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List of every TV series aired on Nickelodeon

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Nickandmore! presents the first comprehensive list of every TV series aired on Nickelodeon from 1979 through today. This list is for the main Nickelodeon cable television channel in the United States and includes programs aired during the Nick Jr. and Nick at Nite programming blocks.

Dates correspond to the “TV day”, which starts and ends at 6:00am Eastern Time. In general, First Aired is representative of when a TV show first began to air on the channel. However, there are times where this may vary, such as a pilot airing before an official premiere. Last Aired is the most recent date a program aired on the network. The length of time between the first and last airings is not necessarily representative of a program’s total time on the network. Various shows have gone months or years between different airings. See the Notes section for additional airing information.

Published: June 14, 2019
Updated: July 4, 2024 (659 titles listed)

Program First Aired Last Aired Notes
Pinwheel Apr-1-1979 Jun-29-1990 [half-hour version started Jun-1-1989]
Video Comics Apr-1-1979 Aug-31-1981
By the Way Apr-1-1979 Jan-26-1980
Nickel Flicks Apr-1-1979 Dec-2-1979 [serials like “Flash Gordon” and one-reelers]
America Goes Bananaz Apr-1-1979 Sept-28-1980
Children’s Classics Dec-3-1979 Mar-30-1980 [aka BBC Classics]
Hocus Focus Dec-31-1979 Apr-4-1981
First Row Features Jan-27-1980 Dec-30-1981
PopClips Mar-31-1980 Apr-4-1981
Special Delivery Apr-6-1980 Oct-1-1994 [large collection of movies, concerts, sports, TV specials, TV pilots, and select episodes of TV shows]
What Will They Think of Next! Apr-7-1980 Jun-1-1984 [aka “Science International”]
Dusty’s Treehouse Jun-2-1980 Jun-29-1984
Livewire Sept-29-1980 May-3-1986
Matt and Jenny Apr-5-1981 Mar-31-1983
Adventures in Rainbow Country Apr-5-1981 Mar-28-1983
Studio See Apr-5-1981 Mar-31-1983
Vegetable Soup Apr-6-1981 Apr-30-1982
Nick’s Family Picks Jun-7-1981 Apr-25-1982
Reggie Jackson’s World of Sports Jul-4-1981 Mar-31-1985
The Tomorrow People (1973) Sept-1-1981 Aug-26-1984
Kids’ Writes Dec-25-1981 Dec-20-1987
Spread Your Wings Jan-1-1982 Dec-30-1982
The Adventures of Black Beauty Jan-1-1982 Dec-27-1986
You Can’t Do That on Television Jan-2-1982 Jun-8-2004 [last regular airing Jan-23-1994]
Today’s Special May-3-1982 Apr-30-1991
Against the Odds Jul-4-1982 Jan-18-1988 [regular starting Oct-16-1982]
Standby…Lights! Camera! Action! Oct-23-1982 May-31-1987
The Third Eye Jan-4-1983 May-31-1985
Mr. Wizard’s World Oct-3-1983 Aug-25-2000
Going Great Oct-4-1983 Aug-30-1986
Spirit Bay Apr-7-1984 Apr-22-1989 [as part of “Special Delivery”]
Danger Mouse Jun-4-1984 Oct-2-1994 [first run ended in Nov-29-1987; second run started Sept-30-1991]
Nick Rocks: Video to Go Jun-8-1984 Aug-26-1990 [last regular airing Mar-26-1989; one time 2.5-hour special on Aug-26-1990]
The Saturday Concert Jun-9-1984 May-25-1985 [concert specials]
Belle and Sebastian Jun-16-1984 Sept-1-1989 [regular starting Jul-1-1984]
Vic’s Vacant Lot Jul-1-1984 May-26-1985
Lassie Oct-1-1984 Sept-29-1996 [seasons 4+]
Powerhouse Oct-1-1984 Oct-5-1986
Out of Control Oct-4-1984 Mar-14-1993
Hangin’ In Apr-1-1985 May-31-1985
National Geographic Explorer Apr-7-1985 Jan-11-1986
The Adventures of The Little Prince Jun-1-1985 Dec-29-1989
Turkey Television Jun-3-1985 Dec-31-1988
Dennis the Menace Jul-1-1985 Oct-29-1994
The Donna Reed Show Jul-1-1985 Jun-26-1995
The Nick at Nite Movie Jul-1-1985 Sept-3-1989
Route 66 Jul-1-1985 Jun-26-1995 [last regular airing Jun-30-1987]
Bananaman Oct-4?-1985 Sept-4?-1987 [short series; aired after “Danger Mouse” and later “Curious George”]
My Three Sons Nov-3-1985 Jun-18-2000 [last regular airing Oct-30-1991]
Star Trek: The Animated Series Nov-9-1985 Mar-4-1990
Mister Ed Mar-3-1986 Jun-30-1997 [last regular airing Jan-31-1993]
I Spy May-4-1986 Feb-2-1998 [last regular airing Sept-9-1988]
The Smothers Brothers Show May-4-1986 Jun-27-1995 [last regular airing Mar-25-1989]
Curious George Jun-30-1986 Apr-1-1989 [short series]
The Mysterious Cities of Gold Jun-30-1986 Jun-30-1990
The Monkees Sept-1-1986 Aug-18-1997 [last regular airing Aug-31-1988]
Spartakus and the Sun Beneath the Sea Oct-4-1986 Jul-28-1991
Double Dare Oct-6-1986 Jun-26-1999 [last regular airing Aug-3-1990; includes “Super Sloppy Double Dare”]
Zoo Family Nov-1-1986 Sept-25-1988
Rated K: For Kids By Kids Nov-1-1986 Dec-18-1988
