The Ren & Stimpy Show

The Ren & Stimpy Show premiered in August 1991 on Nickelodeon. The animated comedy, one of the first three Nicktoons, ran for five seasons and 52 half-hour episodes.

The series was without a doubt one of the most controversial original series to air on Nickelodeon. As one of the first three Nicktoons, it premiered alongside two series that were much different (Doug and Rugrats). With production delays right after its premiere, the censoring of episodes, the “banned” (and unaired, on Nickelodeon) episode “Man’s Best Friend”, airing some episodes first on MTV, and the fact that after two seasons the show only had about 19 episodes – whereas the other two Nicktoons had 39 each, Nick eventually fired series creator John Kricfalusi in September 1992.

Despite all the behind-the-scenes issues, the content problems with Nick editing previously aired episodes or simply no longer showing them at all, the show was successful and aired regularly on the network for years. Repeats even made several notable returns, including in the summer of 2000 and in 2006. The last airing of any episode on Nick was November 22, 2007.

The show would also receive tremendous air time on the Nicktoons TV channel, even though the network still didn’t air some episodes Nick had pulled from rotation. When Viacom sibling network TNN/Spike TV ordered a new adult-version of the show in 2003, Nickelodeon distanced themselves from the show – pulling all airings from Nicktoons and requiring episodes released on DVD and aired on Spike TV to remove the Nickelodeon logo from the show. After the “Adult Party Cartoon” failed quickly, and when Spike TV stopped airing the “classic” episodes, Nicktoons Network brought repeats back to their schedule in August 2005. Repeats continued through 2021, last airing on TeenNick’s reto Nickelodeon block NickRewind.

About The Show

You can bet your Aunt Betty you’ve never seen anything like “The Ren & Stimpy Show” (unless, of course, you HAVE seen “The Ren & Stimpy Show”). And we’re not afraid to tell you that this toon doesn’t make any sense. Ren is a screaming, hyperactive Chihuahua with a tendency to be downright mean to his best pal Stimpy, a giant, tailless cat who eats kitty litter for lunch. The adventures of our crazy costars can take place anywhere—and in any form: They might be stir-crazy astronauts, they might be hand-painted firedogs, they might even be kidnapped circus midgets. What would you expect from a domesticated animal duo who worship a superhero called Powdered Toastman? It’s Space Madness! [via Nickelodeon/]

The Episode List

The episode list and air dates below are for Nickelodeon, MTV, and The New TNN in the United States. The dates, days, and times listed are for their first appearance on the network. The codes are official episode numbers used by the network.

