
The Dr. Joyce Brothers Program Nov-5-1985
Return to Treasure Island Apr-5-1986
The Wind in the Willows Apr-13-1986
The Best of Walt Disney Presents May-11-1986
Animals in Action May-11-1986
Afternoon Showcase May-12-1986
The Mouse Factory May-18-1986
Here’s Boomer Jul-4-1986
Kids Inc. Nov-3-1986
My Friend Flicka Jan-19-1987
Boone Jan-20-1987
A Prairie Home Companion Mar-7-1987
College Bowl ’87 Sept-13-1987
Palmerstown, U.S.A. Oct-2-1987
The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh Jan-17-1988
Matt and Jenny Mar-2-1988
Swiss Family Robinson May-2-1988
The Wuzzles Jul-17-1988
Chip ‘n Dale Rescue Rangers Aug-27-1988
sideKICKS Sept-27-1988
Good Morning, Miss Bliss Nov-30-1988
Mickey Mouse Club (1989) Apr-24-1989 [listed as “The All-New Mickey Mouse Club” and “MMC” in season 6]
Teen Win, Lose or Draw Apr-29-1989
Lunch Box Jul-3-1989 [included “Curious George”; “Paddington Bear”; “Will Quack Quack”]
Pound Puppies Nov-1-1989
Ready Steady Go! Dec-3-1989
Music Box Jan-22-1990 [regular starting Apr-2-1990]
Avonlea Mar-5-1990 [aka “Road to Avonlea”]
TaleSpin May-5-1990
Fraggle Rock: The Animated Series May-5-1990
Under the Umbrella Tree May-7-1990
Mother Goose Stories Aug-25-1990
Care Bears Oct-1-1990
Darkwing Duck Mar-31-1991
Jump, Rattle and Roll Oct-7-1991 [aka “Wake, Rattle and Roll”]
Adventures of the Gummi Bears Oct-7-1991
New Kids on the Block Oct-12-1991
Adventures in Wonderland Mar-23-1992
Fraggle Rock Apr-6-1992
Goof Troop Apr-20-1992
My Little Pony Tales Aug-3-1992
Mickey’s Mouse Tracks Nov-2-1992
Donald’s Quack Attack Nov-2-1992
Bonkers Feb-28-1993
The Charlie Brown and Snoopy Show Oct-4-1993
Teen Angel / Teen Angel Returns Oct-7-1993 [aired in 1989 as part of MMC; listed date as a stand-alone series]
Eerie, Indiana Oct-7-1993
Faerie Tale Theatre Jan-1-1994
The Torkelsons / Almost Home Jan-3-1994
Aladdin Feb-5-1994
The Secret of Lost Creek Mar-3-1994 [aired in 1989 as part of MMC; listed date as a stand-alone series]
Secret Life of Toys Mar-5-1994
Walt Disney World Inside Out Jun-7-1994
The Sinbad Show Oct-3-1994
Ocean Girl Oct-3-1994
Marsupilami Oct-6-1994
The Baby-Sitters Club Oct-6-1994
The Little Mermaid Oct-2-1995
DuckTales Oct-2-1995
Flash Forward Dec-14-1995
Ready or Not Apr-4-1996
Amazing Animals Aug-25-1996
Audubon’s Animal Adventures Aug-25-1996
Groundling Marsh Sept-3-1996
The Shingalana Chronicles Sept-24-1996 [3 night special]
Katie and Orbie Jun-2-1997
Madeline Jun-2-1997 Sept-5-2005
Going Wild with Jeff Corwin Aug-10-1997
Omba Mokomba Aug-17-1997
Timon & Pumbaa Sept-1-1997
Growing Pains Sept-13-1997
Muppets Tonight Sept-13-1997
Dinosaurs Sept-14-1997
Jungle Cubs Sept-15-1997
Brotherly Love Sept-15-1997
The Ink and Paint Club Sept-21-1997
Bear in the Big Blue House Oct-20-1997
Bug Juice Feb-28-1998
PB&J Otter Mar-14-1998
The Shnookums and Meat Funny Cartoon Show Jul-9-1998
Mad Libs Jul-26-1998
Off the Wall Jul-27-1998
Gargoyles Sept-4-1998
Quack Pack Sept-17-1998
Rolie Polie Olie Oct-4-1998
101 Dalmatians: The Series Oct-5-1998
Sing Me a Story with Belle Oct-5-1998
Out of the Box Oct-5-1998
The Famous Jett Jackson Oct-25-1998
So Weird Jan-18-1999