The Ann Sothern Show; Private Secretary (aka “Susie”) Jan-5-1987 Jun-26-1995 [both series aired in rotated runs; last regular airing Mar-31-1990]
The Bad News Bears Mar-7-1987 Aug-28-1988
Mad Movies with the L.A. Connection Mar-7-1987 Feb-25-1989
The Shari Show Mar-16-1987 Jan-10-1988
Maple Town May-18-1987 Sept-1-1989
Adventures of the Little Koala Jun-1-1987 Apr-2-1993
Car 54, Where Are You? Jul-1-1987 Jun-27-1995 [last regular airing Mar-31-1990]
Miss Peach of the Kelly School Sept-5-1987 Feb-18-1990 [as part of “Special Delivery”]
Kids in Motion Sept-7-1987 Apr-1-1989 [short series; aired with “Curious George”]
Inspector Gadget Oct-1-1987 Apr-29-2000 [first run ended Aug-31-1992; second run started Nov-4-1996]
16 Cinema Oct-4-1987 May-28-1989
Sharon, Lois & Bram’s Elephant Show Oct-5-1987 Oct-21-1994
Rowan & Martin’s Laugh-In Oct-5-1987 Apr-29-1997 [last regular airing Jul-29-1990]
Finders Keepers Nov-2-1987 Aug-25-1990
The World of David the Gnome Jan-4-1988 Jun-30-1995
Make Room For Daddy Feb-1-1988 Jun-26-1995 [last regular airing Jan-29-1991; aka “The Danny Thomas Show”]
Count Duckula Feb-6-1988 Dec-26-1993
Doctor Snuggles Apr-1-1988 Mar-31-1990
Lancelot Link, Secret Chimp Apr-1-1988 Jun-27-1995 [last regular airing Feb-25-1989]
Don’t Just Sit There! Jul-1-1988 Jun-27-1999 [last regular airing May-25-1991]
The Golden Age of Television Aug-6-1988 Oct-22-1988
The Best of Saturday Night Live Sept-4-1988 Apr-29-1997 [last regular airing Aug-17-1991]
Kids’ Court Sept-10-1988 Aug-1-1993
SCTV Sept-10-1988 Jun-27-1995 [last regular airing Mar-4-1990]
Looney Tunes on Nickelodeon Sept-11-1988 Sept-11-1999
The Patty Duke Show Sept-12-1988 Jun-28-1995 [last regular airing Aug-31-1993]
Heathcliff Oct-1-1988 Sept-12-1993
Family Double Dare Nov-7-1988 Jan-31-1999
Noozles Nov-8-1988 Apr-2-1993
Grimm’s Fairy Tale Classics Jan-7-1989 May-26-1995 [originally part of “Special Delivery”; regular weekday spot starting Jun-15-1992]
Total Panic Apr-1-1989 Sept-30-1990
On the Television Apr-1-1989 Feb-24-1991
Looney Tunes on Nick at Nite Apr-8-1989 Mar-28-1993
Think Fast May-1-1989 Jun-29-1991
Hey Dude Jul-14-1989 Jun-4-2004 [last regular airing Jan-23-1999]
Eureeka’s Castle Aug-27-1989 Jan-29-1999 [official premiere Sept-4-1989]
Fred Penner’s Place Sept-4-1989 Aug-31-1993
Bewitched Sept-4-1989 Aug-27-2000 [first run ended Aug-31-1991; second run started Jun-6-1994]
Make the Grade Oct-2-1989 Dec-29-1991
Green Acres Nov-5-1989 Dec-27-1998 [original run ended Oct-31-1992; aired randomly 1996-1998]
The Kids of Degrassi Street Dec-10-1989 Nov-17-1990 [as part of “Special Delivery”]
Maya the Bee Jan-1-1990 Dec-31-1992
The Lucy Show Apr-1-1990 Jun-18-2000 [regular starting Apr-6-1992; last regular airing May-5-1996]
Rhoda Apr-1-1990 Jul-11-1998 [officially joined May-10-1996]
The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis Apr-2-1990 Dec-30-1998 [last regular airing Sept-12-1993]
Fernwood 2 Night; America 2 Night Jun-4-1990 Jun-28-1995 [both series aired in rotated runs; last regular airing Mar-28-1993]
Camp Runamuck Jul-2?-1990 Aug-11-1990 [part of “Camp Nickelodeon” block]
SK8-TV Jul-4-1990 Sept-28-1991 [pilot premiered Jan-14-1990]
Wild & Crazy Kids Jul-4-1990 Apr-30-2000 [pilot premiered Jan-13-1990]
Alfred Hitchcock Presents Aug-4-1990 Dec-28-1998 [last regular airing Dec-31-1994]
Flipper Aug-6-1990 Jul-27-1996
Outta Here! Aug-13-1990 Jan-4-1991 [first series produced at Nickelodeon Studios Florida]
Kidsworld Oct-1-1990 Jan-3-1992 [may have aired longer under a general “Cable in the Classroom” banner]
Nickelodeon’s Most Wanted: Yogi Bear Oct-1-1990 Sept-11-1993
Cartoon Kablooey Oct-7-1990 Jul-1-1995 [first run ended Sept-29-1991; 3-hour special on Jul-3-1992; second run started Sept-13-1993]
The Brady Bunch Variety Hour Dec-31-1990 Feb-14-1995 [2nd of 3 airings was Sept-1-1991]
Dragnet Jan-4-1991 Dec-29-1998 [last regular airing Dec-31-1995]
Get Smart Jan-14-1991 Jun-28-1995
Nick News Special Edition Jan-31-1991 Dec-15-2015 [orignally “Nickelodeon Special Edition”; post-2003 just “Nick News”]
Fifteen Feb-2-1991 Jun-25-1994
Welcome Freshmen Feb-16-1991 Oct-27-1996
Mork & Mindy Mar-4-1991 Jul-4-1997 [last regular airing Sept-24-1995]
Get the Picture Mar-18-1991 Mar-13-1993
Clarissa Explains It All Mar-23-1991 Aug-19-2001
The Littl’ Bits May-1-1991 Apr-30-1995
Launch Box May-9-1991 Sept-1-2000
Salute Your Shorts Jul-4-1991 Jun-7-2004 [pilot premiered Oct-6-1990; last regular airing Apr-4-1999]