Code Title Date Day Time
001 Stimpy’s Big Day! / The Big Shot! Aug-11-1991 Sun 11:00a
002 Robin Höek / Nurse Stimpy Aug-25-1991 Sun 11:00a
003 Space Madness / The Boy Who Cried Rat! Sept-8-1991 Sun 11:00a
004B Stimpy’s Storybook Land: The Littlest Giant Sept-15-1991 Sun 11:00a
007B Big House Blues Sept-15-1991 Sun 11:15a
004A Fire Dogs Sept-29-1991 Sun 11:00a
005A Marooned Oct-6-1991 Sun 11:00a
005B A Cartoon: Untamed World Nov-10-1991 Sun 11:00a
006 Black Hole / Stimpy’s Invention Feb-23-1992 Sun 11:00a
007A In the Army Aug-15-1992 Sat 9:00p
013B Powdered Toast Man Aug-15-1992 Sat 9:15p
008A Ren’s Toothache Aug-22-1992 Sat 9:00p
014B Out West Aug-29-1992 Sat 9:00p
008B Rubber Nipple Salesmen Aug-29-1992 Sat 9:15p
009 Svën Höek Nov-7-1992 Sat 9:00p
010 Haunted House / Mad Dog Hoek Nov-21-1992 Sat 9:00p
011 Big Baby Scam / Dog Show Dec-12-1992 Sat 9:00p
012 Son of Stimpy MTV: Jan-13-1993 Wed 11:00p
Nick: Dec-11-1993 Sat 9:00p
013A Monkey See, Monkey Don’t! Feb-13-1993 Sat 9:00p
014A Fake Dad Feb-27-1993 Sat 9:00p
016A The Great Outdoors Mar-27-1993 Sat 9:00p
016B The Cat That Laid the Golden Hairball Apr-3-1993 Sat 9:00p
017 Stimpy’s Fan Club Apr-24-1993 Sat 9:00p
018 A Visit to Anthony May-8-1993 Sat 9:00p
015 The Royal Canadian Kilted Yaksmen May-23-1993 Sun 7:00p
020A To Salve and Salve Not! Nov-20-1993 Sat 9:00p
021A A Yard Too Far Nov-20-1993 Sat 9:15p
021B Circus Midgets Nov-26-1993 Fri 7:30p
020B No Pants Today Nov-26-1993 Fri 7:45p
022 Ren’s Pecs / An Abe Divided Dec-18-1993 Sat 9:00p
023 Stimpy’s Cartoon Show Jan-8-1994 Sat 9:00p
024 Jimminy Lummox / Bass Masters Feb-19-1994 Sat 9:00p
026B Road Apples Mar-12-1994 Sat 9:00p
025 Ren’s Retirement Apr-2-1994 Sat 9:00p
026A Jerry the Bellybutton Elf Apr-9-1994 Sat 9:00p
027 Hard Times for Haggis Apr-30-1994 Sat 9:00p
028 Eat My Cookies / Ren’s Bitter Half Jun-4-1994 Sat 9:00p
029 Lair of the Lummox Jul-30-1994 Sat 9:00p
030 Hermit Ren Oct-1-1994 Sat 9:00p
031 House of Next Tuesday / A Friend in Your Face! Oct-8-1994 Sat 9:00p
032 Blazing Entrails / Lumberjerks Oct-15-1994 Sat 9:00p
033 Prehistoric Stimpy / Farm Hands Nov-5-1994 Sat 9:00p
034 Magical Golden Singing Cheeses / A Hard Days Luck Nov-12-1994 Sat 9:00p
035 I Love Chicken / Powdered Toast Man vs Waffle Woman Nov-19-1994 Sat 9:00p
036 It’s A Dog’s Life / Egg Yölkeo Dec-3-1994 Sat 9:00p
037 Double Header / The Scotsman in Space Jan-7-1995 Sat 9:00p
038 Pixie King / Aloha Höek Jan-14-1995 Sat 9:00p
039 Insomniac Ren / My Shiny Friend Jan-21-1995 Sat 9:00p
040 Cheese Rush Days / Weiner Barons Feb-11-1995 Sat 9:00p
041 Galoot Wranglers / Ren Needs Help! Mar-4-1995 Sat 9:00p
042 Ol’ Blue Nose / Stupid Sidekick Union Mar-18-1995 Sat 9:00p
043 Superstitious Stimpy / Travelogue Apr-1-1995 Sat 9:00p
046 Space Dogged / Feud for Sale Jun-3-1995 Sat 9:00p
047 Hair of the Cat / City Hicks Jul-1-1995 Sat 9:00p
051 Stimpy’s Pet / Ren’s Brain Oct-7-1995 Sat 9:00p
048 Bell Hops / Dog Tags Oct-21-1995 Sat 9:00p
052 I Was a Teenage Stimpy / Who’s Stupid Now? Nov-4-1995 Sat 9:00p
049 School Mates / Dinner Party Nov-11-1995 Sat 9:00p
045 Big Flakes / Pen Pals Nov-18-1995 Sat 9:00p
044 Terminal Stimpy / Reverend Jack Dec-9-1995 Sat 9:00p
053 A Scooter for Yaksmas Dec-16-1995 Sat 9:30p
050A Sammy and Me MTV: Oct-19-1996 Sat 11:30p
Nick: Aug-18-2000 Fri 5:15p
050B The Last Temptation MTV: Oct-19-1996 Sat 11:45p
Nick: Unaired
Man’s Best Friend TNN: Jun-23-2003 Mon 11:05p
Nick: Unaired