Star Trek: Prodigy

Star Trek: Prodigy premiered in October 2021 on Paramount+. The CG-animated action/comedy has aired for a single season and will air a second on Netflix in 2024.

About The Show

Star Trek: Prodigy follows the intergalactic adventures of six alien teenagers as they try to escape from their cruel enslaved past and look ahead to the stars for hope and salvation aboard an abandoned Federation starship. [via Paramount+]

The Episode List

The episode list and air dates below are for Paramount+ and Nickelodeon in the United States. The dates, days, and times listed are for their first appearance on the network. The codes are official episode numbers used by the network.

Code Title Paramount+ Nickelodeon
999 (101/102) Lost & Found Oct-28-2021 Jul-8-2022
103 Starstruck Nov-4-2021 Dec-17-2021
104 Dreamcatcher Nov-11-2021 Jul-15-2022
105 Terror Firma Nov-18-2021 Jul-22-2022
106 Kobayashi Jan-6-2022 Jul-22-2022
107 First Con-tact Jan-13-2022 Jul-29-2022
108 Time Amok Jan-20-2022 Jul-29-2022
109 A Moral Star, Part 1 Jan-27-2022 Aug-5-2022
110 A Moral Star, Part 2 Feb-3-2022 Aug-5-2022
111 Asylum Oct-27-2022 Unaired
112 Let Sleeping Borg Lie Nov-3-2022 Unaired
113 All the World’s a Stage Nov-10-2022 Unaired
114 Crossroads Nov-17-2022 Unaired
115 Masquerade Nov-24-2022 Unaired
116 Preludes Dec-1-2022 Unaired
117 Ghost in the Machine Dec-8-2022 Unaired
118 Mindwalk Dec-15-2022 Unaired
119 Supernova, Part 1 Dec-22-2022 Unaired
120 Supernova, Part 2 Dec-29-2022 Unaired