Ni Hao, Kai-Lan

Ni Hao, Kai-Lan premiered in February 2008 on Nickelodeon. The animated preschool series aired for three seasons and 42 half-hour episodes.

The third and final season consisted of only two episodes. Given their codes (#314/315) it appears there were additional episodes planned but never made, as there are no unaired episodes.

About The Show

“Ni hao!” That means “hi” in Chinese–and that’s how Kai-lan greets you every day! Kai-lan Chow is an exuberant Chinese-American preschooler, almost 6, who wants you to come play with her and her best friends. Kai-lan’s world is infused with Chinese culture and is brimming with magical sights and sounds, and everywhere you turn there’s something amazing and beautiful to see. Along the way, she and her bilingual buddies speak in English and Chinese, but they always need kids’ help to find creative solutions to the daily dilemmas that come their way! [via, 2010]

The Episode List

The episode list and air dates below are for Nickelodeon and Nick Jr. in the United States. The dates, days, and times listed are for their first appearance on the network. The codes are official episode numbers used by the network.

Code Title Date Day Time
Premiered on Nickelodeon
101 Dragonboat Festival Feb-7-2008 Thu 11:00a
105 Twirly Whirly Flyers Feb-8-2008 Fri 11:00a
107 Tolee’s Rhyme Time Feb-11-2008 Mon 11:00a
110 The Ant Playground Feb-12-2008 Tue 11:00a
109 Wait, Hoho, Wait! Feb-13-2008 Wed 11:00a
108 Kai-Lan’s Campout Feb-14-2008 Thu 11:00a
111 Happy Chinese New Year! Feb-15-2008 Fri 11:00a
102 Everybody’s Hat Parade Mar-24-2008 Mon 11:00a
106 The Snowiest Ride Mar-25-2008 Tue 11:00a
104 Safari Pals Mar-26-2008 Wed 11:00a
115 Rain Or Shine Mar-27-2008 Thu 11:00a
113 Beach Day Jul-11-2008 Fri 9:00a
118 Sports Day Aug-6-2008 Wed 9:00a
116 Kai-Lan’s Carnival Oct-6-2008 Mon 11:00a
114 Roller Rintoo Oct-7-2008 Tue 11:00a
117 Lulu Day Oct-8-2008 Wed 11:00a
103 Hoho’s Big Flight Oct-9-2008 Thu 11:00a
112 Ni Hao, Halloween Oct-28-2008 Tue 9:00a
201 The Ladybug Festival Feb-2-2009 Mon 8:00p
202 The Dinosaur Balloon May-11-2009 Mon 11:00a
205 Kai-Lan’s Big Play May-12-2009 Tue 11:00a
203 Playtime at Tolee’s May-13-2009 Wed 11:00a
204 The Moon Festival May-14-2009 Thu 11:00a
206 Kai-Lan’s Big Surprise May-15-2009 Fri 11:00a
999 (119/120) Kai-Lan’s Trip To China Aug-14-2009 Fri 10:00a
209 Rintoo Makes a Splash Oct-13-2009 Tue 1:30p
210 The Ants Dance Oct-14-2009 Wed 1:30p
207 Stompy Rides Again Oct-15-2009 Thu 1:30p
208 Rintoo’s Big Flip Oct-16-2009 Fri 1:30p
215 Kai-Lan’s Snowcoaster Feb-19-2010 Fri 1:30p
212 Tolee’s Turn Feb-26-2010 Fri 1:30p
211 Lulu’s Cloud Mar-22-2010 Mon 1:30p
216 Kai-Lan’s Playhouse Mar-23-2010 Tue 1:30p
214 Pandy’s Puddle Mar-24-2010 Wed 1:30p
217 Tolee’s Promise Mar-25-2010 Thu 1:30p
218 The Place Where We All Live Apr-22-2010 Thu 11:30a
213 The Hula Duck Dance Party May-28-2010 Fri 1:00p
997 (314/315) Princess Kai-Lan Oct-8-2010 Fri 1:00p
Premiered on the Nick Jr. channel
998 (219/220) Journey to Monkey King Castle Aug-21-2011 Sun 7:00p