You Gotta See This

You Gotta See This premiered on Nickelodeon in July 2012. The series had a single season of 20 episodes; however, only 8 aired on Nickelodeon before being canceled. Four other episodes premiered on Nicktoons for April Fools Day 2014. That left 8 episodes completely unaired in the United States. The episodes have since aired in other countries, including Nickelodeon in Canada.

About The Show

“How to Rock” co-stars Christopher O’Neal and Noah Crawford host a series that, perhaps, can best be described as YouTube meets “Punk’d.” Popular Internet videos, introduced by O’Neal and Crawford, are the main content on the half-hour show, which also includes pranks played on celebrities who are popular with young people, along with other comedic sketches. [via Gracenote]

The Episode List

The episode list and air dates below are for Nickelodeon and Nicktoons in the United States. The dates, days, and times listed are for their first appearance on the network. The codes are official episode numbers used by the network.

Code Title Date Day Time
Premiered on Nickelodeon
101 Dancing Don’ts and Sneezy Cereal Jul-21-2012 Sat 9:00p
103 Funny Foxes and Tumbling Toddlers Jul-28-2012 Sat 9:30p
104 Bouncing Babies and Water Wipeouts Aug-12-2012 Sun 6:00p
105 Gamer Grandpas and Snappy Seagulls Aug-18-2012 Sat 9:00p
106 Playful Piggies and Fashion Falls Aug-19-2012 Sun 7:00p
107 Homework Haters and Sneaky Snakes Aug-25-2012 Sat 8:00p
111 Clumsy Cowboys and Weird Weather Oct-11-2012 Thu 8:30p
114 Epic Elephants and Wild Watermelons Oct-18-2012 Thu 8:30p
Premiered on Nicktoons
109 Powder Pranks and Donkey Duets Apr-1-2014 Tue 6:00p
117 Pic Pranks and Tiny Turtles Apr-1-2014 Tue 6:30p
110 Pizza Pros and Basketball Bros Apr-1-2014 Tue 7:00p
113 Parent Pranks and Radical Rainbows Apr-1-2014 Tue 7:30p
Unaired in the United States:
102 Karate Cats and Groovin’ Grandmas
108 Gossiping Goats and Dizzy Dudes
112 Daring Ducks and Bumbling Bands
115 Angry Alligators and Slippery Slides
116 Fake Fame and Wet Weddings
118 Sleepy Skiers and Wicked Wedgies
119 Window Wipers and Dazzling Dragons
120 Penguin Play and Bike Bails