The Brothers Garcia

The Brothers Garcia premiered in July 2000 on Nickelodeon. The live-action, single camera sitcom ran for four seasons and 48 half-hour episodes.

In 2022, a spin-off/continuation series The Garcias was released on HBO Max. While it continued the story with the same actors and characters, Nickelodeon wasn’t involved with the production.

About The Show

Larry, George, Carlos, Larry’s twin sister Lorena and their parents are a close-knit Hispanic-American family who live in San Antonio, Texas. Told from the point of view of the youngest Garcia brother, Larry (with voice over narration by actor John Leguizamo), “The Brothers Garcia” is a quirky comedy about life in the sometimes wacky, but always welcoming world of the Garcias. [via]

The series stars Alvin Alvarez, Vaneza Leza Pitynski, Bobby Gonzalez, Jeffrey Licon, Carlos Lacamara, and Ada Maris. John Leguizamo narrates.

The Episode List

The episode list and air dates below are for Nickelodeon in the United States. The dates, days, and times listed are for their first appearance on the network. The codes are official episode numbers used by the network.

Code Title Date Day Time
Season 1
100 Best Laid Plans (Pilot) Jul-23-2000 Sun 8:30p
101 Love Me Tender Jul-30-2000 Sun 8:30p
102 The Right Stuff Aug-6-2000 Sun 8:30p
103 No Hablo Espanol Aug-13-2000 Sun 8:30p
104 Bad Hair Day Aug-20-2000 Sun 8:30p
105 A Hunting We Will Go Aug-27-2000 Sun 8:30p
106 A Day In The Life Sept-3-2000 Sun 8:30p
Season 2
204 Love Is Very Confusing Apr-21-2001 Sat 9:30p
205 Band On The Run Apr-28-2001 Sat 9:00p
206 Lotto Bucks May-5-2001 Sat 9:00p
201 Big Winner May-12-2001 Sat 9:00p
203 Meal Ticket May-19-2001 Sat 9:00p
209 You Go Girl Jun-2-2001 Sat 9:00p
202 But Football Is A Religon Jun-9-2001 Sat 9:00p
207 Over Extended Family Jun-16-2001 Sat 9:00p
208 Cold Turkey Jun-23-2001 Sat 9:00p
210 Larry’s Curse Jun-30-2001 Sat 9:00p
211 The Student Buddy Jul-7-2001 Sat 9:30p
212 The Sub Jul-14-2001 Sat 9:30p
213 The Crib Jul-21-2001 Sat 9:30p
Season 3
303 School Daze Mar-3-2002 Sun 8:00p
305 Tamale Follies Mar-10-2002 Sun 8:00p
306 Brothers Keeper Mar-17-2002 Sun 8:00p
308 West Side Stories Mar-24-2002 Sun 8:00p
301 Maybe Baby Mar-31-2002 Sun 8:00p
307 Don’t Quit Your Day Job Apr-7-2002 Sun 8:00p
302 Space Race Apr-14-2002 Sun 8:00p
304 Hot Today, Chili Tomorrow Apr-21-2002 Sun 8:00p
310 Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner? Apr-28-2002 Sun 8:00p
311 When The Cat’s Away May-5-2002 Sun 8:00p
309 Don’t Judge A Book By Its Cover May-19-2002 Sun 8:00p
999 (312-315) Mysteries of the Maya Jun-21-2003 Sat 8:00p
Season 4
401 New Man On Campus Jun-29-2003 Sun 8:00p
402 New Tunes Jul-6-2003 Sun 8:00p
403 Novelathon Jul-13-2003 Sun 8:00p
404 Right Place Right Time Jul-20-2003 Sun 8:00p
405 Big Break Jul-27-2003 Sun 8:00p
406 The Sisters Garcia (1) Sept-7-2003 Sun 8:00p
407 The Sisters Garcia (2) Sept-14-2003 Sun 8:00p
408 Models Inc. (3) Sept-21-2003 Sun 8:00p
409 It Was Fun While It Lasted Oct-5-2003 Sun 8:00p
410 Two Left Feet Oct-12-2003 Sun 8:00p
411 Drive Me Crazy Oct-19-2003 Sun 8:00p
412 Moving On Up Nov-2-2003 Sun 8:00p
413 The Spin Zone Nov-16-2003 Sun 8:00p