Hi Honey, I’m Home! Jul-21-1991 Jun-27-1999 [last regular airing Nov-29-1992]
Doug Aug-11-1991 Nov-22-2007 [last regular airing Feb-2-2006]
Rugrats Aug-11-1991 Dec-3-2018
The Ren & Stimpy Show Aug-11-1991 Nov-22-2007 [last regular airing Aug-6-2006]
What Would You Do? Aug-31-1991 Jul-4-1999
The Sonny & Cher Comedy Hour Sept-1-1991 Apr-29-1997 [aired in 1996/1997 as reformatted 30-min. version; “Nitty Gritty” special aired Dec-31-1989]
Adventures of Superman Sept-20-1991 Sept-3-1995
The Dick Van Dyke Show Sept-30-1991 Jun-11-2000
Jeff’s Collie Oct-1-1991 Jul-17-1994 [“Lassie” seasons 1-3]
F Troop Oct-5-1991 Sept-3-1995
Nick Hit List Nov-1-1991 May-31-1992 [pilot/special premiered Jul-6-1991]
Nick Arcade Jan-3-1992 Sept-28-1997
Donny & Marie (1976) Mar-21-1992 Mar-21-1992
Totally Kids Sports Apr-11-1992 Jul-10-1992 [several specials]
Nick News with Linda Ellerbee Apr-18-1992 Feb-13-2009 [weekly news magazine series; also subtitled “W/5”]
The Underdog Show Jun-15-1992 May-29-1994
Bullwinkle’s Moose-A-Rama Jun-15-1992 May-31-1996
Roundhouse Aug-15-1992 Jun-26-1999 [last regular airing Dec-31-1995]
Are You Afraid of the Dark? Aug-15-1992 Oct-31-2002 [pilot premiered Oct-25-1991]
Nickelodeon Wild Side Show / Wildside Aug-16-1992 Dec-30-1995 [pilot premiered Feb-21-1992; different format and title/logo between seasons]
The Mary Tyler Moore Show Sept-12-1992 Jun-11-2000
Nickelodeon GUTS Sept-19-1992 Jun-26-1999 [last regular airing Sept-2-1995]
Muppet Babies Sept-28-1992 Dec-31-1998
Beyond Belief!! Oct-10-1992 Jun-25-1994
The Tomorrow People (1992) Feb-21-1993 Dec-31-1995
Cappelli & Company Apr-5-1993 Jun-10-1994
Weinerville Jul-11-1993 Dec-28-1997 [included “Batfink” and “Courageous Cat” segments]
The Partridge Family Jul-12-1993 Jan-24-1997 [last regular airing Aug-28-1994]
Just So Stories Jul-21-1993 Jun-30-1994
Get the Picture (UK) Sept-1-1993 Sept-1-1993 [special simulcast with Nick UK’s launch]
Legends of the Hidden Temple Sept-11-1993 Jun-7-2007 [original run ended Aug-30-1998; returned for 4 weeks starting May-14-2007]
The Bob Newhart Show Sept-13-1993 Dec-30-1998
Rocko’s Modern Life Sept-18-1993 Nov-22-2007
The Adventures of Pete & Pete Nov-27-1993 Jun-10-2004 [as a regular series; shorts/specials aired previously; last regular airing Feb-27-1999]
Janosch’s Dream World Dec-6-1993 Jun-10-1994 [aka “Janosch’s Traumstunde”]
I Love Lucy Feb-14-1994 Apr-10-2003 [last regular airing Sept-29-2001]
Papa Beaver’s Storytime Mar-2-1994 Oct-3-1997
The Alvin Show on Nickelodeon Mar-7-1994 Dec-31-1995
The Muppet Show Apr-4-1994 Mar-29-1996
Beetlejuice Apr-4-1994 Feb-26-1998
Gumby Jun-6-1994 Oct-11-1996 [65 half-hours]
I Dream of Jeannie Jun-6-1994 Aug-4-2000 [last regular airing Sept-5-1997]
The Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour Jul-2-1994 Sept-23-2000
The White Shadow Sept-3-1994 May-5-1996
Teacher to Teacher with Mr. Wizard Sept-26-1994 Aug-29-2000
The Adventures of Tintin Oct-3-1994 Jul-4-1997
The Secret World of Alex Mack Oct-8-1994 Jul-8-2001
My Brother and Me Oct-15-1994 Jan-30-2000
Aaahh!!! Real Monsters Oct-22-1994 Nov-22-2007
Allegra’s Window Oct-24-1994 Jan-29-1999
Gullah Gullah Island Oct-24-1994 Jun-2-2000
U to U Nov-5-1994 Mar-2-1996
Taxi Nov-6-1994 Jan-21-2001
Bing! The Sound of Something New Jan-13-1995 Apr-8-1995
All That Jan-21-1995 Nov-4-2012 [pilot premiered Apr-16-1994; regular airings ended Jun-3-2006; returned 3 weeks in summer 2012 before final 2 airings on date listed]
The Brady Bunch Feb-12-1995 Jun-24-2012 [aired regularly starting Jun-1-1998; last regular original airing Feb-2-2003; returned May-21-2012]
The Brady Kids Feb-12-1995 Jul-31-1998 [aired 2 eps on Nick at Nite in 1995; 5 eps on regular Nick in 1998]
The Brady Brides Feb-13-1995 Feb-13-1995
Welcome Back, Kotter May-29-1995 Dec-3-1999 [last regular airing May-31-1996]
The Munsters Jun-30-1995 Aug-3-2002 [last regular airing Nov-9-1997]
The Busy World of Richard Scarry Jul-3-1995 Apr-28-2000
Alvin and the Chipmunks Jul-3-1995 Jun-27-1997
Global GUTS Sept-5-1995 Jan-31-1999
Land of the Lost (1991) Sept-9-1995 Aug-10-1997
Rupert Sept-12-1995 Nov-13-1998
H.R. Pufnstuf Sept-16-1995 Dec-6-1997 [the following 7 Krofft series aired for 2 events only]
Land of the Lost (1974) Sept-16-1995 Dec-6-1997
Sigmund and the Sea Monsters Sept-16-1995 Dec-6-1997
The World of Sid & Marty Krofft Sept-16-1995 Dec-6-1997
Electra Woman and Dyna Girl Sept-16-1995 Dec-6-1997
The Bugaloos Sept-16-1995 Dec-6-1997
Lidsville Sept-16-1995 Dec-6-1997