The Jersey Jan-30-1999
Z Games Apr-11-1999
Smart Guy Sept-3-1999 Sept-3-2004
2 Hour Tour Mar-11-2000
Totally Circus Jun-16-2000
Even Stevens Jun-17-2000
In A Heartbeat Aug-26-2000
Boy Meets World Sept-1-2000
Rupert Sept-4-2000
Totally Hoops Jan-7-2001
Lizzie McGuire Jan-12-2001
The Book of Pooh Jan-22-2001 Sept-5-2005
Lloyd in Space Feb-7-2001 [regular starting Sept-9-2002]
Recess Feb-11-2001 [regular starting Sept-6-2003]
Disney’s Doug Sept-3-2001 [“Doug’s Secret Christmas” aired Dec-22-1996]
Pepper Ann Sept-3-2001
Honey, I Shrunk the Kids: The TV Show Sept-3-2001
Stanley Sept-15-2001
The Proud Family Sept-15-2001
Teamo Supremo Feb-22-2002 Jul-31-2003 [irregular airings, usually as filler after movies]
Kim Possible Jun-7-2002 Apr-26-2021
The Wiggles Jun-17-2002 May-24-2009
Totally in Tune Jun-17-2002
House of Mouse Sept-9-2002
Sabrina, the Animated Series Sept-9-2002
Sister, Sister Sept-9-2002 May-27-2007
Anatole Sept-16-2002
That’s So Raven Jan-17-2003 Dec-31-2017
The Weekenders Jan-20-2003
JoJo’s Circus Sept-28-2003
Lilo & Stitch: The Series Oct-12-2003 Dec-31-2014
Dave the Barbarian Jan-23-2004 Dec-27-2009
The Koala Brothers Jan-26-2004
Braceface May-2-2004 Sept-1-2005
Phil of the Future Jun-18-2004 Jan-1-2017
Playhouse Disney’s Lunch Time Aug-16-2004 Aug-27-2004 [included “Bite Size” and “Captain Nutrition”]
Brandy & Mr. Whiskers Aug-21-2004 Jun-20-2010
Higglytown Heroes Sept-12-2004 Mar-29-2009
American Dragon: Jake Long Jan-21-2005 Feb-18-2015 [last regular airing Jun-30-2010]
The Suite Life of Zack & Cody Mar-18-2005 Apr-14-2017
Charlie and Lola Mar-21-2005 May-28-2011
The Doodlebops Apr-11-2005
The Buzz on Maggie Jun-17-2005 Aug-13-2008
Breakfast with Bear Jun-20-2005
Naturally, Sadie Jun-24-2005 May-27-2007 [3rd season unaired]
Life With Derek Sept-18-2005 Dec-30-2009
Little Einsteins Oct-9-2005 Dec-18-2015
The Emperor’s New School Jan-27-2006 Jun-30-2010
W.I.T.C.H. Jan-28-2006
Hannah Montana Mar-24-2006 Dec-24-2018
Mickey Mouse Clubhouse May-5-2006 Oct-31-2023
Buzz Lightyear of Star Command Jun-5-2006 May-16-2008
Shorty McShorts’ Shorts Jul-28-2006 Oct-7-2007
The Replacements Jul-28-2006 Jun-30-2010
Handy Manny Sept-16-2006 Feb-14-2013
Cory in the House Jan-12-2007 Jan-1-2017
Johnny and the Sprites Jan-13-2007 [shorts began Oct-9-2005]
My Friends Tigger & Pooh May-12-2007 Oct-9-2010
Shaun the Sheep Jul-8-2007 Nov-28-2011
Phineas and Ferb Aug-17-2007
Wizards of Waverly Place Oct-12-2007 Oct-29-2020
Bunnytown Nov-10-2007 Dec-28-2008
Imagination Movers Sept-6-2008 Dec-23-2011
The Suite Life on Deck Sept-26-2008 Dec-28-2017
Sonny With A Chance Feb-8-2009 Jan-1-2017
Aaron Stone Feb-13-2009 Feb-13-2009
Special Agent Oso Apr-4-2009 Mar-13-2013
JONAS May-2-2009 Jan-1-2017
Zeke and Luther Jun-19-2009 Oct-16-2009
Jungle Junction Oct-5-2009 Apr-30-2013
I’m in the Band Jan-15-2010 Nov-26-2010
Chuggington Jan-18-2010 Sept-18-2015
Kick Buttowski: Suburban Daredevil Apr-2-2010 Dec-25-2011
Good Luck Charlie Apr-4-2010 Nov-24-2022
Fish Hooks Sept-3-2010 Jun-15-2014
Timmy Time Sept-7-2010 May-27-2011
Pair of Kings Sept-10-2010 Jul-13-2012
Shake It Up Nov-7-2010 Jan-1-2017
