The X’s

The X’s premiered on Nickelodeon in November 2005. The series only lasted for one season of 20 episodes; however, Nick never aired one episode in the United States.

About The Show

The X’s are incognito super spies who work for Superior, a top-notch espionage agency and trying to appear normal is not always easy (esp. when your necktie shoots lasers and you trim the hedges with a flame-thrower). Each member of the X family uses his or her own unique area of X-pertise to combat the evil SNAFU agency: a society of supervillains who really, really want to take over the world. [via]

The Episode List

The episode list and air dates below are for Nickelodeon in the United States. The dates, days, and times listed are for their first appearance on the network. The codes are official episode numbers used by the network.

Code Title Date Day Time
105 AAIIEE Robot / Mission: Irresponsible Nov-25-2005 Fri 8:00p
103 License to Slumber / Three Days of the Coin Op Nov-25-2005 Fri 8:35p
101 Photo Ops / Boy’s Best Fiend Nov-25-2005 Fri 9:10p
104 Mr. Fix It / Doommates Dec-9-2005 Fri 8:30p
102 Secret Agent Manual / The Spy Who Liked Me Dec-16-2005 Fri 8:30p
106 To Err is Truman / No More Mrs. Nice X Jan-13-2006 Fri 8:30p
108 On Her Majesty’s Postal Service / Pinheads Feb-3-2006 Fri 8:30p
111 From Crusha with Love / Xcitement Feb-17-2006 Fri 8:30p
110 You Only Sneeze Twice / X Takes a Holiday Feb-24-2006 Fri 8:30p
109 Mock Tutors / Meddle Mouth Mar-3-2006 Fri 8:30p
107 Family Issues / Truman’s Choice Mar-17-2006 Fri 8:30p
112 Wealth vs. Stealth / Wee House Apr-7-2006 Fri 8:30p
113 Truman X: Super Villain Jun-16-2006 Fri 8:00p
114 A Truman Scorned / Y’s Up Sept-22-2006 Fri 9:30p
115 Quit Your Day Job / Missing Home Sept-29-2006 Fri 9:30p
118 Live and Let Diaper / In-Law Enforcement Oct-6-2006 Fri 9:30p
116 Train Rex / Homebody Oct-13-2006 Fri 9:30p
120 The Haunting of Home Base Oct-27-2006 Fri 9:30p
119 Accidental Hero / Untied Nov-25-2006 Sat 8:52p
117 Theater of War / Breaking Camp UNAIRED