The Mighty B!

The Mighty B! premiered in April 2008 on Nickelodeon. The animated comedy ran for two seasons and 40 half-hour episodes.

About The Show

Bessie Higgenbottom and her best friend of a dog, Happy Walter, go on endless quests to fulfill her dream of earning every Honeybee Scout badge there is. Sometimes Bessie imagines she’s a superhero named Mighty B, and often has her 7-year-old younger brother, Ben, as her sidekick. Bessie believes anything can be done with the right attitude and a little hard work. [via Gracenote]

The Episode List

The episode list and air dates below are for Nickelodeon and Nicktoons in the United States. The dates, days, and times listed are for their first appearance on the network. The codes are official episode numbers used by the network.

Code Title Date Day Time
Season 1
101 So Happy Together / Sweet Sixteenth Apr-26-2008 Sat 10:30a
102 Bee My Baby / Bee Afraid Apr-27-2008 Sun 10:30a
103 Artificial Unintelligence / We Got the Bee May-3-2008 Sat 10:30a
107 Li’l Orphan Happy / Body Rockers May-10-2008 Sat 10:30a
104 Bat Mitzvah Crashers / Super Secret Weakness May-17-2008 Sat 10:30a
105 An I See Bee / Woodward and Beesting May-31-2008 Sat 10:30a
106 Doppelfinger / Little Womyn Jun-7-2008 Sat 10:30a
108A The Apprentice Jun-23-2008 Mon 5:00p
108B Beenedict Arnold Jun-24-2008 Tue 5:00p
109A Boston Beean Jun-25-2008 Wed 5:00p
109B Penny Hearts Joey Jun-26-2008 Thu 5:00p
110A Ten Little Honeybees Jun-27-2008 Fri 5:00p
112A Bee Patients Sept-8-2008 Mon 5:00p
113A Night Howl Sept-9-2008 Tue 5:00p
113B Hat Trick Sept-10-2008 Wed 5:00p
114A Apoxalypse Now Sept-11-2008 Thu 5:00p
114B Hive Jacked Sept-12-2008 Fri 5:30p
116B Something’s Wrong With This Taffy Oct-25-2008 Sat 10:30a
116A Name Shame Oct-25-2008 Sat 10:45a
110B Toot Toot Nov-29-2008 Sat 9:03p
112B To Bee or Not to Bee Nov-29-2008 Sat 9:18p
117B Thanksgiving Beenactment Nov-29-2008 Sat 9:32p
118A Blindsided Jan-5-2009 Mon 5:00p
118B Hen & Bappy Jan-6-2009 Tue 5:00p
115A Ben Appetit Jan-7-2009 Wed 5:00p
115B Dang It Feels Good to Be a Gamester Jan-8-2009 Thu 5:00p
117A Eye of the Honeybee Jan-9-2009 Fri 5:00p
119A Portrait of a Happy Jun-8-2009 Mon 5:00p
119B O Say Can Bess See Jun-9-2009 Tue 5:00p
120A Macro Mayhem Jun-10-2009 Wed 5:00p
120B Ben Screams for Ice Cream Jun-11-2009 Thu 5:00p
111 Dragonflies Jun-12-2009 Fri 8:00p
Season 2
203A Dirty Happy Sept-21-2009 Mon 5:30p
204A Hairy Situation Sept-22-2009 Tue 5:30p
202B Bee Nice Sept-24-2009 Thu 5:30p
203B Tour D’Alcatraz Sept-24-2009 Thu 5:45p
202A What’s the Frequency Bessie? Sept-25-2009 Fri 5:33p
201 Catatonic Oct-25-2009 Sun 11:30a
205A Bad to the Bee Nov-14-2009 Sat 11:30a
206A Mr. Turtleton’s Wild Ride Nov-14-2009 Sat 11:45a
207 Awww-esome / Dogcatcher in the Rye Jan-2-2010 Sat 11:30a
205B Hive of Darkness Jan-16-2010 Sat 11:30a
204B B Plus One Jan-16-2010 Sat 11:45a
Premiered on Nicktoons
208B Sleepless in San Francisco Nov-6-2010 Sat 11:00a
208A Rinx! Nov-6-2010 Sat 11:15a
209B Finger Pickin’ Bad Nov-13-2010 Sat 11:00a
209A Higgenbottom’s 7 Nov-13-2010 Sat 11:15a
213B B Chip Nov-20-2010 Sat 11:00a
213A It’s B’s Party Nov-20-2010 Sat 11:15a
214 Old Bee and the Sea / One Million Years Bee.C. Nov-29-2010 Mon 8:01p
215 The Bone Identity / Grumpy Old Bees Nov-30-2010 Tue 8:00p
217 Children of the Unicorn / My Way or the Bee Way Dec-1-2010 Wed 8:00p
999 (210/211) O Brother, What Art Thou? / Stuffed Happens Dec-2-2010 Thu 8:00p
212 Gorillas in the Midst May-15-2011 Sun 12:00p
216 Space Evaders / YiPs May-22-2011 Sun 12:00p
218 Public Enembee / Bang the Drum Timely May-29-2011 Sun 12:00p
219 The League of Ordinary Gentlemen / Irritable Bowling Syndrome Jun-5-2011 Sun 12:00p
220 Bess-E / C’mon Get Happy! Jun-12-2011 Sun 12:00p
206B A Pirate’s Life for B Jun-18-2011 Sat 10:00p