Tiny Toon Adventures Sept-24-1995 Aug-29-2004 [first run ended Sept-12-1999; second run started Sept-2-2002]
Little Bear Nov-6-1995 Dec-25-2002 [preview was scheduled for Sept-11-1995]
The Adventures of Timmy the Tooth Nov-6-1995 May-17-1996
The Honeymooners Dec-18-1995 Nov-27-2002 [just special airings, not regular]
The Andy Williams Show Dec-22-1995 Dec-24-1995
Here’s Lucy Feb-14-1996 Feb-16-1996
Life With Lucy Feb-14-1996 Feb-14-1996
Space Cases Mar-2-1996 Mar-15-1998
The Mystery Files of Shelby Woo Mar-16-1996 Jul-15-2001
The Phil Silvers Show Mar-26-1996 Jul-4-1997
Love, American Style Apr-29-1996 Feb-13-2000 [special airings]
The Addams Family Apr-29-1996 Oct-30-1997
That Girl Apr-29-1996 Aug-18-1996
Hogan’s Heroes Apr-29-1996 Apr-29-1996
The Ed Sullivan Show Apr-29-1996 Apr-29-1997
Hill Street Blues Apr-29-1996 Jul-1-1997
Time Element Apr-29-1996 Apr-29-1996 [aka “Desilu Playhouse”]
St. Elsewhere Apr-29-1996 Jul-3-1997
My Mother the Car Apr-29-1996 Apr-29-1996
Petticoat Junction Apr-29-1996 Aug-18-1996
Gunsmoke Apr-29-1996 Jun-30-1997
Mannix Apr-29-1996 Jul-6-1996
Honey West Apr-29-1996 Apr-29-1996
Phyllis May-12-1996 Mar-15-1998
The Betty White Show May-12-1996 Mar-15-1998
The Odd Couple Jun-3-1996 May-29-1998
Nickelodeon Sports Theater with Shaquille O’Neal Jun-8-1996 Feb-22-2004 [5 hour-long specials]
Cannon Jun-8-1996 Jun-8-1996
Kenan & Kel Aug-17-1996 Jul-12-2012 [regular starting Oct-12-1996; regular airings ended Feb-15-2004; aired once Dec-15-2007; returned for 3 weeks in 2012 on N@N]
Blue’s Clues Sept-8-1996 May-22-2008
Happy Days Sept-9-1996 Feb-2-2003
Hey Arnold! Oct-7-1996 Dec-6-2007
KaBlam! Oct-11-1996 Nov-2-2001
The Wubbulous World of Dr. Seuss Oct-13-1996 Jan-30-2000
Ship to Shore Nov-2-1996 Jul-6-1997
Room 222 Jan-24-1997 Jan-24-1997
Newhart Mar-17-1997 Oct-1-2000
Bob (1992) Mar-18-1997 Mar-20-1997
The Angry Beavers Apr-19-1997 Nov-22-2007
The Flip Wilson Show Apr-29-1997 Aug-18-1997
The Dean Martin Show Apr-29-1997 Apr-29-1997
Brooklyn Bridge (1991) Jul-2-1997 Jul-2-1997
Have Gun, Will Travel Jul-4-1997 Jul-4-1997
Figure It Out Jul-7-1997 Oct-8-2000 [also subtitled “Family Style” and “Wild Style”]
Garfield and Friends Sept-15-1997 Apr-28-2000
The Wonder Years Oct-13-1997 Jan-21-2001
The Journey of Allen Strange Nov-8-1997 Aug-27-2000
You’re on Nickelodeon, Charlie Brown Jan-23-1998 Aug-21-2000 [63 episodes; may have aired Mar-10-2003]
Binyah Binyah! Feb-2-1998 Feb-6-1998 [5-episode Gullah Gullah Island spin-off]
Sanford and Son Feb-2-1998 Aug-1-2003 [irregular airings]
Julia Feb-2-1998 Feb-9-2001 [special airings]
The Arsenio Hall Show Feb-2-1998 Feb-2-1998
CatDog Apr-4-1998 Nov-22-2007 [regular starting Oct-5-1998]
The Little Twins Jun-22-1998 Jul-3-1998
Laverne & Shirley Jul-6-1998 Oct-31-2001
Oh Yeah! Cartoons Jul-19-1998 Nov-22-2007 [last regular airing in fall 2002]
You’re On! Aug-3-1998 Apr-4-1999
The Wild Thornberrys Sept-1-1998 Nov-22-2007
Cousin Skeeter Sept-1-1998 Sept-6-2003
Animorphs Sept-4-1998 Aug-20-2000
All in the Family Oct-12-1998 Feb-25-2004 [regular starting Jan-3-2000]
Renford Rejects Dec-13-1998 Dec-13-1998 [Nick UK original]
Franklin Jan-11-1999 Jul-30-2004
Brothers Flub Jan-16-1999 Feb-13-2000
The Jeffersons Jan-25-1999 Aug-25-2006
The Sports Illustrated for Kids Show Jan-30-1999 Aug-1-1999
Kipper Feb-8-1999 Dec-25-2001 [last regular airing Jun-15-2001]
Maisy Feb-11-1999 Dec-25-2001 [last regular airing Jun-14-2001]
SpongeBob SquarePants May-1-1999 [regular starting Jul-17-1999]
Phred on Your Head Show Jun-6-1999 Feb-22-2001 [Noggin original; regular starting Mar-27-2000]
Leave it to Beaver Jun-7-1999 Aug-2-2002 [special airings only]
WKRP in Cincinnati Jul-5-1999 Dec-31-2000
Rocket Power Aug-16-1999 Oct-7-2011 [last regular airing Sept-7-2008; returned for one week in 2011]
Ace Ventura: Pet Detective Sept-6-1999 Sept-28-2001
Maude Oct-4-1999 Feb-16-2001 [special airings only]
The Amanda Show Oct-16-1999 Sept-5-2007
100 Deeds for Eddie McDowd Oct-16-1999 Dec-8-2002
Little Bill Nov-28-1999 Dec-22-2006
Nickellennium Dec-31-1999 Dec-27-2000 [5-hour commercial-free documentary; 30-minute cutdowns during Cable in the Classroom]
Double Dare 2000 Jan-22-2000 Jan-20-2002
The Beverly Hillbillies Jan-24-2000 Aug-9-2002
Caitlin’s Way Mar-11-2000 Jul-1-2005 [last regular airing Jun-16-2002; aired twice in Dec-2003]
Ghostwriter Mar-28-2000 Nov-29-2001
Cro Mar-29-2000 Feb-28-2002
A Walk in Your Shoes Apr-30-2000 Dec-15-2003
Gilligan’s Island Jun-4-2000 Sept-29-2001
Shining Time Station Jun-5-2000 Aug-11-2000