Jake and the Never Land Pirates Feb-14-2011 Oct-10-2016
Babar and the Adventures of Badou Feb-14-2011 Mar-22-2012
Tinga Tinga Tales Feb-14-2011 Nov-17-2011
A.N.T. Farm May-6-2011 Jan-1-2017
So Random! Jun-5-2011 Jan-1-2017 [last regular airing May-30-2012]
Kickin’ It Jun-18-2011 May-2-2015
My Babysitter’s a Vampire Jun-27-2011 Oct-31-2016 [not counting “The Movie”]
PrankStars Jul-15-2011 Oct-22-2011
3rd & Bird Sept-26-2011 Jun-1-2012
Jessie Sept-30-2011
Mr. Young Oct-22-2011 Oct-23-2011
Austin & Ally Dec-2-2011 Dec-31-2023
Octonauts Jan-9-2012 Jun-8-2016
Fort Boyard: Ultimate Challenge Jan-21-2012 Jan-22-2012
Lab Rats Mar-2-2012 Feb-10-2018
Doc McStuffins Mar-17-2012 Dec-23-2020
Gaspard and Lisa Mar-26-2012 Jun-7-2013
TRON: Uprising May-18-2012 Jul-27-2012
Gravity Falls Jun-15-2012 Nov-11-2020
Code: 9 Jul-26-2012 Nov-6-2016 [last regular airing Oct-2-2012]
Dog With A Blog Oct-12-2012 Aug-27-2017
Sofia the First Nov-18-2012 Aug-25-2023
Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja Dec-4-2012 Dec-4-2012
The Neighbors Dec-28-2012 Dec-28-2012 [special airing of ABC series]
Henry Hugglemonster Apr-5-2013 Oct-2-2015
Disney Mickey Mouse Jun-28-2013
Liv and Maddie Jul-19-2013 Dec-31-2022
Wander Over Yonder Aug-16-2013 Feb-27-2015
Wolfblood Oct-1-2013 Oct-23-2014
Marvel’s Ultimate Spider-Man Oct-5-2013 Oct-11-2014
Mighty Med Oct-12-2013 Nov-28-2015
Friends of Heartlake City Nov-3-2013 Dec-9-2017
Sheriff Callie’s Wild West Dec-13-2013 Dec-9-2016
I Didn’t Do It Jan-17-2014 Jan-1-2017
Win, Lose or Draw Jan-17-2014 May-22-2014
Ella the Elephant Feb-17-2014 May-19-2014
Girl Meets World Jun-27-2014 Dec-30-2019
The 7D Sept-15-2014 Jan-29-2016
Star Wars Rebels Oct-3-2014 Apr-14-2016
Evermoor Oct-17-2014 Oct-30-2014 [4-part miniseries; TV series never aired]
Kirby Buckets Nov-14-2014 Oct-22-2016
Penn Zero: Part-Time Hero Dec-12-2014 Dec-25-2015
K.C. Undercover Jan-18-2015 Dec-24-2022
Star vs. The Forces of Evil Jan-18-2015 May-19-2019
Miles from Tomorrowland Feb-6-2015 Mar-26-2018 [retitled to “Mission Force One” in season 3]
Kate & Mim-Mim Feb-19-2015 Dec-10-2016
Best Friends Whenever Jun-26-2015 May-26-2018
BUNK’D Jul-31-2015
Gamer’s Guide to Pretty Much Everything Sept-12-2015 Oct-15-2016
PJ Masks Sept-18-2015 May-29-2020
Pickle and Peanut Oct-16-2015 Dec-21-2016
Goldie & Bear Nov-11-2015 Apr-30-2018
The Lion Guard Nov-22-2015 Sept-7-2018
Yo-Kai Watch Dec-18-2015 Dec-18-2015
Mako Mermaids Jan-18-2016 May-20-2016
Stuck in the Middle Feb-14-2016 Dec-25-2023
Backstage Mar-25-2016 Sept-30-2016
Walk the Prank Apr-1-2016 Feb-10-2018
Lab Rats: Elite Force May-14-2016 Jun-24-2017
Bizaardvark Jun-24-2016 Dec-24-2023
LEGO Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures Jul-2-2016 Oct-29-2017
Elena of Avalor Jul-22-2016 Mar-6-2020
The ZhuZhus Sept-12-2016 Feb-17-2018 [originally called “Polly and the ZhuZhu Pets” until Nov-25-2016; Polly’s name changed to Frankie]
The Lodge Oct-17-2016 Dec-1-2016
Milo Murphy’s Law Oct-24-2016 May-18-2019
Just Kidding Nov-5-2016 Nov-6-2016
MECH-X4 Nov-11-2016 Jan-6-2018
P. King Duckling Nov-19-2016 Nov-20-2016
The Great Christmas Light Fight Nov-28-2016 Dec-8-2016
