Rocket Power

Rocket Power premiered in August 1999 on Nickelodeon. The animated comedy series ran for four seasons and 71 half-hour episodes.

About The Show

Four young friends share action and extreme sports in the animated town of Ocean Shores, Calif. Otto Rocket, his sister, Reggie, and their pals Twister and Sam excel at just about every aggressive sport you can imagine. Whether it’s skateboarding, mountain biking or surfing, together these kids are up for anything. [via Gracenote]

The Episode List

The episode list and air dates below are for Nickelodeon in the United States. The dates, days, and times listed are for their first appearance on the network. The codes are official episode numbers used by the network.

Code Title Date Day Time
001 New Squid on the Block / Down the Drain Aug-16-1999 Mon 8:30p
002 Secret Spot / Ice Queens Aug-18-1999 Wed 8:30p
003 Otto 3000 / Night Prowlers Aug-23-1999 Mon 8:30p
004 Happy Luau to You-Au / Rocket Rescue Aug-25-1999 Wed 8:30p
005 Twister’s Cuz / Big Thursday Aug-30-1999 Mon 8:30p
006 Rocket Girls / Father’s Day Off Sept-1-1999 Wed 8:30p
007 PowerGirl Surfers / Twisted Cinema Sept-8-1999 Wed 8:30p
009 “D” is for Dad / Banned on the Run Sept-13-1999 Mon 8:30p
010 Super McVarial 900 / Loss of Squid Sept-15-1999 Wed 8:30p
008 Blader Bowl / Total Luger Sept-20-1999 Mon 8:30p
011 Rainy Days and Sundaes / Zine Dreams Sept-22-1999 Wed 8:30p
012 Hawaii Blues / Lost and Find Sept-27-1999 Mon 8:30p
014 Fall & Rise of Sam / Typhoid Sam Oct-20-1999 Wed 8:30p
013 The Night Before / Violet’s Violet Oct-25-1999 Mon 8:30p
015 The Wrath of Don / Safety Patrol Sam Mar-7-2000 Tue 8:00p
016 Reggie and a Net / The Great Sandcastle Race Mar-7-2000 Tue 8:30p
017 Escape from Lars Mountain / It Was a Dark and Stormy Day Mar-14-2000 Tue 8:00p
018 The Aloha Kid / Otto Mobile Mar-14-2000 Tue 8:30p
019 Big Air Dare / Otto’s Big Break Mar-21-2000 Tue 8:00p
020 Snow Day / Welcome to the Club Mar-21-2000 Tue 8:30p
021 All About Sam / Half-Twister Mar-28-2000 Tue 8:00p
022 Twisting Away / The Spot Remover Mar-28-2000 Tue 8:30p
023 Rocket Repairs / Say Hello to Cement Head Nov-3-2000 Fri 9:00p
024 Shark Bait / A Shot in the Park Nov-10-2000 Fri 9:00p
026 The Longest Day / Ottoman and the Sea Nov-17-2000 Fri 9:00p
025 Radical New Equipment / Tito’s Lucky Shell Dec-4-2000 Mon 5:00p
027 Mr. B is in the House / Earnest Otto Jan-5-2001 Fri 8:00p
032 It Came from Planet Merv / Netherworld Night Jan-19-2001 Fri 8:00p
029B Welcome to Ottoworld Jan-27-2001 Sat 2:45p
037 Capture the Flag / The Jinx Mar-5-2001 Mon 5:00p
038 Hurricane Maurice / Reggie’s Choice Mar-6-2001 Tue 5:00p
040 Double-O Twistervision / Womp Race 2000 Mar-7-2001 Wed 5:00p
036 Channel Surfing / Outta My Pit! Mar-8-2001 Thu 5:00p
034 Tito Time / The Return of Clio Mar-9-2001 Fri 5:00p
028 The Good House Keeping Seal / What’s That Smell? Mar-30-2001 Fri 9:30p
033 Here’s the Twist / Sam, King of Kickball Apr-1-2001 Sun 10:00a
030 Bruised Man’s Curve / Pool’s Out Forever Apr-6-2001 Fri 9:30p
031 Back Bowl / Game Day Apr-13-2001 Fri 9:30p
035 That Old Skateboard / Follow the Leader Apr-20-2001 Fri 9:30p
029A Legends and Their Falls Apr-27-2001 Fri 9:30p
048 Enter the Hawk-Trix / Vert vs. Street Sept-10-2001 Mon 7:00p
999 (058-060) Race Across New Zealand Feb-16-2002 Sat 8:00p
Special The Maximum Rocket Power Games Feb-16-2002 Sat 9:30p
047 Home Sweet Home / What A Tangled Web We Ski Feb-18-2002 Mon 8:00p
049 Twister’s Hat / Tito-Thon Feb-18-2002 Mon 8:30p
041 The Lingos / Shack Attack Apr-8-2002 Mon 6:00p
042 To Be, Otto Not to Be / Reggie/Regina Apr-9-2002 Tue 6:00p
043 Reggie’s Pen is Mightier… / Kayaks Amok Apr-10-2002 Wed 6:00p
044 Tito-Sitting / There’s Something About Breezy Apr-11-2002 Thu 6:00p
056 Twisting Places / Power Play Apr-12-2002 Fri 6:00p
057 Sim Sammy / Otto Hangs 11 May-11-2002 Sat 8:30a
046 Less Than Full Otto / Card Sharked Jun-1-2002 Sat 8:30a
053 Major Scrummage / Snow Bounders Oct-14-2002 Mon 6:30p
045 Beach Boyz & A Girl / X-Treme Ideas Nov-30-2002 Sat 9:30p
050 Rad Rover Come Over / Extreme Nerd Jan-29-2003 Wed 6:00a
051 Cinco de Twisto / Saving Lt. Ryan May-3-2003 Sat 11:00a
998 (063-065) Reggie’s Big (Beach) Break Jul-19-2003 Sat 8:00p
062 A Rocket X-Mas Dec-15-2003 Mon 8:30p
039 Losers Weepers / Reggie: The Movie Mar-22-2004 Mon 6:00p
052 Summer Breezy / Sammy’s Fortune Mar-23-2004 Tue 6:00p
054 Merv Links to Otto / Big Air Mar-24-2004 Wed 6:00p
055 Missile Crisis / Falsley Alarmed Mar-25-2004 Thu 6:00p
061 Twist of Fate Mar-26-2004 Fri 6:00p
069 New Girl on the Block / After Shocked Jun-16-2004 Wed 6:30p
997 (066-068) Island of the Menehune Jul-16-2004 Fri 8:00p
996 (070/071) The Big Day Jul-30-2004 Fri 8:00p