Maggie and the Ferocious Beast Jun-5-2000 Sept-21-2005 [last regular airing Aug-13-2004; possibly aired on Feb-8-2007]
The Andy Griffith Show Jul-3-2000 Nov-24-2002
Head of the Class Jul-7-2000 Sept-20-2003 [regular starting Feb-3-2003]
Perfect Strangers Jul-14-2000 Sept-20-2003 [regular starting Feb-3-2003]
Snick House Underground Jul-15-2000 Nov-25-2000
The Brothers Garcia Jul-23-2000 Sept-19-2004
Dora the Explorer Aug-14-2000 Aug-9-2019
Bill Nye, the Science Guy Sept-4-2000 Jan-29-2002
Pinky and the Brain Sept-4-2000 Jun-22-2002
The Facts of Life Sept-4-2000 Jun-22-2005 [last regular airing Jun-28-2001]
3-2-1 Contact Sept-5-2000 Jan-24-2003
Noah Knows Best Oct-7-2000 Dec-24-2000 [7 episodes went unaired]
Three’s Company Oct-15-2000 Aug-24-2006
Stickin’ Around Oct-21-2000 Oct-22-2000 [4 total airings]
Pelswick Oct-24-2000 Dec-1-2004
As Told By Ginger Oct-25-2000 Dec-27-2008
Blaster’s Universe Dec-30-2000 Dec-31-2000 [4 total airings]
Bob the Builder Jan-13-2001 Sept-22-2004
Taina Jan-14-2001 Apr-27-2003
Roc Feb-2-2001 Feb-23-2001
Diff’rent Strokes Mar-4-2001 Feb-17-2002
Silver Spoons Mar-5-2001 Jun-22-2005 [last regular airing Apr-1-2001]
ALF Mar-7-2001 Apr-1-2001
Big Kids Mar-8-2001 Mar-30-2001 [Noggin original]
227 Mar-8-2001 Mar-25-2001
Square Pegs Mar-9-2001 Mar-9-2001
Hangin’ With Mr. Cooper Mar-18-2001 Sept-28-2014 [original run ended Jun-10-2001; second run started Jan-13-2014]
The Fairly OddParents Mar-30-2001 Apr-6-2018
Invader ZIM Mar-30-2001 Nov-22-2007
On the Team May-2-2001 Jun-22-2001 [Noggin original]
In Concert on TEENick Jun-17-2001 Sept-1-2002
Oswald Aug-20-2001 May-24-2005
Animaniacs Sept-3-2001 Mar-15-2005 [last regular airing Jan-12-2003]
Sponk! Sept-16-2001 Jan-3-2002 [Noggin original]
Family Ties Sept-23-2001 Jun-23-2005 [last regular airing Sept-20-2003]
Cheers Oct-7-2001 Jun-23-2005 [last regular airing Sept-12-2004]
Butt-Ugly Martians Nov-9-2001 Jun-30-2005 [regular airings ended in fall 2002]
Action League Now! Nov-18-2001 Feb-17-2002
Kids Say the Darndest Things Dec-26-2001 Aug-21-2005
The Nick Cannon Show Jan-19-2002 Jun-14-2003
Inside TV Land Feb-24-2002 Feb-4-2004
The Cosby Show Mar-4-2002 Aug-29-2010
ChalkZone Mar-22-2002 Nov-15-2009 [pilot aired Dec-31-1999]
Batman (1966) Apr-28-2002 Jul-12-2002 [part of Nick at Nite event; aired 1 week on Nick starting Jul-8-2002]
Splash TV Jun-2-2002 Aug-31-2003
The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron, Boy Genius Jul-20-2002 Dec-15-2012 [regular starting Sept-6-2002; last airing May-10-2015 counting “Jimmy Timmy Power Hour” specials]
Wild & Crazy Kids (2002) Jul-29-2002 May-25-2003 [aka “WACK”]
Slamball Aug-11-2002 Aug-11-2002 [single airing of TNN original]
Oblivious Aug-19-2002 Aug-19-2002 [single airing of TNN original]
Charles in Charge Aug-16-2002 Apr-3-2003
Speed Racer X Aug-25-2002 Mar-16-2003
Nickelodeon Robot Wars Aug-25-2002 Sept-29-2002
Max & Ruby Aug-26-2002 Oct-4-2018 [regular starting Jan-6-2003]
Coach Sept-28-2002 Dec-18-2003
Super Duper Sumos Oct-13-2002 Mar-16-2003
Scaredy Camp Oct-27-2002 Nov-3-2002
Clueless Nov-10-2002 Mar-25-2005 [last regular airing Sept-14-2003]
Men in Black: The Series Nov-17-2002 Jul-20-2003
Carol Burnett and Friends Nov-26-2002 Nov-26-2002
Wings Mar-31-2003 Aug-6-2005
Oobi Apr-7-2003 Apr-7-2003
Tweenies Apr-7-2003 Sept-25-2003
Miffy Apr-7-2003 Apr-7-2003
All Grown Up Apr-12-2003 Jan-27-2013 [regular starting Nov-29-2003]
My Life as a Teenage Robot Aug-1-2003 Apr-26-2009
Degrassi: The Next Generation Aug-3-2003 Aug-24-2003
Girls v. Boys Aug-10-2003 Aug-24-2003
Radio Free Roscoe Aug-17-2003 Aug-24-2003
Real Access Aug-24-2003 Mar-14-2004
Rubbadubbers Sept-2-2003 Sept-22-2005
Romeo! Sept-13-2003 Oct-4-2007
Roseanne Sept-22-2003 Dec-30-2009
Sabrina The Teenage Witch Sept-28-2003 Oct-1-2007 [last regular airing Sept-4-2005]
Full House Oct-6-2003 Sept-28-2021
Yakkity Yak Nov-9-2003 Aug-28-2004
Drake & Josh Jan-11-2004 Dec-18-2014
Whoopi’s Littleburg Jan-18-2004 Sept-20-2005 [3 specials]
Angela Anaconda Jan-25-2004 Feb-27-2004
Danny Phantom Apr-3-2004 Nov-14-2009
Who’s the Boss? Jun-14-2004 May-14-2006
Fatherhood Jun-20-2004 Jan-10-2006
LazyTown Aug-16-2004 Oct-7-2007
Miss Spider’s Sunny Patch Friends Sept-7-2004 Dec-29-2006 [pilot/special premiered Mar-31-2003]
Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide Sept-12-2004 Sept-7-2012 [pilot aired Sept-7-2003]
Unfabulous Sept-12-2004 Jan-20-2008
The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Sept-13-2004 May-13-2018 [first run ended Aug-27-2009; second run started Sept-29-2014]
