MECH-X4 premiered in November 2016 on Disney Channel. Moving premieres to Disney XD, where the show was originally set-up, after the first six episodes, the live-action big robot comedy/drama series ran for two seasons and 37 total episodes.

About The Show

When high school student Ryan Walker discovers he has the ability to control technology with his mind, he awakens 150-foot robot MECH-X4 and is able to control every move the android makes. The situation gets to be too much for Ryan to handle on his own, though, when another monster starts attacking the school. That’s when Ryan recruits older brother Mark and friends Harris and Spyder to help operate MECH-X4’s defense system while he pilots the robot. Together, the haphazardly assembled team of heroes must quickly learn to work together in order to save the school — and, ultimately, the world — from being destroyed. That’s a lot of pressure to put on some teenagers. [via Gracenote]

The series stars Nathaniel Potvin, Raymond Cham, Kamran Lucas, Pearce Joza, and Alyssa Jirrels.

The Episode List

The episode list and air dates below are for Disney Channel and Disney XD in the United States. The dates, days, and times listed are for their first appearance on the network. The codes are official episode numbers used by the network.

Code Title Date Day Time
Premiered on Disney Channel
101/102 Let’s Call It MECH-X4! Nov-11-2016 Fri 8:30p
103 Let’s Get Some Air! Nov-12-2016 Sat 8:30p
104 Let’s Open The Monster Heart! Nov-13-2016 Sun 8:30p
105 Let’s Be Idiots! Nov-27-2016 Sun 8:30p
106 Let’s Survive in the Woods! Dec-4-2016 Sun 8:30p
Premiered on Disney XD
107 Let’s Get Our Robot Back! Apr-17-2017 Mon 7:00a
108 Let’s Get the Big Bad! Apr-18-2017 Tue 7:00a
109 Let’s Deal with Our Stuff! Apr-19-2017 Wed 7:00a
110 Let’s Get Some Answers! Apr-20-2017 Thu 7:00a
114 Let’s Go Clubbing! Apr-24-2017 Mon 7:00a
111 Let’s Get Leo! Apr-25-2017 Tue 7:00a
112 Let’s Dig Deep! Apr-26-2017 Wed 7:00a
113 Let’s Destroy Some Ooze! Apr-27-2017 Thu 7:00a
115 Let’s End This! (1) May-1-2017 Mon 7:00a
116 Let’s End This! (2) May-1-2017 Mon 7:30a
201 Versus The New Evil Sept-9-2017 Sat 11:00a
202 Versus The Deep Sept-9-2017 Sat 11:30a
203 Versus The Outbreak Sept-9-2017 Sat 12:00p
204 Versus Harper’s Ghost Sept-9-2017 Sat 12:30p
205 Versus The Mountain Sept-9-2017 Sat 1:00p
206 Versus The Dark Night Nov-4-2017 Sat 11:00a
207 Versus The Tech Army Nov-4-2017 Sat 11:30a
208 Versus Traeger Nov-4-2017 Sat 12:00p
209 Versus Velocity And Veracity Nov-4-2017 Sat 12:30p
210 Versus The Arctic Nov-4-2017 Sat 1:00p
211 Versus The Wolves At The Door Mar-25-2018 Sun 10:30a
212 Versus The Thirty Apr-1-2018 Sun 10:30a
213 Versus Miami Apr-8-2018 Sun 10:30a
214 Versus The X-Weapon Apr-15-2018 Sun 10:30a
215 Versus Sabotage Apr-22-2018 Sun 10:30a
216 Versus The Monster Within Jul-23-2018 Mon 8:30p
217 Versus The Betrayal Jul-30-2018 Mon 8:30p
218 Versus Harris Aug-6-2018 Mon 10:00p
219 Versus The Infected Aug-13-2018 Mon 10:00p
220/221 Versus The End Aug-20-2018 Mon 10:00p