Zeke and Luther

Zeke and Luther premiered in June 2009 on Disney XD. The live-action, single-camera sitcom ran for three seasons and 73 half-hour episodes.

About The Show

Lifelong buddies Zeke and Luther take their play seriously: The 15-year-olds are hellbent on becoming world famous skateboarders, and though that goal is far from being realized, if ever, the boys continue to dream big and their focus is not sidetracked by naysayers and wipeouts. [via Gracenote]

The series stars Hutch Dano, Adam Hicks, Daniel Curtis Lee, and Ryan Newman.

The Episode List

The episode list and air dates below are for Disney XD in the United States. The dates, days, and times listed are for their first appearance on the network. The codes are official episode numbers used by the network.

Code Title Date Day Time
Season 1
108 Bros Go Pro Jun-15-2009 Mon 8:30p
105 Donut Jockery Jun-22-2009 Mon 8:30p
110 Crash and Learn Jun-29-2009 Mon 8:30p
101 Pilot Jul-6-2009 Mon 8:30p
104 Cape Fear Jul-13-2009 Mon 8:30p
112 Skate Camp Jul-20-2009 Mon 8:30p
102 Luck Be a Rodent Tonight Jul-27-2009 Mon 8:30p
109 The Big Red Stacking Machine Aug-3-2009 Mon 8:30p
106 Summer School Aug-10-2009 Mon 8:30p
111 Haunted Board Oct-5-2009 Mon 7:30p
103 Road Trip Oct-19-2009 Mon 7:30p
107 Luther Leads Oct-26-2009 Mon 7:30p
113 Soul Bucket Nov-2-2009 Mon 7:30p
114 Not My Sister’s Keeper Nov-9-2009 Mon 7:30p
115 Rollerdorks Nov-16-2009 Mon 7:30p
116 Crash Dummies Nov-23-2009 Mon 7:30p
117 Adventure Boy Nov-30-2009 Mon 7:30p
118 I, Skatebot Jan-4-2010 Mon 7:30p
120 Law and Boarder Jan-18-2010 Mon 7:30p
119 A Very Hairy Problem Jan-25-2010 Mon 7:30p
121 Skate Squad Feb-1-2010 Mon 7:30p
Season 2
201 Zeke Jumps the Shark Mar-15-2010 Mon 7:30p
204 Tall Stack of Waffles Mar-22-2010 Mon 7:30p
205 Airheads Mar-29-2010 Mon 7:30p
202 Luther Unleashed Apr-5-2010 Mon 7:30p
207 Old Nasty Apr-12-2010 Mon 7:30p
208 Double Crush May-3-2010 Mon 8:30p
203 Plunk Hunting May-10-2010 Mon 8:30p
209 Kojo’s BFF May-17-2010 Mon 8:30p
210 One Strange Night May-24-2010 Mon 8:30p
211 Luther Waffles and the Skateboard of Doom (1) Jun-21-2010 Mon 8:30p
212 Luther Waffles and the Skateboard of Doom (2) Jun-21-2010 Mon 9:00p
213 Crouching Zeke, Dancing Luther Jun-28-2010 Mon 8:31p
214 Luther Waffles: Skate Cop Jul-5-2010 Mon 8:31p
217 Treasure Jul-12-2010 Mon 8:31p
216 Rocket Men Jul-19-2010 Mon 8:31p
215 Board in Class Jul-26-2010 Mon 8:31p
220 Local Heroes Aug-9-2010 Mon 8:31p
222 Super Shredder Aug-16-2010 Mon 8:31p
219 Little Bro, Big Trouble Aug-23-2010 Mon 8:31p
221 Robo-Luth Oct-18-2010 Mon 8:30p
225 The Bro List Oct-25-2010 Mon 8:30p
206 Seoul Bros Nov-1-2010 Mon 8:30p
223 Sludge! Nov-15-2010 Mon 8:30p
224 Goin’ Zoomin’ Nov-22-2010 Mon 8:30p
218 Ball of Trash Nov-29-2010 Mon 8:30p
226 Bro-Ho-Ho Dec-6-2010 Mon 8:30p
Season 3
302 Zeke’s Last Ride Feb-28-2011 Mon 8:00p
301 The Unusual Suspects Mar-7-2011 Mon 8:00p
303 Two Guys, A Car, And A Wild Bear Mar-14-2011 Mon 8:00p
305 Hyp-Bro-Tized! Mar-28-2011 Mon 8:00p
306 Daredevils! Apr-4-2011 Mon 8:00p
309 Sibling Rivalries Apr-11-2011 Mon 8:30p
304 Luther Turns 4 Apr-18-2011 Mon 8:30p
313 Head of Skate Apr-25-2011 Mon 8:30p
308 Zeke, Luther and Kojo Strike Gold May-2-2011 Mon 8:30p
310 Zeke and Lu’s New Crew May-9-2011 Mon 8:30p
316 Skater Girl Island May-23-2011 Mon 8:00p
311 DJ PJ Jul-11-2011 Mon 9:00p
317 Trucky Cheese Jul-18-2011 Mon 9:00p
324 Ice Heist Baby Jul-25-2011 Mon 9:00p
312 Skate Troopers Aug-1-2011 Mon 8:30p
314 Bro, Where’s Our Car? Aug-8-2011 Mon 8:30p
307 Lie Hard Aug-22-2011 Mon 8:30p
320 Bro’d Trip Sept-26-2011 Mon 8:30p
319 The Gingernator Oct-3-2011 Mon 8:30p
315 Skate Video Awards Nov-28-2011 Mon 9:00p
322 Skate or Swim Mar-5-2012 Mon 9:00p
323 Inside Luther’s Brain Mar-12-2012 Mon 9:00p
321 Kojo Loses His Mojo Mar-19-2012 Mon 9:00p
318 Accidental Hero Mar-26-2012 Mon 9:00p
325 There’s No Business Like Bro Business (1) Apr-2-2012 Mon 8:30p
326 There’s No Business Like Bro Business (2) Apr-2-2012 Mon 9:00p


