The Loud House

The Loud House premiered in May 2016 on Nickelodeon. The animated comedy is currently in its seventh season, with over 171 half-hour episodes aired so far.

The success of the series has led to two spin-offs: The Casagrandes, and the live-action series The Really Loud House (which also features two live-action movies).

About The Show

Ever wonder what it’s like to grow up in a big family? Eleven-year-old Lincoln Loud gives viewers an inside look at how to survive the chaos of a huge household, especially as the only boy with ten sisters! [via]

The Episode List

The episode list and air dates below are for Nickelodeon in the United States. The dates, days, and times listed are for their first appearance on the network. The codes are official episode numbers used by the network.

Code Title Date
Season 1
101 Left in the Dark / Get the Message May-2-2016
102 Heavy Meddle / Making the Case May-3-2016
112 Along Came a Sister / Chore and Peace May-4-2016
105 Project Loud House / In Tents Debate May-5-2016
104 The Sweet Spot / A Tale of Two Tables May-6-2016
103A Driving Miss Hazy May-9-2016
103B No Guts, No Glori May-10-2016
107A Picture Perfect May-11-2016
107B Undie Pressure May-12-2016
108A Linc or Swim May-13-2016
110A Hand-Me-Downer May-16-2016
110B Sleuth or Consequences May-17-2016
108B Changing the Baby May-18-2016
106A Sound of Silence May-19-2016
106B Space Invader May-20-2016
113A For Bros About to Rock Jun-6-2016
109B Ties That Bind Jun-7-2016
111B The Green House Jun-8-2016
111A Butterfly Effect Jun-9-2016
113B It’s a Loud, Loud, Loud, Loud House Jun-10-2016
117A House Music Jul-18-2016
114B Two Boys and a Baby Jul-19-2016
109A Overnight Success Jul-20-2016
114A Toads and Tiaras Jul-21-2016
117B A Novel Idea Jul-22-2016
115A Cover Girls Aug-1-2016
116B Out on a Limo Aug-2-2016
116A Attention Deficit Aug-3-2016
115B Save the Date Aug-4-2016
119B Come Sale Away Sept-12-2016
119A Lincoln Loud: Girl Guru Sept-13-2016
120A Roughin’ It Sept-14-2016
120B The Waiting Game Sept-15-2016
121A The Loudest Yard Sept-16-2016
122A Dance, Dance Resolution Sept-19-2016
122B A Fair to Remember Sept-20-2016
123B A Tattler’s Tale Sept-21-2016
126B Homespun Sept-22-2016
118A April Fools Rules Sept-23-2016
125 The Price of Admission / One Flu Over the Loud House Oct-15-2016
123A One of the Boys Oct-17-2016
118B Cereal Offender Oct-18-2016
121B Raw Deal Oct-19-2016
126A Study Muffin Oct-20-2016
124A Funny Business Nov-7-2016
124B Snow Bored Nov-8-2016
Season 2
202A Intern for the Worse Nov-9-2016
202B The Old and the Restless Nov-10-2016
201 11 Louds a Leapin’ Nov-25-2016
204A Suite and Sour Jan-9-2017
203A Baby Steps Jan-10-2017
203B Brawl in the Family Jan-11-2017
204B Back in Black Jan-12-2017
207B The Whole Picture Feb-21-2017
207A Lock ‘N’ Loud Feb-22-2017
205B Vantastic Voyage Feb-23-2017
205A Making the Grade Feb-24-2017
208A No Such Luck Mar-13-2017
208B Frog Wild Mar-14-2017
206A Patching Things Up Mar-15-2017
206B Cheater by the Dozen Mar-16-2017
209A Kick the Bucket List Apr-10-2017
209B Party Down Apr-11-2017
210A Fed Up Apr-12-2017
210B Shell Shock Apr-13-2017
211A Pulp Friction Apr-14-2017
211B Pets Peeved May-15-2017
214A Out of the Picture May-16-2017
214B Room with a Feud May-17-2017
215B Spell It Out May-18-2017
213 The Loudest Mission: Relative Chaos May-29-2017
215A Back Out There Jun-12-2017
216A Fool’s Paradise Jun-13-2017
212A Potty Mouth Jun-14-2017
212B L is for Love Jun-15-2017
217 ARGGH! You For Real? / Garage Banned Jul-24-2017
216B Job Insecurity Jul-25-2017
218A Change of Heart Jul-26-2017
218B Health Kicked Jul-27-2017
219B Lynner Takes All Jul-28-2017
219A Future Tense Sept-18-2017
220A Yes Man Sept-19-2017
220B Friend or Faux? Sept-20-2017
221A No Laughing Matter Sept-21-2017
224 Tricked! Oct-13-2017
221B No Spoilers Oct-16-2017