The Backyardigans Oct-11-2004 Apr-29-2013
Blue’s Room Nov-24-2004 Jan-14-2008 [pilot on “Blue’s Clues” aired Aug-2-2004]
Family Face-Off: Hollywood Nov-29-2004 Jan-2-2005
Zoey 101 Jan-9-2005 Aug-10-2014
Murphy Brown Jan-24-2005 Aug-11-2008
My Dad the Rockstar Feb-7-2005 Jan-1-2006
Avatar: The Last Airbender Feb-21-2005 Aug-16-2020 [last regular airing Jul-28-2008]
Chasing Farrah Mar-29-2005 Mar-29-2005
Martin Mystery May-16-2005 Aug-7-2005
The Team Jun-5-2005 Jun-26-2005 [4-episode reality series starring Romeo Miller and his dad]
Growing Pains Jun-21-2005 Aug-18-2008 [aired regularly starting Feb-12-2007]
Moonlighting Jun-21-2005 Jun-21-2005
Kate & Allie Jun-22-2005 Jun-22-2005
Benson Jun-22-2005 Jun-22-2005
Night Court Jun-23-2005 Jun-23-2005
Catscratch Jul-9-2005 Nov-22-2007 [last regular airing Jun-3-2007]
The Jeff Foxworthy Show Jul-23-2005 Jul-15-2006
Hi-Jinks Aug-2-2005 Apr-21-2008
Go, Diego, Go! Sept-6-2005 Feb-15-2013
Jack’s Big Music Show Sept-12-2005 Feb-7-2007
The X’s Nov-25-2005 Nov-22-2007 [last regular airing Nov-25-2006]
6teen Dec-18-2005 May-13-2006
Wonder Pets! Mar-3-2006 May-6-2011
Search for the Funniest Mom in America Apr-4-2006 May-13-2007 [pre-series special aired May-3-2005]
At the Poocharelli’s Apr-11-2006 May-30-2006? [short series; 90-second sitcom on Nick@Nite]
Just For Kicks Apr-9-2006 Aug-13-2006
Pinky Dinky Doo Apr-10-2006 Apr-10-2006
Mad About You Apr-10-2006 Sept-8-2008
Let’s Just Play: Go Healthy Challenge Apr-30-2006 May-30-2008
NewsRadio Jul-17-2006 Dec-17-2006
A Different World Jul-19-2006 Mar-5-2008
Kappa Mikey Aug-20-2006 Jan-21-2007
Shuriken School Aug-20-2006 Sept-24-2006
Wow! Wow! Wubbzy! Aug-28-2006 Dec-20-2010
Mr. Meaty Sept-22-2006 Jun-16-2007 [pilot premiered Dec-30-2005]
Designing Women Oct-2-2006 Dec-8-2008
I Pity the Fool Oct-11-2006 Oct-11-2006
The Upside Down Show Oct-13-2006 Oct-13-2006
Just Jordan Jan-7-2007 Aug-23-2008
The Naked Brothers Band Feb-3-2007 Sept-12-2009
El Tigre, The Adventures of Manny Rivera Feb-19-2007 Jun-20-2008 [regular starting Mar-3-2007]
America’s Funniest Home Videos Apr-30-2007 Feb-16-2024 [first run ended Oct-11-2007; returned with season 31 on Feb-12-2024]
Wayside Jun-25-2007 Feb-14-2008
Yo Gabba Gabba! Aug-20-2007 Feb-25-2011
Tak and the Power of Juju Aug-31-2007 Feb-1-2009
Home Improvement Sept-3-2007 Feb-24-2012
iCarly Sept-8-2007 Jul-25-2021
George Lopez Sept-10-2007 Sept-8-2020
Back at the Barnyard Sept-29-2007 Nov-11-2012
Edgar & Ellen Oct-14-2007 Oct-20-2007
Ni Hao, Kai-Lan Feb-7-2008 Mar-4-2011
H2O: Just Add Water Mar-14-2008 Mar-7-2009
Dance on Sunset Mar-29-2008 Jul-6-2008
The Mighty B! Apr-26-2008 Dec-2-2012
Speed Racer: The Next Generation Apr-27-2008 Apr-27-2008
Family Matters Jun-29-2008 Dec-30-2012
Queen Bees Jul-11-2008 Jul-11-2008
The N’s Student Body Jul-11-2008 Jul-11-2008
My Family’s Got GUTS Sept-15-2008 Sept-27-2008
True Jackson, VP Nov-8-2008 Sept-2-2012
Rugrats: Pre-School Daze Nov-16-2008 May-9-2010
The Penguins of Madagascar Nov-28-2008 Mar-15-2015 [regular starting Mar-28-2009]
Wolverine and the X-Men Jan-25-2009 Jan-25-2009
Olivia Jan-26-2009 Jul-10-2009
Iron Man: Armored Adventures Apr-26-2009 Apr-26-2009
The Nanny May-10-2009 Oct-26-2013
Malcolm in the Middle Jul-5-2009 Sept-15-2010
The Assistants Jul-12-2009 Jul-12-2009 [one-time airing]
Glenn Martin, DDS Aug-17-2009 Jun-24-2012
The Fresh Beat Band Aug-24-2009 Jun-8-2012
Everybody Hates Chris Sept-7-2009 Sept-3-2012
The Troop Sept-12-2009 Aug-6-2011
BrainSurge Sept-28-2009 Aug-31-2012
Fanboy & Chum Chum Oct-12-2009 Mar-22-2015 [regular starting Nov-6-2009]
Big Time Rush Nov-28-2009 Jul-6-2014 [regular starting Jan-18-2010]
Team Umizoomi Jan-25-2010 Jul-15-2022 [last regular airing Mar-2-2021]
VICTORiOUS Mar-27-2010 Jan-29-2015 [regular starting Apr-11-2010]
Hot in Cleveland Jun-20-2010 Jan-10-2016
My Wife and Kids Aug-30-2010 Mar-18-2014
Planet Sheen Oct-2-2010 Jan-28-2012
T.U.F.F. Puppy Oct-2-2010 Mar-1-2015
Hero Factory Nov-7-2010 Apr-7-2013
Dino Dan Dec-20-2010 Dec-20-2010
House of Anubis Jan-1-2011 Feb-7-2013
Supah Ninjas Jan-17-2011 Apr-27-2013 [regular starting Apr-16-2011]
Bubble Guppies Jan-24-2011 Jun-30-2023
Power Rangers Samurai Feb-7-2011 Jan-27-2013 [includes “Super Samurai”]
That ’70s Show May-30-2011 Sept-28-2014 [first run ended May-31-2012; second run started Mar-24-2014]
Winx Club Jun-27-2011 Feb-16-2014
Happily Divorced Jun-28-2011 Jun-28-2011
Bucket & Skinner’s Epic Adventures Jul-1-2011 Jun-9-2012