Code Title Date Day Time
Dude Feud
004 Meat Belt Run Nov-10-2009 Tue 5:00p
008 Bandage Brawl Nov-13-2009 Fri 6:58p
006 Staring Contest Dec-14-2009 Mon 8:58p
003 Red Button Dec-15-2009 Tue 6:58p
010 Lie Detector Dec-18-2009 Fri 6:58p
005 Fish Baseball Dec-21-2009 Mon 5:00p
001 Bravery Run Dec-22-2009 Tue 3:00p
012 Fat Suit Basketball Dec-28-2009 Mon 5:00p
011 Spelling Bee Jan-15-2010 Fri 6:58p
015 Bad Breath Contest Feb-15-2010 Mon 9:28p
007 Dumpster Ball Apr-23-2010 Fri 7:28p
009 Balloon Toss Apr-23-2010 Fri 8:28p
013 Fence Fishing Apr-23-2010 Fri 8:58p
014 Waking Ozzie Kephart Apr-23-2010 Fri 9:28p
002 Chess Match Apr-23-2010 Fri 9:58p
Summer Dash for Cash
001 Piggy Bank Jun-23-2010 Wed 7:59p
002 Couch Diggers Jun-30-2010 Wed 7:59p
007 Cowboy Clyde Jul-7-2010 Wed 7:58p
003 Arm Wrestling Jul-14-2010 Wed 7:58p
010 Stunt Rodent Jul-21-2010 Wed 7:59p
005 Hot Chili Pie Jul-28-2010 Wed 7:58p
004 Street Performer Aug-4-2010 Wed 7:58p
009 Metal Detector Aug-11-2010 Wed 7:58p
006 Smash a Mole Aug-18-2010 Wed 7:58p
008 Balloon Toss Booth Aug-25-2010 Wed 7:58p
011 Car Wash Sept-1-2010 Wed 7:58p
012 The Half-Pipe Arrives Sept-8-2010 Wed 7:58p