Romeo! premiered in September 2003 on Nickelodeon. The live-action, single camera music-driven comedy aired for three seasons and 53 half-hour episodes.

About The Show

An 11-year-old rapper fronts his family’s band, as father-son performers Master P and Lil’ Romeo star in a 21st-century kids version of `The Partridge Family’ with a hip-hop edge. The young man’s dream of music stardom, however, goes against the wishes of his widower dad, Percy Miller, a music-industry executive. [via TV Guide]

When you’ve got rapping, a record-producing dad, a nutty nanny, two brothers and a sister to deal with, life can be pretty crazy! But aspiring rapper and middle school b-ball star Romeo Miller never loses his cool. Well, almost never. Music holds the Miller family together, and no matter how much they argue or get on each other’s nerves, they always end up in harmony. Well, almost always… [via]

The series stars Romeo Miller, Master P, Erica O’Keith, Noel Callahan, Zachary Isaiah Williams, Victoria Jackson, and Natashia Williams.

The Episode List

The episode list and air dates below are for Nickelodeon in the United States. The dates, days, and times listed are for their first appearance on the network. The codes are official episode numbers used by the network.

Code Title Date Day Time
Season 1
100 Attack of the Nannies Sep-13-2003 Sat 8:30p
107 He Got Blame Sep-20-2003 Sat 8:00p
109 Let’s Make a Deal Sep-20-2003 Sat 8:30p
106 Minimum Cool Sep-27-2003 Sat 8:00p
101 Slam Dunk Sep-27-2003 Sat 8:30p
108 Man of the Hizzouse Oct-4-2003 Sat 8:30p
110 Yugs, Not Thugs Oct-11-2003 Sat 8:30p
113 Faking of the President Nov-1-2003 Sat 8:30p
103 Da New Hotness Nov-15-2003 Sat 8:30p
116 A Lil’ Som’en Som’en for Christmas Dec-10-2003 Wed 8:30p
105 Playin’ Favorites Apr-10-2004 Sat 8:30p
117 The April Fools Apr-17-2004 Sat 8:30p
104 Water, Water, Everywhere! Apr-24-2004 Sat 8:30p
102 Write Me A Hit May-1-2004 Sat 8:30p
114 Your Cheatin’ Heart May-8-2004 Sat 8:30p
115 Hyp-Ro-Tize May-15-2004 Sat 8:30p
111 Right Place/Wrong Rhyme May-22-2004 Sat 8:30p
112 Field Trippin’ Jun-5-2004 Sat 8:30p
118 Oh What A Tangled Website Jun-12-2004 Sat 8:30p
119 Friends and Lovers Jun-26-2004 Sat 9:00p
Season 2
201 When the Cat’s Away Aug-28-2004 Sat 8:30p
202 A Matter of Principal Aug-29-2004 Sun 8:00p
203 Rules of Engagement Sep-12-2004 Sun 8:30p
204 Pinhead Sep-18-2004 Sat 8:30p
205 If I Had a Hacksaw Oct-9-2004 Sat 8:30p
206 Speechless In Seattle Oct-16-2004 Sat 8:30p
211 Nothin’ But Net Oct-23-2004 Sat 8:30p
208 Hack Came, Hacksaw, Hack Conquered Nov-13-2004 Sat 8:30p
214 Tag Along Nov-28-2004 Sun 8:30p
212 Rap Off Dec-5-2004 Sun 8:30p
210 My Blues Brother Jan-2-2005 Sun 8:30p
219 Blowing Up Jan-23-2005 Sun 8:30p
216 Good Press Jan-30-2005 Sun 8:30p
217 Art of Deception Feb-20-2005 Sun 8:30p
207 Loose Lips Mar-13-2005 Sun 8:30p
209 Hits and Misses Mar-27-2005 Sun 8:30p
213 Peyton’s Place Apr-10-2005 Sun 8:30p
218 Who Let the Dogs Out Apr-17-2005 Sun 8:30p
215 Louis…Miller May-1-2005 Sun 8:30p
220 Choices May-8-2005 Sun 8:30p
Season 3
301 Driving Me Crazy Apr-1-2006 Sat 9:30p
302 Razor’s Edge Apr-9-2006 Sun 8:30p
303 Fraternity Ro Apr-23-2006 Sun 7:00p
306 Baby on Board! May-7-2006 Sun 7:00p
311 The Mrs. Landers Incident May-14-2006 Sun 7:00p
305 The Tipping Point May-21-2006 Sun 7:00p
307 The Shot-put Heard ‘Round the World Jun-4-2006 Sun 7:00p
304 The Price of Fame Jun-11-2006 Sun 7:00p
310 Double Dating Jun-18-2006 Sun 7:00p
308 Sell Out Jun-25-2006 Sun 7:00p
309 Tee’d Off Jul-9-2006 Sun 7:00p
999 (312/313) Ro Trip Jul-23-2006 Sun 7:00p