223A Read Aloud Oct-17-2017
223B Not a Loud Oct-18-2017
222 Legends / Mall of Duty Nov-11-2017
225 The Crying Dame / Anti-Social Nov-24-2017
226 Snow Way Out / Snow Way Down Dec-1-2017
Season 3
303 Roadie to Nowhere / A Fridge Too Far Jan-19-2018
304 Selfie Improvement / No Place Like Homeschool Jan-26-2018
302 White Hare / Insta-Gran Feb-2-2018
305 City Slickers / Fool Me Twice Feb-9-2018
306A Net Gains Mar-9-2018
306B Pipe Dreams Mar-16-2018
307A Fandom Pains Mar-30-2018
307B Rita Her Rights Apr-6-2018
308A Teachers’ Union Apr-13-2018
308B Head Poet’s Anxiety Jun-4-2018
309A The Mad Scientist Jun-5-2018
310A Deal Me Out Jun-6-2018
310B Friendzy Jun-7-2018
301 Tripped! Jun-25-2018
311 Pasture Bedtime / Shop Girl Jun-26-2018
313B What Wood Lincoln Do? Jun-27-2018
313A Ruthless People Jun-28-2018
314B/A Crimes of Fashion / Scales of Justice Jul-20-2018
312B Breaking Dad Jul-30-2018
315A Absent Minded Jul-31-2018
312A Gowns and Out Aug-1-2018
315B Be Stella My Heart Aug-2-2018
318 House of Lies / Game Boys Sept-17-2018
316A Sitting Bull Sept-18-2018
316B The Spies Who Loved Me Sept-19-2018
309B Missed Connection Sept-20-2018
319A Everybody Loves Leni Oct-9-2018
319B Middle Men Oct-10-2018
320A Jeers for Fears Oct-11-2018
320B Tea Tale Heart Oct-12-2018
321 The Loudest Thanksgiving Nov-12-2018
317 Really Loud Music Nov-23-2018
322A Predict Ability Feb-4-2019
322B Driving Ambition Feb-5-2019
323A Home of the Fave Feb-6-2019
323B Hero Today, Gone Tomorrow Feb-7-2019
326 Cooked! Feb-18-2019
324A The Write Stuff Mar-4-2019
324B Racing Hearts Mar-5-2019
325A Stage Plight Mar-6-2019
325B Antiqued Off Mar-7-2019
Season 4
401 Friended! with the Casagrandes May-27-2019
402A Power Play with the Casagrandes Jun-10-2019
402B Room for Improvement with the Casagrandes Jun-11-2019
403A Roll Model with the Casagrandes Jun-12-2019
403B No Show with the Casagrandes Jun-13-2019
404A Face the Music with the Casagrandes Jun-17-2019
404B Pranks for the Memories with the Casagrandes Jun-18-2019
405A Store Wars with the Casagrandes Jun-19-2019
405B Lucha Fever with the Casagrandes Jun-20-2019
406A Washed Up Jul-15-2019
406B Recipe for Disaster Jul-16-2019
407A Present Tense Jul-17-2019
407B Any Given Sundae Jul-18-2019
410 A Grave Mistake / Leader of the Rack Sept-2-2019
413 Kings of the Con Oct-14-2019
411 Tails of Woe / Last Loud on Earth Oct-19-2019
408 Can’t Hardly Wait / A Mutt Above Oct-26-2019
409 Love Birds / Rocket Men Nov-2-2019
412 Stall Monitor / A Pimple Plan Nov-9-2019
414 Good Sports / Geriantics Nov-16-2019
415 Exchange of Heart / Community Disservice Jan-25-2020
416 Deep Cuts / Game Off Feb-1-2020
418 Singled Out / Brave the Last Dance Feb-15-2020
417A Write and Wrong Apr-27-2020
417B Purrfect Gig Apr-29-2020
419A Sister Act May-11-2020
419B House Flip May-12-2020
420A Don’t You Fore-get About Me May-13-2020
420B Tough Cookies May-14-2020
424A A Dark and Story Night May-16-2020
423B Feast or Family May-16-2020
421A On Thin Ice Jun-8-2020
421B Room and Hoard Jun-9-2020
422A A Star is Scorned Jun-10-2020
422B Senior Moment Jun-11-2020
424B Sand Hassles Jun-15-2020
423A Wheel and Deal Jun-17-2020
425A How Double Dare You! Jul-20-2020
425B Snoop’s On Jul-21-2020
426A Friends in Dry Places Jul-22-2020
426B Coupe Dreams Jul-23-2020
Season 5
998 (501/502) Schooled! Sept-11-2020
503 The Boss Maybe / Family Bonding Sept-18-2020
504 Strife of the Party / Kernel of Truth Sept-25-2020
505 Ghosted! Oct-9-2020
506 Blinded By Science / Band Together Oct-16-2020
508 Season’s Cheatings / A Flipmas Carol Dec-5-2020
507 Cow Pie Kid / Saved by the Spell Jan-22-2021
509 No Bus No Fuss / Resident Upheaval Jan-29-2021
511 School of Shock / Electshunned Feb-5-2021
512 Zach Attack / Flying Solo Feb-8-2021
510 Silence of the Luans / Undercover Mom Mar-26-2021
513 Hurl, Interrupted / Diamonds are for Never May-7-2021
