Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2012)

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles premiered in September 2012 on Nickelodeon. The CG-animated action/comedy, the first production under Nickelodeon’s ownership of the franchise, aired for five seasons and 124 half-hour episodes.

About The Show

Leonardo, Raphael, Michelangelo, and Donatello are four mutant turtles who have been trained in the art of ninjutsu by their mutant rat sensei, Master Splinter. Emerging from their hidden lair in the sewers, these reptile brothers, guided by their spirited friend April O’Neil, confront the wondrous and hostile world of New York City, facing villains more dangerous and pizza more delicious than anything they could have imagined. Through battles with their arch enemies Shredder (Splinter’s greatest ninja rival) and the Kraang (an evil race of alien invaders), as well as a rogue’s gallery of super-powerful mutants, the Turtles learn to rely on themselves and each other as they unravel the mystery of their existence and grow to become the heroes they are destined to be. [via Nickelodeon]

The Episode List

The episode list and air dates below are for Nickelodeon and Nicktoons in the United States. The dates, days, and times listed are for their first appearance on the network. The codes are official episode numbers used by the network.

Code Title Date Day Time
Premiered on Nickelodeon
101 Rise of the Turtles, Part 1 Sept-28-2012 Fri 8:00p
102 Rise of the Turtles, Part 2 Sept-29-2012 Sat 11:30a
103 Turtle Temper Oct-6-2012 Sat 11:00a
104 New Friend, Old Enemy Oct-13-2012 Sat 11:00a
105 I Think His Name is Baxter Stockman Oct-20-2012 Sat 11:00a
106 Metalhead Oct-27-2012 Sat 11:00a
107 Monkey Brains Nov-3-2012 Sat 11:00a
108 Never Say Xever Nov-10-2012 Sat 11:00a
109 The Gauntlet Nov-17-2012 Sat 11:00a
110 Panic in the Sewers Nov-24-2012 Sat 11:00a
111 Mousers Attack! Dec-8-2012 Sat 11:00a
112 It Came From the Depths Dec-15-2012 Sat 11:00a
114 I, Monster Jan-25-2013 Fri 7:00p
113 New Girl In Town Feb-1-2013 Fri 7:00p
115 The Alien Agenda Feb-8-2013 Fri 7:00p
116 The Pulverizer Feb-15-2013 Fri 7:00p
117 TCRI Mar-1-2013 Fri 7:00p
118 Cockroach Terminator Mar-15-2013 Fri 7:00p
119 Baxter’s Gambit Apr-5-2013 Fri 7:00p
120 Enemy of My Enemy Apr-12-2013 Fri 7:00p
121 Karai’s Vendetta Apr-27-2013 Sat 11:00a
122 The Pulverizer Returns! May-11-2013 Sat 11:00a
123 Parasitica Jul-20-2013 Sat 11:00a
124 Operation: Break Out Jul-27-2013 Sat 11:00a
998 (125/125) Showdown Aug-8-2013 Thu 8:00p
201 The Mutation Situation Oct-12-2013 Sat 11:00a
203 Invasion of the Squirrelanoids Oct-19-2013 Sat 11:00a
202 Follow the Leader Nov-2-2013 Sat 11:00a
204 Mutagen Man Unleashed Nov-9-2013 Sat 11:00a
205 Mikey Gets Shellacne Nov-16-2013 Sat 11:00a
206 Target: April O’Neil Nov-23-2013 Sat 11:00a
207 Slash and Destroy Nov-30-2013 Sat 11:00a
209 The Good, The Bad, and Casey Jones Feb-2-2014 Sun 11:00a
208 The Kraang Conspiracy Feb-9-2014 Sun 11:00a
210 Fungus Humungous Feb-16-2014 Sun 11:00a
211 Metalhead Rewired Feb-23-2014 Sun 11:00a
212 Of Rats and Men Mar-2-2014 Sun 11:00a
997 (213/214) The Manhattan Project
(promoted as “Wormquake!”)
Mar-14-2014 Fri 7:00p
215 Mazes & Mutants Apr-27-2014 Sun 11:00a
216 The Lonely Mutation of Baxter Stockman May-4-2014 Sun 11:00a
217 Newtralized! May-11-2014 Sun 11:00a
219 Pizza Face May-18-2014 Sun 11:00a
218 The Wrath of Tiger Claw Jun-8-2014 Sun 11:00a
220 The Legend of the Kuro Kabuto Jun-15-2014 Sun 11:00a
