Liv and Maddie

Liv and Maddie premiered in July 2013 on Disney Channel. The live-action sitcom aired for four seasons and 80 half-hour episodes.

About The Show

Liv and Maddie Rooney are identical twins who have been leading different lives for the last few years. Maddie is a high school basketball phenom in Wisconsin who prefers high tops to high heels. Cool, confident social butterfly Liv has been in Hollywood for the past four years starring on a hit TV show. When Liv returns home and the girls share a bedroom, Maddie quickly realizes that it’s not easy sharing a small space with a sister who has become accustomed to being in the spotlight, for Liv inserts herself into situations when she thinks Maddie needs help. Despite their antithetical personalities and aspirations — but with an unbreakable bond — they are able to accomplish pretty much anything they try. [via Gracenote]

The series stars Dove Cameron, Joey Bragg, Tenzing Norgay Trainor, Kali Rocha, and Benjamin King.

The Episode List

The episode list and air dates below are for Disney Channel in the United States. The dates, days, and times listed are for their first appearance on the network. The codes are official episode numbers used by the network.

Code Title Date Day Time
Season 1
101 Twin-A-Rooney Jul-19-2013 Fri 9:45p
102 Team-A-Rooney Sept-15-2013 Sun 8:00p
107 Sleep-A-Rooney Sept-22-2013 Sun 8:00p
104 Steal-A-Rooney Sept-29-2013 Sun 8:00p
105 Kang-A-Rooney Oct-6-2013 Sun 8:00p
103 Skate-A-Rooney Oct-13-2013 Sun 8:00p
108 Dodge-A-Rooney Nov-3-2013 Sun 8:00p
113 Brain-A-Rooney Nov-10-2013 Sun 8:00p
106 Sweet 16-A-Rooney Nov-24-2013 Sun 8:00p
111 Fa-la-la-A-Rooney Dec-1-2013 Sun 8:00p
109 Switch-A-Rooney Jan-17-2014 Fri 7:30p
110 Dump-A-Rooney Jan-26-2014 Sun 8:00p
112 Move-A-Rooney Feb-9-2014 Sun 8:00p
114 Slump-A-Rooney Mar-9-2014 Sun 8:00p
115 Moms-A-Rooney Mar-16-2014 Sun 8:00p
117 Shoe-A-Rooney Apr-6-2014 Sun 8:00p
116 Howl-A-Rooney Apr-13-2014 Sun 8:00p
118 Flashback-A-Rooney May-4-2014 Sun 8:00p
119 BFF-A-Rooney Jun-22-2014 Sun 8:00p
120 Song-A-Rooney Jun-29-2014 Sun 8:00p
121 Space-Werewolf-A-Rooney Jul-27-2014 Sun 8:00p
Season 2
201 Premiere-A-Rooney Sept-21-2014 Sun 8:30p
202 Pottery-A-Rooney Sept-28-2014 Sun 8:30p
207 Helgaween-A-Rooney Oct-5-2014 Sun 8:30p
204 Kathy Kan-A-Rooney Oct-12-2014 Sun 8:30p
205 Match-A-Rooney Nov-2-2014 Sun 8:00p
206 Hoops-A-Rooney Nov-23-2014 Sun 8:30p
208 New Year’s Eve-A-Rooney Dec-7-2014 Sun 8:00p
203 Bro-Cave-A-Rooney Jan-18-2015 Sun 9:30p
210 Upcycle-A-Rooney Jan-25-2015 Sun 9:00p
215 Rate-A-Rooney Feb-8-2015 Sun 9:00p
209 Detention-A-Rooney Feb-15-2015 Sun 8:00p
211 Muffler-A-Rooney Mar-1-2015 Sun 8:00p
212 Gift-A-Rooney Mar-8-2015 Sun 8:00p
213 Neighbors-A-Rooney Mar-26-2015 Thu 8:00p
214 Repeat-A-Rooney Apr-9-2015 Thu 7:00p
221 Cook-A-Rooney Apr-12-2015 Sun 8:00p
219 Prom-A-Rooney Apr-19-2015 Sun 7:30p
216 Flugelball-A-Rooney May-3-2015 Sun 8:30p
220 Band-A-Rooney Jun-14-2015 Sun 9:00p
223 Video-A-Rooney Jun-21-2015 Sun 8:30p
222 Triangle-A-Rooney Jul-19-2015 Sun 9:00p
217 Frame-A-Rooney Jul-26-2015 Sun 9:30p
Season 3
303 SPARF-A-Rooney Aug-16-2015 Sun 9:00p
224 Champ-A-Rooney Aug-23-2015 Sun 9:00p
301 Continued-A-Rooney Sept-13-2015 Sun 8:00p
302 Voltage-A-Rooney Sept-13-2015 Sun 8:30p
305 Co-Star-A-Rooney Sept-20-2015 Sun 9:00p
306 Haunt-A-Rooney Oct-4-2015 Sun 9:30p
304 Cowbell-A-Rooney Oct-18-2015 Sun 9:00p
218 Grandma-A-Rooney Oct-25-2015 Sun 8:00p
307 Meatball-A-Rooney Nov-8-2015 Sun 8:00p
308 Ask-Her-More-A-Rooney Nov-22-2015 Sun 7:55p
309 Joy-To-A-Rooney Dec-6-2015 Sun 9:30p
310 Ridgewood-A-Rooney Jan-17-2016 Sun 8:30p
311 Coach-A-Rooney Jan-24-2016 Sun 8:30p
312 Secret-Admirerer-A-Rooney Feb-21-2016 Sun 8:00p
313 Vive-La-Rooney Mar-13-2016 Sun 8:30p
314 Dream-A-Rooney Mar-20-2016 Sun 9:00p
315 Home Run-A-Rooney Apr-10-2016 Sun 8:30p
316 Scoop-A-Rooney Apr-24-2016 Sun 8:30p
317 Choose-A-Rooney May-8-2016 Sun 9:00p
318 Friend-A-Rooney May-22-2016 Sun 9:00p
319 SkyVolt-A-Rooney Jun-5-2016 Sun 8:00p
320 Californi-A-Rooney Jun-19-2016 Sun 8:30p
Season 4 – Cali Style
401 Sorta Sisters-A-Rooney Sept-23-2016 Fri 8:00p
402 Linda & Heather-A-Rooney Sept-30-2016 Fri 8:00p
403 Scare-A-Rooney Oct-14-2016 Fri 8:00p
404 Sing It Louder!!-A-Rooney Nov-18-2016 Fri 8:00p
405 Slumber Party-A-Rooney Nov-25-2016 Fri 9:03p
411 Cali Christmas-A-Rooney Dec-2-2016 Fri 8:00p
406 Standup-A-Rooney Jan-6-2017 Fri 5:30p
407 Roll Model-A-Rooney Jan-13-2017 Fri 5:30p
408 Falcon-A-Rooney Jan-20-2017 Fri 5:30p
409 Ex-A-Rooney Jan-27-2017 Fri 5:30p
410 Tiny House-A-Rooney Feb-17-2017 Fri 5:30p
414 Big Break-A-Rooney Feb-24-2017 Fri 5:30p
412 Sing It Live!!!-A-Rooney Mar-3-2017 Fri 5:30p
413 Voice-A-Rooney Mar-17-2017 Fri 5:30p
415 End-A-Rooney Mar-24-2017 Fri 5:30p