Phil of the Future

Phil of the Future premiered in June 2004 on Disney Channel. The live-action sitcom ran for two seasons and 43 half-hour episodes.

About The Show

The Diffy family left on vacation from the year 2121 but their rented time machine malfunctioned and they were thrown into the year 2004. Now Lloyd, his part-robotic wife Barbara, and his kids Phil and Pim, are forced to pretend to be a normal family in suburban Pickford. Phil befriends Keely Teslow to keep their secret and together the siblings deal with school, bullies and homework without getting found out. [via Gracenote]

The series stars Ricky Ullman, Aly Michalka, Amy Bruckner, Craig Anton, and Lise Simms.

The Episode List

The episode list and air dates below are for Disney Channel in the United States. The dates, days, and times listed are for their first appearance on the network. The codes are official episode numbers used by the network.

Code Title Date Day Time
Season 1
111 Your Cheatin’ Heart Jun-18-2004 Fri 7:00p
110 Unification Day Jun-18-2004 Fri 7:30p
105 Meet the Curtis Jun-18-2004 Fri 8:00p
113 Phillin In Jun-18-2004 Fri 8:30p
118 Tanner Jun-25-2004 Fri 7:00p
120 Raging Bull Jul-2-2004 Fri 7:00p
115 My Way Jul-9-2004 Fri 7:00p
114 Daddy Dearest Jul-23-2004 Fri 7:00p
106 Phenomonally Yours Aug-6-2004 Fri 7:00p
101 Future Tutor Aug-13-2004 Fri 6:30p
102 Future Jock Aug-13-2004 Fri 7:00p
104 You Say Toe-Mato Aug-13-2004 Fri 7:30p
117 Doggie Day Care Aug-27-2004 Fri 7:00p
108 We’ll Fix It In Editing Oct-1-2004 Fri 7:00p
119 Halloween Oct-8-2004 Fri 7:00p
112 Age Before Beauty Nov-12-2004 Fri 7:00p
121 Neander-Phil Dec-10-2004 Fri 7:00p
109 Double Trouble Dec-31-2004 late-Fri 12:00a
107 Milking It Mar-25-2005 Fri 6:30p
103 Corner Pocket Apr-8-2005 Fri 6:30p
Season 2
202 Versa Day Jun-25-2005 Sat 6:30p
201 Virtu-Date Jun-26-2005 Sun 6:30p
204 The Giggle Jul-9-2005 Sat 8:00p
203 Dinner Time Jul-24-2005 Sun 6:30p
206 Tia, Via, or Me… Uh Aug-5-2005 Fri 8:00p
207 Get Ready To Go-Go Aug-5-2005 Fri 8:30p
208 Phil Without A Future Aug-21-2005 Sun 6:30p
210 Time Release Capsule Aug-27-2005 Sat 8:00p
205 Mummy’s Boy Sept-9-2005 Fri 6:30p
211 Maybe-Sitting Sept-23-2005 Fri 6:30p
214 Good Phil Hunting Sept-30-2005 Fri 6:30p
217 Pim-cipal Oct-21-2005 Fri 6:30p
116 Team Diffy Oct-28-2005 Fri 6:30p
220 Phil of the Garage Nov-11-2005 Fri 7:30p
218 It’s a Wonder-Phil Life Nov-27-2005 Sun 7:30p
213 Christmas Break Dec-2-2005 Fri 6:30p
215 Stuck In The Meddle With You Jan-6-2006 Fri 6:30p
219 Broadcast Blues Mar-24-2006 Fri 7:00p
209 Happy Nird Day Mar-31-2006 Fri 6:00p
212 Ill of the Future Jun-24-2006 Sat 8:30p
216 Where’s the Wizard? Jul-7-2006 Fri 8:00p
221 Not-So-Great Great Great Grandpa Aug-11-2006 Fri 8:30p
222 Back to the Future (Not the Movie) Aug-19-2006 Sat 8:00p