Married… with Children Jul-6-2011 Aug-17-2011
Friends Sept-5-2011
Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness Sept-19-2011 Mar-22-2015 [regular starting Nov-7-2011]
FRED: The Show Jan-16-2012 Sept-17-2012
Mike the Knight Feb-3-2012 Dec-21-2012
How to Rock Feb-4-2012 Dec-8-2012
Franklin and Friends Feb-13-2012 Jun-1-2012
The Legend of Korra Apr-14-2012 Jul-25-2014
Yes, Dear May-1-2012 May-4-2014
Wild Grinders May-12-2012 May-12-2012
Figure It Out (2012) Jun-11-2012 Jul-16-2013 [technically seasons 5-6 of original series]
Hollywood Heights Jun-11-2012 Aug-10-2012
The Soul Man Jul-8-2012 Apr-22-2015
Splatalot Jul-17-2012 Aug-24-2012
You Gotta See This Jul-21-2012 Oct-18-2012
Robot and Monster Aug-4-2012 Jun-29-2014
Tickety Toc Sept-10-2012 Sept-20-2012
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2012) Sept-28-2012 Nov-12-2017
See Dad Run Oct-6-2012 Dec-11-2014
Deadtime Stories Nov-9-2012 Nov-14-2013
Marvin Marvin Nov-24-2012 Aug-14-2013
Peter Rabbit Dec-14-2012 Dec-12-2014
NFL Rush Zone Feb-2-2013 Feb-1-2014
Power Rangers Megaforce Feb-2-2013 Feb-1-2015 [includes “Super Megaforce”]
Wendell & Vinnie Feb-16-2013 Sept-22-2013
Rocket Monkeys Mar-4-2013 Jun-7-2013
Monsters vs. Aliens Mar-23-2013 Jul-6-2014 [regular starting Apr-6-2013]
Lalaloopsy Mar-29-2013 Dec-6-2013
Sanjay and Craig May-25-2013 Jul-29-2016
Sam & Cat Jun-8-2013 Jul-4-2015
AwesomenessTV Jul-1-2013 Mar-7-2015
The Haunted Hathaways Jul-13-2013 Oct-30-2016
Rabbids Invasion Aug-3-2013 Feb-7-2016
PAW Patrol Aug-12-2013
Nick Studio 10 Sept-2-2013 Sept-2-2013 [half-hour version of programming block; only 1 of 4 episodes aired]
Digimon Fusion Sept-7-2013 Oct-5-2013
Instant Mom Sept-29-2013 Jun-30-2016
The New Adventures of Old Christine Oct-7-2013 Mar-23-2014
The Thundermans Oct-14-2013 Sept-2-2018 [regular starting Nov-2-2013]
Peppa Pig Nov-15-2013
TeenNick Top 10 Dec-31-2013 Dec-31-2015
Every Witch Way Jan-1-2014 Jul-30-2015
Wallykazam! Feb-3-2014 Feb-12-2016
Breadwinners Feb-17-2014 Dec-11-2015
Webheads Jun-2-2014 Jul-3-2014
Henry Danger Jul-26-2014 Jul-31-2021 [regular starting Sept-13-2014]
Dora and Friends: Into the City! Aug-18-2014 Feb-5-2016
How I Met Your Mother Sept-8-2014 Jun-26-2015
Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn Sept-13-2014 Dec-12-2018
Max & Shred Oct-6-2014 Jul-11-2015
Blaze and the Monster Machines Oct-13-2014
100 Things to Do Before High School Nov-11-2014 Feb-27-2016 [regular starting Jun-6-2015]
ReactToThat Dec-15-2014 Jan-2-2015
Everybody Loves Raymond Jan-1-2015 Aug-28-2015
Little Charmers Jan-12-2015 Dec-11-2015
Bella and the Bulldogs Jan-17-2015 Jun-25-2016
NFL Rush Jan-30-2015 Jan-30-2015
Power Rangers Dino Charge Feb-7-2015 Jan-15-2017 [includes “Dino Super Charge”]
Oggy and the Cockroaches Feb-23-2015 Mar-20-2015
Mutt & Stuff Mar-6-2015 Aug-10-2017
Make It Pop Mar-26-2015 Aug-20-2016
Harvey Beaks Mar-28-2015 Dec-9-2016
Younger Mar-31-2015 Sept-28-2016
So Little Time Apr-27-2015 May-16-2015
Fresh Beat Band of Spies Jun-29-2015 Jul-2-2015
Talia in the Kitchen Jul-6-2015 Dec-23-2015
The Jim Gaffigan Show Jul-15-2015 Jun-19-2016
Impastor Jul-15-2015 Sept-28-2016
Pig Goat Banana Cricket Jul-16-2015 Feb-27-2016
ALVINNN!!! and The Chipmunks Aug-3-2015 Jun-30-2022
Shimmer and Shine Aug-24-2015 Mar-23-2018
Game Shakers Sept-12-2015 Jun-8-2019
Teachers Sept-23-2015 Mar-20-2016
The Daily Show with Trevor Noah Sept-28-2015 Sept-28-2015
WITS Academy Oct-5-2015 Oct-30-2015
Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir Dec-6-2015 Oct-22-2016
The HALO Effect Jan-18-2016 Oct-14-2016
Paradise Run Feb-1-2016 Jan-26-2018
School of Rock Mar-12-2016 Apr-8-2018
Lopez Mar-30-2016 Sept-4-2016
The Other Kingdom Apr-10-2016 Jun-19-2016
The Loud House May-2-2016
All In With Cam Newton Jun-3-2016 Nov-16-2016
Still the King Jun-8-2016 Aug-14-2016
Crashletes Jul-5-2016 May-3-2019
Legendary Dudas Jul-9-2016 Aug-13-2016
Regal Academy Aug-13-2016 Jun-10-2017
Jagger Eaton’s Mega Life Sept-9-2016 Apr-2-2017
Kuu Kuu Harajuku Oct-3-2016 Mar-25-2017
Rank the Prank Oct-24-2016 Mar-31-2017
Rusty Rivets Nov-8-2016 Oct-4-2018
Nashville Dec-15-2016 Aug-10-2017
Hey Duggee Dec-23-2016 Dec-23-2016
Bunsen is a Beast Jan-16-2017 Oct-14-2017 [regular starting Feb-20-2017]
Power Rangers Ninja Steel Jan-21-2017 Feb-24-2019 [includes “Super Ninja Steel”]
Ride Jan-30-2017 Feb-24-2017
Nella the Princess Knight Feb-6-2017 Dec-22-2017
Sun Records Feb-23-2017 Feb-23-2017
Hunter Street Mar-11-2017 Feb-23-2018
The After Party Mar-18-2017 Sept-9-2017
