The Fairly OddParents: Fairly Odder

The Fairly OddParents: Fairly Odder premiered in March 2022 on Paramount+. The mixed live-action and animated series, a spin-off from The Fairly OddParents, aired for a single season of 13 half-hour episodes.

About The Show

Ty Turner uproots his life to reunite with his high school sweetheart, Rachel Raskin, in the colorful town of Dimmsdale! This thrusts his even-keeled 13-year-old daughter Vivian into a whole new world, and she’s not sold on the vibe. Her new stepbrother Roy is the pride of Dimmsdale, a sports superstar with a heart of gold. Lucky for Viv, her cousin Timmy Turner gifts her Cosmo and Wanda, the Fairy Godparents she shares with Roy, to help her along the way! [via Nickelodeon]

The series stars Audrey Grace Marshall, Tyler Wladis, Ryan-James Hatanaka, Laura Bell Bundy, Imogen Cohen, Susanne Blakeslee, and Daran Norris.

The Episode List

The episode list and air dates below are for Paramount+ and Nickelodeon in the United States. The dates, days, and times listed are for their first appearance on the network. The codes are official episode numbers used by the network.

Code Title Paramount+ Nickelodeon
Season 1
101 Cake, Dance, & Solid Gold Pants Mar-31-2022 Apr-21-2022
103 The Forbidden Phrase Mar-31-2022 Nov-3-2022
105 King Roydas Mar-31-2022 Nov-17-2022
104 Vicky’s Best Friend Mar-31-2022 Nov-10-2022
106 Cheater Cheater Cookie Eater Mar-31-2022 Nov-24-2022
102 The Most Popular Person Mar-31-2022 Oct-10-2022
108 The Show Off Mar-31-2022 Dec-8-2022
109 Back to the Scooter Mar-31-2022 Jan-5-2023
110 Codzillard Mar-31-2022 Jan-12-2023
111 Roynocchio Mar-31-2022 Jan-19-2023
107 Da Wish App Mar-31-2022 Dec-1-2022
112 Fairies Away! Part 1 Mar-31-2022 Jan-26-2023
113 Fairies Away! Part 2 Mar-31-2022 Feb-2-2023