The Backyardigans

The Backyardigans premiered in October 2004 on Nickelodeon. The animated preschool series aired for four seasons and 80 half-hour episodes.

About The Show

The Backyardigans are a group of five young friends who get together daily to play in the backyard they share. Each day, their imaginations transform that backyard into a different fantastic, photo-realistic landscape, and they go off on a high-stakes quest full of song, dance, and adventure. [via Nickelodeon]

The Episode List

The episode list and air dates below are for Nickelodeon and the Nick Jr. channel in the United States. The dates, days, and times listed are for their first appearance on the network. The codes are official episode numbers used by the network.

Code Title Date Day Time
Premiered on Nickelodeon
109 Knights Are Brave And Strong Oct-11-2004 Mon 11:00a
103 The Yeti Oct-11-2004 Mon 11:30a
101 Pirate Treasure Oct-12-2004 Tue 11:00a
102 The Heart Of The Jungle Oct-13-2004 Wed 11:00a
105 Secret Mission Oct-14-2004 Thu 11:00a
107 Riding The Range Oct-15-2004 Fri 11:00a
108 The Key To The Nile Oct-18-2004 Mon 11:00a
104 The Snow Fort Oct-19-2004 Tue 11:00a
106 It’s Great To Be A Ghost! Oct-25-2004 Mon 11:00a
110 Viking Voyage Nov-1-2004 Mon 11:00a
113 The Quest For The Flying Rock Feb-21-2005 Mon 11:30a
115 Surf’s Up Apr-25-2005 Mon 11:00a
112 Race To The Tower Of Power Jul-18-2005 Mon 10:00a
111 Castaways Sept-19-2005 Mon 10:00a
116 Eureka! Sept-20-2005 Tue 10:00a
114 Polka Palace Party Sept-21-2005 Wed 10:00a
119 Cave Party Sept-22-2005 Thu 10:00a
118 Monster Detectives Oct-31-2005 Mon 10:00a
117 Race Around The World Mar-10-2006 Fri 10:30a
120 The Tea Party Jun-19-2006 Mon 11:30a
201 Mission To Mars Oct-9-2006 Mon 10:30a
202 Samurai Pie Oct-16-2006 Mon 10:30a
204 Whodunit Oct-17-2006 Tue 10:30a
205 The Legend Of The Volcano Sisters Oct-18-2006 Wed 10:30a
207 The Swamp Creature Oct-19-2006 Thu 10:30a
203 Scared Of You Oct-23-2006 Mon 12:00p
206 The Secret Of Snow Dec-15-2006 Fri 12:00p
209 Special Delivery Feb-14-2007 Wed 10:30a
208 Horsing Around Mar-19-2007 Mon 10:30a
211 Movers Of Arabia Mar-20-2007 Tue 10:30a
212 Cops And Robots Mar-21-2007 Wed 10:30a
215 Save The Day Mar-22-2007 Thu 10:30a
216 Into The Deep Jun-27-2007 Wed 9:00a
999 (210/220) International Super Spy Sept-17-2007 Mon 7:00p
214 Best Clowns In Town Sept-21-2007 Fri 12:30p
998 (309/310) Tale of the Mighty Knights Jan-14-2008 Mon 7:00p
218 Catch That Butterfly Jan-16-2008 Wed 9:00a
219 A Giant Problem Jan-17-2008 Thu 9:00a
217 News Flash Jan-18-2008 Fri 9:00a
304 Fly Girl Feb-1-2008 Fri 1:00p
213 Sinbad Sails Alone Feb-22-2008 Fri 9:00a
307 To The Center Of The Earth Mar-7-2008 Fri 9:00a
301 Who Goes There? Apr-4-2008 Fri 9:00a
302 Blazing Paddles Apr-11-2008 Fri 9:00a
311 Le Master of Disguise Apr-18-2008 Fri 9:00a
305 What’s Bugging You? May-12-2008 Mon 9:00a
306 Chicken-Itza Pizza Jun-6-2008 Fri 9:00a
318 Pirate Camp Jun-9-2008 Mon 9:00a
308 Front Page News Jun-27-2008 Fri 9:00a
313 The Great Dolphin Race Jul-11-2008 Fri 8:30a
312 Match on Mt. Olympus Aug-4-2008 Mon 9:00a
315 Ranch Hands from Outer Space Jan-12-2009 Mon 9:00a
314 Caveman’s Best Friend Jan-13-2009 Tue 9:00a
319 The Two Musketeers Jan-14-2009 Wed 9:00a
303 Garbage Trek Jan-15-2009 Thu 9:00a
316 Robin Hood the Clean Feb-27-2009 Fri 9:00a
317 Escape from Fairytale Village Jun-5-2009 Fri 10:00a
407 The Funnyman Boogeyman Oct-26-2009 Mon 1:30p
410 The Action Elves Save Christmas Eve Dec-7-2009 Mon 12:00p
414 Elephant on the Run Apr-22-2010 Thu 10:30a
997 (401/402) Robot Rampage May-21-2010 Fri 10:00a
419 The Amazing Splashinis May-28-2010 Fri 10:30a
320 The Masked Retriever Sept-16-2010 Thu 9:00a
409 Break Out! Nov-5-2010 Fri 1:30p
418 The Big Dipper Diner Feb-25-2011 Fri 1:30p
Premiered on the Nick Jr. channel:
403 Catch that Train! Oct-1-2009 late-Thu 3:00a
406 Flower Power Nov-26-2009 late-Thu 3:00a
412 For the Love of Socks! Nov-27-2011 Sun 8:00p
404 Attack of the 50 Foot Worman Nov-27-2011 Sun 8:30p
405 Dragon Express Jan-15-2012 Sun 7:00p
413 The Flipper! Nov-11-2012 Sun 8:00p
420 The Tale of the Not-So-Nice Dragon Dec-16-2012 Sun 8:00p
408 Follow the Feather Jul-8-2013 Mon 6:00p
411 Los Galacticos Jul-9-2013 Tue 6:00p
415 The Magic Skateboard Jul-10-2013 Wed 6:00p
417 Super Team Awesome! Jul-11-2013 Thu 6:00p
416 Pablor and the Acorns Jul-12-2013 Fri 6:00p