Mighty Med

Mighty Med premiered in October 2013 on Disney XD. The superhero-themed sitcom ran for two seasons and 48 total episodes.

Characters from the series were included in a joint spin-off with Lab Rats titled Lab Rats: Elite Force.

About The Show

Teenage best friends Kaz and Oliver get the thrill of a lifetime when they land after-school jobs at Mighty Med, a secret hospital for superheroes as well as sci-fi and fantasy characters, where they discover that their favorite characters are not only real but living among them. As ordinary boys, known as “normos” at the hospital, Kaz and Oliver must learn how to make their way through the normal and the secret worlds they are now a part of. There to help them with that task are superhero Skylar Storm and Alan, the nephew of Mighty Med’s chief of staff. In the end they’ll have to use their friendship and superhero knowledge in order to become heroes themselves by saving the people who save people. [via Gracenote]

The series stars Bradley Steven Perry, Jake Short, Paris Berelc, Devan Leos, and Augie Isaac.

The Episode List

The episode list and air dates below are for Disney XD in the United States. The dates, days, and times listed are for their first appearance on the network. The codes are official episode numbers used by the network.

Code Title Date Day Time
Season 1
101/102 Saving the People Who Save People Oct-7-2013 Mon 8:30p
103 Frighty Med Oct-14-2013 Mon 8:30p
104 I, Normo Oct-21-2013 Mon 8:30p
105 Sm’oliver’s Travels Oct-28-2013 Mon 8:30p
106 Pranks For Nothing Nov-4-2013 Mon 8:30p
107 It’s Not the End of the World Nov-11-2013 Mon 8:00p
108 Evil Gus Jan-13-2014 Mon 8:30p
109 Alan’s Reign of Terror Feb-3-2014 Mon 8:30p
110 So You Think You Can Be a Sidekick Feb-10-2014 Mon 8:30p
111 Lockdown Feb-24-2014 Mon 8:30p
112 All That Kaz Mar-10-2014 Mon 8:30p
113 The Friend Of My Friend Is My Enemy Mar-24-2014 Mon 8:30p
114 Atomic Blast From The Past Mar-31-2014 Mon 8:30p
117 Growing Pains Apr-7-2014 Mon 8:30p
121 Night of the Living Nightmare Apr-14-2014 Mon 8:30p
115 Mighty Mad Apr-21-2014 Mon 8:31p
119 Fantasy League of Heroes Jun-9-2014 Mon 8:30p
120 Copy Kaz Jun-16-2014 Mon 8:30p
122 Guitar Superhero Jun-23-2014 Mon 8:30p
118 Free Wi-Fi Jun-30-2014 Mon 8:30p
123 Two Writers Make a Wrong Jul-7-2014 Mon 8:30p
116 Are You Afraid of the Shark? Jul-18-2014 Fri 7:00p
124 The Pen is Mighty Med-ier Than the Sword Jul-21-2014 Mon 8:30p
125/126 There’s a Storm Coming Sept-15-2014 Mon 8:30p
Season 2
201/202 How the Mighty Med Have Fallen Oct-20-2014 Mon 7:00p
203 Lair, Lair Oct-24-2014 Fri 7:00p
204 Mighty Mole Nov-3-2014 Mon 8:00p
205 The Claw Prank Redemption Nov-10-2014 Mon 7:00p
206 Do You Want to Build a Lava-Man? Dec-1-2014 Mon 8:00p
207 Storm’s End Jan-5-2015 Mon 7:30p
209 Future Tense Jan-12-2015 Mon 7:30p
208 Stop Bugging Me Mar-4-2015 Wed 8:00p
210 Less Than Hero Mar-11-2015 Wed 8:00p
211 Oliver Hatches the Eggs Mar-25-2015 Wed 8:00p
212 Sparks Fly Apr-1-2015 Wed 8:00p
214 Wallace and Clyde: A Grand Day Out Apr-7-2015 Tue 8:30p
213 The Key to Being a Hero Apr-15-2015 Wed 8:00p
219 New Kids Are The Docs Jul-1-2015 Wed 8:30p
215 It’s a Matter of Principal Jul-8-2015 Wed 8:30p
216 Living the Dream Jul-15-2015 Wed 8:30p
220 Lab Rats vs. Mighty Med
(part 2 of crossover with Lab Rats: Bionic Island)
Jul-22-2015 Wed 9:00p
217 Thanks for the Memory Drives Aug-12-2015 Wed 8:30p
218 The Dirt on Kaz & Skylar Aug-19-2015 Wed 8:30p
221/222 The Mother of All Villains Sept-9-2015 Wed 8:00p