Zoey 101

Zoey 101 premiered in January 2005 on Nickelodeon. The live-action, single camera sitcom ran for four seasons and 65 half-hour episodes.

A reunion TV movie, Zoey 102, was released in 2023 on Paramount+.

About The Show

Teenager Zoey settles in at her new boarding school in Malibu and makes a wide range of new friends. The Pacific Coast Academy used to be a boys-only school, and since the girls have arrived so has the romance. Zoey and roommates find their way together facing teen topics from a light-hearted perspective. [via Gracenote]

The series stars Jamie Lynn Spears, Paul Butcher, Sean Flynn, Kristin Herrera, Christopher Massey, Alexa Nikolas, Erin Sanders, Matthew Underwood, Victoria Justice, and Austin Butler.

The Episode List

The episode list and air dates below are for Nickelodeon in the United States. The dates, days, and times listed are for their first appearance on the network. The codes are official episode numbers used by the network.

Code Title Date Day Time
Season 1
101 Welcome to PCA Jan-9-2005 Sun 8:00p
102 New Roomies Jan-9-2005 Sun 8:30p
105 Webcam Jan-16-2005 Sun 8:00p
103 Defending Dustin Jan-23-2005 Sun 8:00p
108 Prank Week Jan-30-2005 Sun 8:00p
106 Jet-X Feb-13-2005 Sun 8:00p
104 The Play Feb-20-2005 Sun 8:00p
109 Quinn’s Date Mar-6-2005 Sun 8:00p
107 Spring Fling Mar-13-2005 Sun 8:00p
110 Backpack Apr-3-2005 Sun 8:00p
112 Disc Golf Apr-10-2005 Sun 8:00p
111 School Dance Apr-17-2005 Sun 8:00p
113 Little Beach Party May-1-2005 Sun 8:00p
Season 2
201 Back to PCA Sept-10-2005 Sat 8:00p
202 Time Capsule Sept-18-2005 Sun 8:00p
203 The Election Oct-16-2005 Sun 8:00p
206 Haunted House Oct-29-2005 Sat 8:00p
204 Bad Girl Nov-13-2005 Sun 8:00p
207 Broadcast Views Jan-15-2006 Sun 8:00p
211 Girls Will Be Boys Jan-29-2006 Sun 8:00p
205 Robot Wars Feb-12-2006 Sun 8:00p
208 Lola Likes Chase Feb-26-2006 Sun 8:00p
999 (212/213) Spring Break-Up Mar-10-2006 Fri 8:00p
209 People Auction Apr-9-2006 Sun 6:30p
210 Quinn’s Alpaca Apr-30-2006 Sun 8:00p
Season 3
301 Surprise Sept-24-2006 Sun 8:00p
302 Chase’s Girlfriend Oct-1-2006 Sun 8:00p
303 Hot Dean Oct-22-2006 Sun 8:00p
305 Zoey’s Tutor Nov-5-2006 Sun 8:00p
306 The Great Vince Blake Nov-12-2006 Sun 8:00p
307 Silver Hammer Society Nov-26-2006 Sun 8:00p
313 Michael Loves Lisa Jan-7-2007 Sun 8:00p
310 Wrestling Mar-4-2007 Sun 8:00p
311 Zoey’s Balloon Mar-11-2007 Sun 8:00p
312 Chase’s Grandma Mar-18-2007 Sun 8:00p
304 Quarantine Mar-25-2007 Sun 8:00p
314 The Radio Jul-19-2007 Thu 8:00p
318 Paige at PCA Aug-10-2007 Fri 8:00p
321 Dance Contest Sept-16-2007 Sun 8:30p
315 Favor Chain Sept-23-2007 Sun 8:00p
316 Zoey’s Ribs Sept-29-2007 Sat 7:00p
998 (308/309) The Curse of PCA Oct-13-2007 Sat 8:00p
317 Drippin’ Episode Oct-21-2007 Sun 8:00p
319 Son of a Dean Nov-4-2007 Sun 8:00p
320 Hands on a Blix Van Nov-18-2007 Sun 8:00p
322 Miss PCA Dec-2-2007 Sun 8:00p
323 Logan Gets Cut Off Dec-9-2007 Sun 8:00p
997 (324/325) Goodbye, Zoey? Jan-4-2008 Fri 8:00p
Season 4
406 Trading Places Jan-27-2008 Sun 8:00p
401 Fake Roommate Jan-27-2008 Sun 8:30p
402 Alone at PCA Feb-3-2008 Sun 8:00p
403 Rumor of Love Feb-10-2008 Sun 8:00p
404 Anger Management Feb-17-2008 Sun 8:00p
405 Quinn Misses the Mark Feb-24-2008 Sun 8:00p
407 Walk-A-Thon Mar-9-2008 Sun 8:00p
408 Vince is Back Mar-22-2008 Sat 8:30p
409 Dinner for Two Many Mar-30-2008 Sun 8:00p
410 Coffee Cart Ban Apr-6-2008 Sun 8:00p
411 Roller Coaster Apr-27-2008 Sun 8:00p
996 (412/413) Chasing Zoey May-2-2008 Fri 8:00p
326 PCA Confidential May-2-2008 Fri 9:00p
What Did Zoey Say? (5-minute short) TeenNick: Sept-18-2015 Fri 8:55p
TV Movie
Zoey 102 Paramount+: Jul-27-2023 Thu 3:00a