Tak and the Power of Juju

Tak and the Power of Juju premiered in August 2007 on Nickelodeon. The CG-animated comedy, based on the 2003 video game of the same name, ran for a single season of 26 half-hour episodes.

About The Show

Tak, a 14-year-old shaman’s assistant, has the magical power of Juju. He can talk to spirits and must save his jungle-tribe from destruction. His powers only get him so far — he needs his friends to help defend his hometown against the evil Chief of another tribe. [via Gracenote]

The Episode List

The episode list and air dates below are for Nickelodeon in the United States. The dates, days, and times listed are for their first appearance on the network. The codes are official episode numbers used by the network.

Code Title Date Day Time
101 Woodiefest / Loser Aug-31-2007 Fri 8:00p
102 A Shaman’s Shaman / The Gift Sept-8-2007 Sat 10:00a
103 The Three Chiefs / The Party Sept-15-2007 Sat 10:00a
104 The Beast / To Zaria With Love Sept-29-2007 Sat 8:00p
105 Zaria’s in Charge / Bad Luck’s Back Oct-13-2007 Sat 10:00a
107 This Bites / Chief? Oct-27-2007 Sat 10:30a
106 Big Boss Brawl / Our Favorite Juju Nov-24-2007 Sat 8:30p
108 Love Hurts / Frien-e-mies Dec-8-2007 Sat 10:30a
109 The Littlest Gratch / Lok the Offender Jan-12-2008 Sat 10:30a
110 Joy Ride / Step Juju Jan-26-2008 Sat 10:30a
111 Great Juju Impersonator / Boom Bang Boom Feb-9-2008 Sat 10:30a
112 Pugnacious No More / Little Chief Feb-23-2008 Sat 10:30a
114 Tikis of War / Hairy Zaria Mar-22-2008 Sat 10:30a
115 Mofather / Big Love Apr-5-2008 Sat 10:30a
116A Ball of Wax May-19-2008 Mon 3:00p
116B Testing Jibolba May-20-2008 Tue 3:00p
117A Beautiful Girls May-21-2008 Wed 3:00p
117B Bad Medicine May-22-2008 Thu 3:00p
118A Ball Boy May-23-2008 Fri 3:00p
113 Girls Only / Secession Oct-19-2008 Sun 1:00p
121 Nice Calves / Double Tak Oct-19-2008 Sun 1:30p
122 Sheep Dip / Slog the Babysitter Nov-1-2008 Sat 7:30a
123 Feathers / Sans Sheriff Nov-8-2008 Sat 7:30a
124 Giant Chief / Shrink A Dink Nov-15-2008 Sat 7:30a
999 (119/120) Destiny Schmestiny Nov-15-2008 Sat 1:00p
125 Break This / Pack of Apes Nov-22-2008 Sat 7:30a
126 New Pet / Tak’s Monster Nov-29-2008 Sat 7:30a
118B The Lost Boys Jan-24-2009 Sat 6:15a