221 Plan 10 Jun-22-2014 Sun 11:00a
222 Vengeance is Mine Jun-29-2014 Sun 11:00a
223 A Chinatown Ghost Story Sept-12-2014 Fri 8:00p
224 Into Dimension X! Sept-19-2014 Fri 8:00p
996 (225/226) The Invasion Sept-26-2014 Fri 8:00p
301 Within the Woods Oct-3-2014 Fri 8:00p
302 A Foot Too Big Oct-10-2014 Fri 8:00p
303 Buried Secrets Oct-17-2014 Fri 8:00p
304 The Croaking Nov-7-2014 Fri 8:00p
305 In Dreams Nov-14-2014 Fri 8:00p
306 Race with the Demon! Nov-21-2014 Fri 8:00p
307 Eyes of the Chimera Jan-11-2015 Sun 11:00a
308 Vision Quest Jan-18-2015 Sun 11:00a
309 Return to New York Jan-25-2015 Sun 11:00a
310 Serpent Hunt Feb-1-2015 Sun 11:00a
311 The Pig and the Rhino Mar-8-2015 Sun 11:00a
995 (312/313) Battle for New York Mar-15-2015 Sun 11:00a
314 Casey Jones vs the Underworld Mar-22-2015 Sun 11:00a
315 The Noxious Avenger Apr-26-2015 Sun 11:00a
316 Clash of the Mutanimals May-3-2015 Sun 11:00a
317 Meet Mondo Gecko May-10-2015 Sun 11:00a
318 The Deadly Venom May-17-2015 Sun 11:00a
319 Turtles in Time Aug-2-2015 Sun 11:00a
320 Tale of the Yokai Aug-9-2015 Sun 11:00a
321 Attack of the Mega Shredder! Aug-16-2015 Sun 11:00a
322 The Creeping Doom Aug-23-2015 Sun 11:00a
323 The Fourfold Trap Sept-13-2015 Sun 11:00a
324 Dinosaur Seen in Sewers! Sept-20-2015 Sun 11:00a
994 (325/326) Annihilation: Earth! Sept-27-2015 Sun 11:00a
401 Beyond the Known Universe Oct-25-2015 Sun 11:00a
402 The Moons of Thalos 3 Nov-1-2015 Sun 11:00a
403 The Weird World of Wyrm Nov-8-2015 Sun 11:00a
404 The Outlaw Armaggon Nov-15-2015 Sun 11:00a
405 Riddle of the Ancient Aeons Jan-10-2016 Sun 11:00a
406 Journey to the Center of Mikey’s Mind Jan-17-2016 Sun 11:00a
407 The Arena of Carnage Jan-24-2016 Sun 11:00a
408 The War for Dimension X Jan-31-2016 Sun 11:00a
409 The Cosmic Ocean Mar-13-2016 Sun 11:00a
410 Trans-Dimensional Turtles Mar-27-2016 Sun 11:00a
411 Revenge of the Triceratons Apr-3-2016 Sun 11:00a
412 The Evil of Dregg Apr-10-2016 Sun 11:00a
413 The Ever-Burning Fire Apr-17-2016 Sun 11:00a
414 Earth’s Last Stand Apr-24-2016 Sun 11:00a
415 City at War Aug-14-2016 Sun 11:00a
416 Broken Foot Aug-21-2016 Sun 11:00a
417 The Insecta Trifecta Aug-28-2016 Sun 11:00a
418 Mutant Gangland Sept-4-2016 Sun 11:00a
419 Bat in the Belfry Sept-11-2016 Sun 11:00a
420 The Super Shredder Nov-6-2016 Sun 9:00a
421 Darkest Plight Nov-13-2016 Sun 9:00a
422 The Power Inside Her Nov-20-2016 Sun 9:00a
423 Tokka vs. the World Feb-5-2017 Sun 9:00a
424 Tale of Tiger Claw Feb-12-2017 Sun 9:00a
425 Requiem Feb-19-2017 Sun 9:00a
426 Owari Feb-26-2017 Sun 9:00a
501 Scroll of the Demodragon Mar-19-2017 Sun 9:00a
502 The Forgotten Swordsman Mar-26-2017 Sun 9:00a
503 Heart of Evil Apr-2-2017 Sun 9:00a
504 End Times Apr-9-2017 Sun 9:00a
993 (510/511) When Worlds Collide Jun-18-2017 Sun 9:00a
515 Yojimbo Jul-23-2017 Sun 9:00a
516 Osoroshi no Tabi Jul-30-2017 Sun 9:00a
517 Kagayake! Kintaro Aug-6-2017 Sun 9:00a
505 Lone Rat and Cubs Aug-13-2017 Sun 9:00a
Premiered on Nicktoons
992 (518-520) Raphael: Mutant Apocalypse
(“The Wasteland Warrior”, “The Impossible Desert”, and “Carmageddon!”)
Sept-22-2017 Fri 9:00p
506 The Curse of Savanti Romero Sept-27-2017 Wed 8:00p
507 The Crypt of Dracula Sept-27-2017 Wed 8:30p
508 The Frankenstein Experiment Oct-4-2017 Wed 8:00p
509 Monsters Among Us Oct-11-2017 Wed 8:00p
Premiered on Nickelodeon and Nicktoons:
991 (512-514) Wanted: Bebop and Rocksteady
(“Wanted: Bebop and Rocksteady”, “The Foot Walks Again”, and “The Big Blow-Out!”)
Nov-12-2017 Sun 12:00p