Max & Shred

Max & Shred premiered in October 2014 on Nickelodeon. The Canadian co-produced live-action sitcom ran for two seasons and 39 half-hour episodes.

After the first season, the show was moved to Nicktoons. Five episodes remain unaired in the United States.

About The Show

Celebrity snowboarder Max Asher recently moved to Colorado to train for the Winter Cup and lives with the family of whiz kid Alvin Ackerman — whom Max nicknames Shred. The roommates become buddies and make their way through trials of teen life, which they approach from opposite points of view. Shred’s confident sister, Abby, enjoys teasing her brother but is always there for him when it counts. Next-door neighbor Jill — called Howie from always asking “how?” — is Shred’s curious apprentice and pops in unexpectedly, usually through his window. [via Gracenote]

The series stars Jonny Gray, Jake Goodman, Saara Chaudry, Emilia McCarthy, Jean-Michel Le Gal, and Siobhan Murphy.

The Episode List

The episode list and air dates below are for Nickelodeon and Nicktoons in the United States. The dates, days, and times listed are for their first appearance on the network. The codes are official episode numbers used by the network.

Code Title Date Day Time
Premiered on Nickelodeon
101 The Big Hair Switch 360 Oct-6-2014 Mon 7:30p
104 The Lien Love Triangle Oct-7-2014 Tue 7:30p
102 The 1080 Room Twist Oct-8-2014 Wed 7:30p
107 The Nosebonk Nemesis Oct-9-2014 Thu 7:30p
109 The Snow Day Variety Method Oct-14-2014 Tue 7:30p
106 The Frontside Hero Slide Oct-15-2014 Wed 7:30p
103 The Blunt Stall Auction Flail Oct-16-2014 Thu 7:30p
110 The Alt-Ctrl-Shifty Laptop Burn Oct-20-2014 Mon 7:30p
111 The Half-Cab Robot Baby Bonk Oct-21-2014 Tue 7:30p
112 The Stalefish Double Flip Oct-22-2014 Wed 7:30p
105 The Switch Shift Birthday Party Nov-3-2014 Mon 7:30p
108 The Nose Butter Brain Freeze Nov-4-2014 Tue 7:30p
113 The Academic Bowl Chong Problem Nov-5-2014 Wed 7:30p
114 The Switch Jolly Mambo Varial Nov-17-2014 Mon 7:30p
115 The Yeti Misty Flip Makeover Nov-18-2014 Tue 7:30p
116 The Air-to-Fakie Autobiography Nov-19-2014 Wed 7:30p
121 The Blindside Scoutmaster Disaster Jan-5-2015 Mon 7:30p
117 The Joey Huckfest Prankpipe Jan-6-2015 Tue 7:30p
118 The Buttery Bad Luck Streak Jan-7-2015 Wed 7:30p
120 The Backside Family Eggflip Jan-12-2015 Mon 7:30p
122 The Boardercross Bionic Boost Jan-13-2015 Tue 7:30p
123 The Goofy Tamedog Air Jan-14-2015 Wed 7:30p
119 The Chill Bro Lipslide Jan-15-2015 Thu 7:30p
124 The Switch Inward Love Flip Jan-16-2015 Fri 7:30p
125 The Slopestyle Syrup Slob Jun-27-2015 Sat 9:30p
126 The Perfect Layback Life Jul-11-2015 Sat 9:30p
Premiered on Nicktoons
202 The Shifty Girlfriend 360 Mar-21-2016 Mon 6:00p
205 The Ghostly Grommet Bust Mar-22-2016 Tue 6:00p
206 The Freeriding Family Mashup Mar-23-2016 Wed 6:00p
207 The Duckfooted Dreadful Date Mar-24-2016 Thu 6:00p
208 The Rock and Roll Rodeo 540 Mar-28-2016 Mon 6:00p
201 The McTwisted Memory Making Mar-29-2016 Tue 6:00p
203 The Inverted Life Coach Layout Mar-30-2016 Wed 6:00p
209 The Spaghetti Air Science Fair Mar-31-2016 Thu 6:00p
Unaired in the United States:
204 The Tail Grab Reality Run Unaired
210 The Max Air Maxcot Method Unaired
211 The Big Dance Hand Plant 360 Unaired
212 The Crossbone Method College Caper Unaired
213 The Kickin’ Chicken Banana Stack Unaired