514 Rumor Has It / Training Day May-14-2021
515 Director’s Rut / Friday Night Fights May-21-2021
516 Grub Snub / She’s All Bat May-28-2021
518 Camped! May-31-2021
519A Dad Reputation Jul-16-2021
521B In the Mick of Time Jul-16-2021
517 Much Ado About Noshing / Broadcast Blues Aug-27-2021
521A Lori Days Aug-27-2021
519B Dream a Lily Dream Aug-27-2021
524A Fright Bite Oct-15-2021
520B Animal House Oct-29-2021
522 Fam Scam / Farm to Unstable Nov-5-2021
523 Diss The Cook / For Sale by Loner Nov-12-2021
524B The Loudly Bones Nov-26-2021
520A How the Best Was Won Dec-11-2021
526 Appetite for Destruction / Frame on You Jan-16-2022
525 Runaway McBride / High Crimes Mar-4-2022
Season 6
602 Don’t Escar-go / Double Trouble Mar-11-2022
603 Flip This Flip / Haunted House Call Mar-18-2022
605B/A Musical Chairs / The Taunting Hour Mar-25-2022
606 A Bug’s Strife / All the Rage Apr-1-2022
607 Scoop Snoop / Eye Can’t Apr-8-2022
608 Dine and Bash / Sofa, So Good Apr-15-2022
601 Present Danger / Stressed for the Part May-30-2022
612 Time Trap! Jun-3-2022
610 Bummer Camp / Sleepstakes Jun-10-2022
609 The Last Laugh / Driver’s Dread Jun-17-2022
611 Cat-astrophe / Prize Fighter Jun-24-2022
604 Save Royal Woods! Jul-1-2022
613B Puns and Buns Jul-8-2022
614B Food Courting Jul-8-2022
614A Lights, Camera, Nuclear Reaction Jul-15-2022
615A Save the Last Pants Jul-15-2022
616A Hiccups and Downs Jul-29-2022
616B The Loathe Boat Aug-5-2022
613A Crashed Course Sept-5-2022
615B A Stella Performance Sept-5-2022
617 Cheer Pressure / Stroke of Luck Sept-9-2022
618 Space Jammed / Crown and Dirty Sept-16-2022
619 The Orchid Grief / Forks and Knives Out Sept-23-2022
620 The Loud Cloud / You Auto Know Better Sept-30-2022
621 Great Lakes Freakout! Oct-21-2022
623 Snow Escape / Snow News Day Dec-20-2022
622 Pop Pop the Question / Lynn and Order Dec-25-2022
624A Day of the Dad May-8-2023
624B Small Blunder May-9-2023
625A Fashion No Show May-10-2023
625B Doom Service May-11-2023
626A The Hurt Lockers May-15-2023
626B Love Stinks May-16-2023
Season 7
701A Waking History May-17-2023
701B Pranks Fore Nothing May-18-2023
702A Child’s Play May-22-2023
702B Force of Habits May-23-2023
703A Candy Crushed May-24-2023
703B Master of Delusion May-25-2023
705 Road Trip: Bizarritorium Jul-14-2023
706 Road Trip: Bringing Down the House / Road Trip: Mountain Hard Pass Jul-14-2023
707 Road Trip: From Brad to Worse / Road Trip: Doll Day Afternoon Jul-14-2023
708 Road Trip: Screen Queen / Road Trip: Hide and Sneak Jul-14-2023
709 Out of Step / Too Cool for School Sept-5-2023
710 Music to My Fears / Fluff and Foiled Sept-6-2023
704B Tough Guise Sept-7-2023
711A Leave No Van Behind Sept-11-2023
711B Sponsor Tripped Sept-12-2023
712A Party Fowl Sept-13-2023
712B Sleepless in Royal Woods Sept-14-2023
704A Bye Bye Birthday Nicktoons: Sept-18-2023
Nickelodeon: Sept-28-2023
717 ‘Twas the Fight Before Christmas Dec-1-2023
Note: This is a current TV series that is still airing new episodes. As such, this episode list will not always be kept up-to-date when each new episode airs.
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791 The Loud House Thanksgiving Special Nov-22-2022
899 The Loud House Spooktacular Oct-23-2016
898 Mission Loud Nov-17-2017
897 The Adventures of Lincoln and Clyde Nov-24-2017
896 Loud Family Gets Loud Dec-1-2017
895 Christmas at the Louds’ Dec-24-2017
894 Lovin’ the Louds Jan-19-2018
893 Rockin’ Out Loud Jan-26-2018
892 The Loud Crew Feb-16-2018
891 Laughing Out Loud Jan-14-2018
890 Messy and Loud Mar-26-2018
799 The Loudest Kids in School Sept-3-2018
798 A Loud Vacation Nov-22-2018
797 The Loud House Sports Edition Oct-13-2021
793 Let’s Get Loud! Mar-3-2022
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789 Loudest Summer Vacation Jul-14-2023
TV Movie on Netflix
The Loud House Movie Aug-20-2021