The Angry Beavers

The Angry Beavers premiered in April 1997 on Nickelodeon. The animated comedy aired for four seasons and 62 half-hour episodes.

After 2000, Nick’s treatment toward the series changed, with eight episodes being dumped out in January 2001, then leaving six episodes unaired. Nick would finally air one episode in November 2003 as part of a special “U-Pick Live” event. The remaining five unaired episodes would finally be shown in the summer of 2006 on Nicktoons Network.

About The Show

Meet Daggett and Norbert, two fun-loving brothers who just happen to be aquatic rodents. When their mom has a second litter, it’s time for Dag and Norb to strike out on their own. Now they’ve got a swingin’ bachelor beaver pad and they can stay up as late as they want. But while living on your own can be a blast, it’s not always a piece of cake. And when normally good-natured Dag and Norb show their ugly side, they sure are some Angry Beavers. [via Nickelodeon]

The Episode List

The episode list and air dates below are for Nickelodeon and Nicktoons Network in the United States. The dates, days, and times listed are for their first appearance on the network. The codes are official episode numbers used by the network.

Code Title Date Day Time
Premiered on Nickelodeon
001 Born to Be Beavers / Up All Night Apr-19-1997 Sat 9:30p
002 A Dam Too Far / Long in the Teeth Apr-27-1997 Sun 10:30a
003 Gift Hoarse / Go Beavers! May-4-1997 Sun 10:30a
004 Box Top Beavers / Salmon Sez May-11-1997 Sun 10:30a
005 Beach Beavers a Go-Go / Deranged Ranger Jun-1-1997 Sun 10:30a
006 Muscular Beaver / Fish and Dips Jun-8-1997 Sun 10:30a
007 Enter the Daggett / Bug-A-Boo Jun-22-1997 Sun 10:30a
008 Mission to the Big, Hot, Thingy / I Dare You Jun-29-1997 Sun 10:30a
009 Stinky Toe / House Broken Jul-13-1997 Sun 10:30a
010 Tree’s Company / Guess Who’s Stumping to Dinner? Jul-20-1997 Sun 10:30a
011 Fancy Prance / H2Whoa! Aug-3-1997 Sun 10:30a
012 The Bing That Wouldn’t Leave / You Promised! Aug-10-1997 Sun 10:30a
013 Bummer of Love / Food of the Clods Sept-28-1997 Sun 10:30a
015 Beaver Fever / Same Time Last Week Mar-1-1998 Sun 10:30a
014 Kandid Kreatures / Fakin’ It! Mar-8-1998 Sun 10:30a
016 Muscular Beaver 2 / Stump Looks for His Roots Mar-15-1998 Sun 10:30a
017 Tree of Hearts / Dag for Night Mar-22-1998 Sun 10:30a
018 Un-Barry-ble / Another One Bites the Musk Apr-5-1998 Sun 10:30a
019 The Mighty Knot-Head / Pond Scum Apr-26-1998 Sun 10:30a
020 Utter Nonsense / Endangered Species Jul-19-1998 Sun 10:30a
021 Lumberjacks’ Delight / Zooing Time Aug-16-1998 Sun 10:30a
022 Friends, Romans, Beavers! / Big Round Sticky Fish Thingy Sept-27-1998 Sun 10:30a
026 The Day the World Got Really Screwed Up! Oct-26-1998 Mon 8:00p
023 If You In-Sisters / Alley Oops Nov-7-1998 Sat 8:00p
024 Open Wide for Zombies / Dumbwaiters Nov-14-1998 Sat 8:00p
025 Sans-A-Pelt / Gonna Getcha Nov-21-1998 Sat 8:00p
027 My Bunnyguard / What’s Eating You? Mar-14-1999 Sun 11:00a
028 Omega Beaver / Bite This! Mar-21-1999 Sun 11:00a
029 Spooky Spoots / Up All Night II: Up All Day – The Reckoning Mar-28-1999 Sun 11:00a
030 Muscular Beaver 3 / Sang’em High Apr-4-1999 Sun 11:00a
031 In Search of Big Byoo-Tox / Moronathon Man Apr-18-1999 Sun 11:00a
032 The Legend of Kid Friendly / Silent But Deadly May-2-1999 Sun 11:00a
034 Tough Love / A Little Dad’ll Do You Jun-20-1999 Sun 11:00a
033 Pass It On! / Stump’s Family Reunion Aug-14-1999 Sat 11:30a
037 Muscular Beaver 4 / Act Your Age Aug-14-1999 Sat 12:00p
035 Too Loose Latrine / Pack Your Dags Aug-21-1999 Sat 11:30a
036 Daggy Dearest / Dag’s List Aug-28-1999 Sat 11:30a
038 Mistaken Identity / Easy Peasy Rider Sept-11-1999 Sat 11:30a
039 Stare and Stare Alike! / I Am Not An Aminal I’m Scientist #1 Sept-25-1999 Sat 11:30a
040 Norberto y Daggetto en El Grapadura y El Castor Malo / The Loogie Hawk Oct-16-1999 Sat 11:30a
042 Kreature Komforts / Oh, Brother? Oct-23-1999 Sat 11:30a
043 Das Spoot / SqOtters Nov-6-1999 Sat 11:30a
041 Long Tall Daggy / Practical Jerks Dec-4-1999 Sat 11:30a
045 Nice & Lonely / Soccer? I Hardly Knew Him! Dec-11-1999 Sat 11:30a
048 Brothers…to the End? / Euro Beavers Dec-31-1999 Fri 10:30p
046 Slap Happy / Home Loners Mar-4-2000 Sat 12:00p
047 Ugly Roomers / Finger Lickin’ Goofs Mar-11-2000 Sat 12:00p
049 Strange Allure / Partying Is Such Sweet Sorrow Mar-18-2000 Sat 12:00p
063 Specs Appeal / Things That Go Hook in the Night Jan-6-2001 Sat 12:00p
058 House Sisters / Muscular Beaver 5 Jan-6-2001 Sat 12:30p
056 Moby Dopes / Present Tense Jan-13-2001 Sat 12:00p
050 Chocolate Up to Experience / Three Dag Night! Jan-13-2001 Sat 12:30p
057 It’s a Spootiful Life / The Mom From U.N.C.L.E. Jan-20-2001 Sat 12:00p
053 Fat Chance! / Dag in the Mirror Jan-20-2001 Sat 12:30p
062 Damnesia / The Posei-dam Adventure Jan-27-2001 Sat 12:00p
054 Canucks Amuck / Yak in the Sack Jan-27-2001 Sat 12:30p
055 Driving Misses Daggett / Big Fun Nov-11-2003 Tue 4:00p
Premiered on Nicktoons Network
044 Dagski and Norb / Shell or High Water Jun-11-2006 Sun 11:30p
051 All in the Colony / Line Duncing Jun-25-2006 Sun 11:30p
052 Beavemaster / Deck Poops Jul-23-2006 Sun 11:30p
059 Vantastic Voyage / Blacktop Beavers Aug-6-2006 Sun 11:30p
061 The Big Frog / Dag Con Carny Aug-27-2006 Sun 11:30p
Presumably never finished production
060 No title (Canadian channel YTV listed it the same as #058)
064 Sister Pilot
065 Rock Opera