Mickey and the Roadster Racers Jan-15-2017 Apr-4-2023 [seasons 1-2 retitled “Mickey Mouse Roadster Racers” in Oct-2019; season 3 known as “Mickey Mouse Mixed-Up Adventures”]
Tangled: The Series Mar-10-2017 Aug-26-2023 [seasons 2-3 retitled “Rapunzel’s Tangled Adventure”]
Andi Mack Apr-7-2017 Dec-26-2019
Puppy Dog Pals Apr-14-2017 Mar-17-2023
Pat The Dog Jun-3-2017 Apr-20-2019
Hotel Transylvania: The Series Jun-25-2017 Dec-24-2021
Raven’s Home Jul-21-2017
DuckTales (2017) Sept-17-2017 Feb-16-2020
Vampirina Oct-1-2017 Apr-10-2020
Star Wars: Forces of Destiny Oct-1-2017 May-25-2018
Big Hero 6: The Series Nov-20-2017 Feb-16-2020
Muppet Babies (2018) Mar-23-2018 Dec-21-2022
Big City Greens Jun-18-2018
Bug Juice: My Adventures at Camp Jul-16-2018 Aug-9-2018
Fancy Nancy Sept-10-2018 Apr-2-2020
Star Wars Resistance Oct-7-2018 Jan-26-2020
Coop & Cami Ask the World Oct-12-2018 Dec-23-2022
LEGO Star Wars: All-Stars Nov-18-2018 Mar-2-2019
Gigantosaurus Jan-18-2019 Mar-16-2020
Sydney to the Max Jan-25-2019 Jan-16-2023
Fast Layne Feb-15-2019 Apr-7-2019
Go Away Unicorn! Mar-3-2019 Dec-22-2019
Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir Apr-8-2019
T.O.T.S. Jun-14-2019 Jul-30-2021
Just Roll With It Jun-14-2019 Dec-22-2021
Amphibia Jun-17-2019 Dec-25-2023
Pup Academy Aug-26-2019 Dec-15-2019
Bluey Sept-10-2019
Gabby Duran & the Unsittables Oct-11-2019 Dec-24-2021
The Rocketeer Nov-8-2019 Mar-13-2020
High School Musical: The Musical: The Series Nov-8-2019 May-8-2021
The Owl House Jan-10-2020 Dec-31-2023
Disney Fam Jam Feb-23-2020 Dec-24-2020
Mira, Royal Detective Mar-20-2020 Dec-4-2020
Secrets of Sulphur Springs Jan-15-2021 Dec-31-2023
Mickey Mouse Funhouse Jul-19-2021
Spidey and His Amazing Friends Aug-6-2021
Disney’s Magic Bake-Off Aug-13-2021 Dec-22-2022
Almost Never Sept-4-2021 Sept-28-2021
The Chicken Squad Sept-7-2021 Dec-21-2021
The Ghost and Molly McGee Oct-1-2021 May-25-2024
The Worst Witch (2017) Oct-4-2021 Oct-31-2022
GhostForce Nov-1-2021 Mar-27-2022
Holly Hobbie Dec-27-2021 Mar-20-2022
Alice’s Wonderland Bakery Feb-9-2022 Jan-10-2023
The Villains of Valley View Jun-3-2022 Mar-26-2024
Ultra Violet & Black Scorpion Jun-3-2022 Dec-26-2022
Chibiverse Jul-30-2022
Hamster & Gretel Aug-12-2022
LEGO Friends Heartlake Stories Aug-28-2022 Apr-22-2024 [miniseries]
Firebuds Sept-21-2022 May-24-2024
The Mysterious Benedict Society Oct-25-2022 Dec-6-2022
The Santa Clauses Dec-25-2022 Nov-26-2023 [first 2 episodes only]
Monsters at Work Jan-6-2023 May-10-2024
The Proud Family: Louder and Prouder Jan-7-2023 Oct-6-2023
Chip ‘n’ Dale: Park Life Jan-9-2023 Jan-24-2023
SuperKitties Jan-11-2023
Marvel’s Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur Feb-10-2023
Kiff Mar-10-2023
Saturdays Mar-24-2023 Dec-31-2023
Star Wars: Young Jedi Adventures May-4-2023
Hailey’s On It! Jun-8-2023
Pupstruction Jun-14-2023
Pretty Freekin Scary Jun-15-2023 Oct-26-2023
Shorts Spectacular Aug-12-2023
LEGO Friends: The Next Chapter Jan-15-2024 Apr-28-2024
Disney Junior Ariel Jun-27-2024
ZOMBIES: The Re-Animated Series Jun-28-2024 [“Sneak Shriek” first aired Apr-28-2024]
Primos Jul-25-2024