Wizards of Waverly Place

Wizards of Waverly Place premiered in October 2007 on Disney Channel. The live-action sitcom aired for four seasons and 110 half-hour episodes.

The popularity of the show led to a Disney Channel original TV movie and a post-series reunion special. A pilot for a potential spin-off series is in the works for 2024.

About The Show

Alex Russo and her brothers Justin and Max come from a long line of wizards and now must master their newly learned powers or lose them forever. Their dad, Jerry, gave up his powers when he married their mortal mom. The family business is Waverly Sub Station in busy Manhattan, and the three young wizards get into all sorts of crazy situations as they grow up facing typical teen challenges like school, friends, family and magic. [via Gracenote]

The series stars Selena Gomez, David Henrie, Jake T. Austin, Jennifer Stone, Maria Canals Barrera, and David DeLuise.

The Episode List

The episode list and air dates below are for Disney Channel in the United States. The dates, days, and times listed are for their first appearance on the network. The codes are official episode numbers used by the network.

Code Title Date Day Time
Season 1
102 Crazy Ten Minute Sale Oct-12-2007 Fri 9:30p
103 First Kiss Oct-19-2007 Fri 8:30p
104 I Almost Drowned In A Chocolate Fountain Oct-26-2007 Fri 8:30p
107 New Employee Nov-2-2007 Fri 8:30p
114 Disenchanted Evening Nov-9-2007 Fri 8:30p
101 You Can’t Always Get What You Carpet Nov-10-2007 Sat 8:30p
109 Alex’s Choice Nov-16-2007 Fri 8:30p
108 Curb Your Dragon Nov-30-2007 Fri 8:30p
113 Movies Dec-14-2007 Fri 8:30p
105 Pop Me and We Both Go Down Jan-6-2008 Sun 8:30p
110 Potion Commotion Feb-10-2008 Sun 8:45p
117 Justin’s Little Sister Mar-9-2008 Sun 8:30p
111 Wizard School (1) Apr-6-2008 Sun 8:00p
112 Wizard School (2) Apr-6-2008 Sun 8:30p
115 The Supernatural May-18-2008 Sun 8:30p
106 Alex in the Middle Jun-15-2008 Sun 8:30p
118 Report Card Jun-29-2008 Sun 8:30p
121 Credit Check Jul-6-2008 Sun 8:30p
119 Alex’s Spring Fling Jul-20-2008 Sun 8:30p
116 Quinceanera Aug-10-2008 Sun 8:30p
120 Art Museum Piece Aug-31-2008 Sun 8:30p
Season 2
201 Smarty Pants Sept-12-2008 Fri 8:00p
202 Beware Wolf Sept-21-2008 Sun 8:30p
203 Graphic Novel Oct-5-2008 Sun 8:30p
204 Racing Oct-12-2008 Sun 8:30p
205 Alex’s Brother, Maximan Oct-19-2008 Sun 8:30p
208 Saving Wiz Tech (1) Oct-26-2008 Sun 8:00p
209 Saving Wiz Tech (2) Oct-26-2008 Sun 8:30p
206 Harper Knows Nov-23-2008 Sun 8:30p
207 Taxi Dance Dec-7-2008 Sun 8:30p
210 Baby Cupid Dec-14-2008 Sun 8:30p
211 Make It Happen Dec-31-2008 Wed 11:59p
213 Fairy Tale Jan-25-2009 Sun 8:30p
215 Fashion Week Feb-15-2009 Sun 8:30p
217 Helping Hand Feb-16-2009 Mon 7:00p
214 Art Teacher Mar-1-2009 Sun 8:30p
212 Future Harper Mar-15-2009 Sun 8:30p
219 Alex Does Good Apr-5-2009 Sun 8:30p
216 Hugh’s Not Normous Apr-12-2009 Sun 8:30p
227 Don’t Rain on Justin’s Parade – Earth Apr-19-2009 Sun 8:30p
218 Family Game Night Apr-26-2009 Sun 8:30p
221 Justin’s New Girlfriend May-2-2009 Sat 8:30p
226 My Tutor, Tutor May-29-2009 Fri 8:00p
229 Paint By Committee Jun-26-2009 Fri 9:45p