Nobodies Apr-2-2017 Apr-2-2017
Sunny Day Jul-7-2017 Aug-10-2018
The Dude Perfect Show Jul-16-2017 May-8-2019
Welcome to the Wayne Jul-24-2017 Sept-21-2017
Mysticons Aug-28-2017 Dec-24-2017
I Am Frankie Sept-4-2017 Oct-4-2018
The Goldbergs Sept-18-2017 Sept-22-2018
Lip Sync Battle Shorties Oct-15-2017 Feb-1-2019 [pilot/special premiered Dec-11-2016]
Top Wing Nov-6-2017 May-31-2019
Two and a Half Men Dec-6-2017 Jul-1-2018
Thomas & Friends Dec-15-2017 Dec-30-2019
The Adventures of Kid Danger Jan-15-2018 Sept-1-2018
Zoofari Feb-5-2018 Feb-15-2018
Knight Squad Feb-19-2018 Apr-20-2019
Keep It Spotless Mar-26-2018 Nov-20-2018
Star Falls Mar-31-2018 Jul-28-2018
Double Dare (2018) Jun-25-2018 Dec-20-2019
Mom Jul-2-2018 [first run ended May-25-2022; second run started Mar-27-2023]
Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Jul-20-2018 Oct-13-2019 [regular starting Sept-17-2018]
The Bureau of Magical Things Oct-8-2018 Oct-11-2018
Butterbean’s CafĂ© Nov-12-2018 Aug-1-2019
Cousins For Life Nov-24-2018 Jun-8-2019 [regular starting Jan-5-2019]
Abby Hatcher Dec-31-2018 Feb-6-2020
The Office Jan-1-2019 May-5-2019
The King of Queens Jan-1-2019 Nov-10-2019
Rainbow Butterfly Unicorn Kitty Jan-27-2019 Apr-28-2019 [retitled to “RBUK” with no intro starting Feb-10-2019]
Corn & Peg Feb-22-2019 May-31-2019
Power Rangers Beast Morphers Mar-2-2019 Feb-14-2021
The Substitute Apr-1-2019 Feb-28-2021
Ryan’s Mystery Playdate Apr-19-2019 Nov-4-2021
44 Cats May-25-2019 Jan-5-2020
Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader (2019) Jun-10-2019 Nov-3-2019
All That (2019) Jun-15-2019 Dec-22-2020
LEGO City Adventures Jun-22-2019 Dec-13-2020
American Ninja Warrior Aug-12-2019 Aug-23-2019
Ricky Zoom Sept-2-2019 Feb-3-2020
Middle School Moguls Sept-2-2019 Sept-29-2019
LEGO Jurassic World: Legend of Isla Nublar Sept-7-2019 Mar-11-2020
Are You Afraid of the Dark? (2019) Oct-11-2019 Aug-14-2022 [includes “Curse of the Shadows” and “Ghost Island”]
The Casagrandes Oct-14-2019 Sept-30-2022
America’s Most Musical Family Nov-1-2019 Jan-18-2020
Blue’s Clues & You! Nov-11-2019 Sept-11-2023
Top Elf Nov-29-2019 Dec-22-2020
The Adventures of Paddington Dec-20-2019 Mar-27-2020
It’s Pony Jan-18-2020 Feb-14-2021
Awkwafina is Nora From Queens Jan-22-2020 Feb-15-2020
The Crystal Maze Jan-24-2020 Mar-27-2020
Tyler Perry’s Young Dylan Feb-29-2020 Jan-10-2024
Danger Force Mar-28-2020 Feb-21-2024
Ollie’s Pack Apr-6-2020 Dec-15-2020
Group Chat May-23-2020 Nov-6-2020
Nick News (2020) Jun-29-2020
Nickelodeon’s Unfiltered Jul-11-2020 Nov-11-2021
Santiago of the Seas Oct-9-2020 Jan-13-2023
Unleashed Oct-22-2020 Dec-17-2020
Side Hustle Nov-7-2020 Jul-28-2022
The Astronauts Nov-13-2020 Jan-15-2021
Young Sheldon Nov-30-2020 [first run ended Nov-10-2022; second run started Mar-25-2024]
Kinderwood Dec-3-2020 Dec-3-2020 [single airing of Noggin app original]
Baby Shark’s Big Show! Dec-11-2020 [regular starting Mar-26-2021]
Deer Squad Jan-25-2021 May-27-2021
Tooned In Feb-8-2021 Jul-1-2022
Power Rangers Dino Fury Feb-20-2021 Dec-19-2021
Drama Club Mar-20-2021 May-23-2021
Kamp Koral: SpongeBob’s Under Years Apr-2-2021
The Barbarian and The Troll Apr-2-2021 Jun-25-2021
Nick Shorts Showcase May-28-2021 Jun-17-2022 [short series]
The BeatBuds, Let’s Jam! Jun-7-2021 Jul-16-2021 [short series]
The Patrick Star Show Jul-9-2021
Middlemost Post Jul-9-2021 Oct-21-2022
iCarly (2021) Jul-17-2021 Jun-3-2023 [3 separate airings]
Rugrats (2021) Aug-20-2021 May-25-2023
The Smurfs (2021) Sept-6-2021 Feb-2-2024
NFL Slimetime Sept-15-2021
That Girl Lay Lay Sept-23-2021 Mar-20-2024
Mike & Molly Oct-4-2021
Star Trek: Prodigy Dec-17-2021 Aug-7-2022 [regular starting Jul-8-2022]
Warped! Jan-16-2022 Apr-18-2022
The Fairly OddParents: Fairly Odder Apr-21-2022 Feb-2-2023 [regular starting Nov-3-2022]
Kiri + Lou May-30-2022 Jan-12-2023
Seinfeld May-30-2022 Nov-11-2022
Face’s Music Party Jun-3-2022 Dec-11-2023
Big Nate Sept-5-2022 Sept-27-2023
The Tiny Chef Show Sept-9-2022 Dec-21-2023
Monster High Oct-6-2022 [not to be confused with the specials/movies aired since 2010]
The Really Loud House Nov-3-2022
Transformers: EarthSpark Nov-11-2022 Apr-20-2024 [regular starting Feb-3-2023]
Rubble & Crew Jan-29-2023
Bossy Bear Mar-6-2023 Jan-18-2024
Erin & Aaron Apr-20-2023 Jun-29-2023
Gabby’s Dollhouse Jun-5-2023
Well Versed Nov-1-2023 Nov-29-2023 [short series]
Rock Paper Scissors Feb-11-2024
The Fairly OddParents: A New Wish May-17-2024
The Neighborhood Jun-17-2024
The Creature Cases Jul-1-2024