230 Wizard For A Day Jul-10-2009 Fri 8:00p
220 Cast Away (To Another Show)
(part 1 of “Wizards on Deck with Hannah Montana” crossover)
Jul-17-2009 Fri 8:00p
223 Wizards vs. Vampires on Waverly Place
(ran 45 minutes for most airings)
Jul-24-2009 Fri 8:00p
224 Wizards vs. Vampires: Tasty Bites Jul-31-2009 Fri 8:00p
225 Wizards vs. Vampires: Dream Date Aug-7-2009 Fri 8:00p
228 Wizards & Vampires vs. Zombies Aug-8-2009 Sat 8:00p
222 Retest Aug-21-2009 Fri 8:00p
TV Movie
DCOM Wizards of Waverly Place: The Movie Aug-28-2009 Fri 8:00p
Season 3
301 FrankenGirl Oct-9-2009 Fri 8:00p
302 Halloween Oct-16-2009 Fri 8:00p
303 Monster Hunter Oct-23-2009 Fri 8:00p
304 Three Monsters Oct-30-2009 Fri 8:00p
306 Night at the Lazerama Nov-6-2009 Fri 8:00p
305 Doll House Nov-20-2009 Fri 8:00p
307 Marathoner Harper Dec-4-2009 Fri 8:00p
313 Alex Charms a Boy Jan-15-2010 Fri 8:00p
314/315 Wizards vs. Werewolves Jan-22-2010 Fri 8:00p
308 Positive Alex Feb-26-2010 Fri 8:30p
309 Detention Election Mar-19-2010 Fri 8:30p
317 Dude Looks Like Shakira Apr-16-2010 Fri 8:30p
310 Eat to the Beat Apr-30-2010 Fri 8:00p
311 Third Wheel Apr-30-2010 Fri 8:30p
312 The Good, The Bad, and the Alex May-7-2010 Fri 8:30p
316 Western Show May-14-2010 Fri 8:30p
318 Alex’s Logo May-21-2010 Fri 8:30p
319 Dad’s Buggin’ Out Jun-4-2010 Fri 9:00p
321 Max’s Secret Girlfriend Jun-11-2010 Fri 8:30p
322 Alex Russo, Matchmaker? Jul-2-2010 Fri 8:30p
323 Delinquent Justin Jul-16-2010 Fri 8:30p
320 Captain Jim Bob Sherwood Jul-23-2010 Fri 8:30p
325 Wizards vs. Finkles Jul-30-2010 Fri 8:30p
326 All About You-niverse Aug-20-2010 Fri 8:30p
327 Uncle Ernesto Aug-27-2010 Fri 8:30p
324 Moving On Sept-10-2010 Fri 8:30p
329/330 Wizards Unleashed Oct-1-2010 Fri 8:00p
328 Wizards Exposed Oct-15-2010 Fri 8:30p
Season 4
401 Alex Tells the World Nov-12-2010 Fri 9:45p
402 Alex Gives Up Nov-27-2010 Sat 8:30p
403 Lucky Charmed Dec-10-2010 Fri 8:00p
404 Journey to the Center of Mason Dec-17-2010 Fri 8:00p
405 Three Maxes and a Little Lady Jan-7-2011 Fri 8:30p
406 Daddy’s Little Girl Jan-21-2011 Fri 8:00p
407 Everything’s Rosie for Justin Feb-4-2011 Fri 8:00p
408 Dancing with Angels Feb-11-2011 Fri 8:00p
409/410 Wizards vs. Angels Feb-18-2011 Fri 8:00p
411 Back to Max Mar-11-2011 Fri 8:00p
412 Zeke Finds Out Apr-8-2011 Fri 8:00p
413 Magic Unmasked May-13-2011 Fri 8:00p
415 Meet the Werewolves Jun-17-2011 Fri 8:00p
416 Beast Tamer Jun-24-2011 Fri 8:05p
417 Wizard of the Year Jul-8-2011 Fri 8:05p
420 Misfortune at the Beach Jul-24-2011 Sun 7:30p
418 Wizards vs. Asteroid Aug-19-2011 Fri 8:00p
419 Justin’s Back In Aug-26-2011 Fri 8:00p
421 Alex the Puppetmaster Sept-16-2011 Fri 8:00p
422 My Two Harpers Sept-30-2011 Fri 8:00p
423 Wizards of Apartment 13B Oct-7-2011 Fri 8:00p
424 Ghost Roommate Oct-14-2011 Fri 8:00p
425 Get Along, Little Zombie Oct-21-2011 Fri 8:00p
426 Wizards vs. Everything Oct-28-2011 Fri 8:00p
414 Rock Around the Clock Nov-4-2011 Fri 8:00p
427 Harperella Nov-18-2011 Fri 8:00p
428/429 Who Will Be the Family Wizard? Jan-6-2012 Fri 8:00p
TV Special
Special The Wizards Return: Alex vs. Alex Mar-15-2013 Fri 8:00p