League of Super Evil

League of Super Evil premiered in March 2009 on Cartoon Network. The Canadian animated series aired for three seasons and 52 half-hour episodes; however, only the first 26 episodes aired in the United States.

About The Show

It’s a L.O.S.E.- L.O.S.E. proposition for the four super villains in the League of Super Evil who want nothing less than to dominate Metrotown with never-ending mindless fun. Headed by the diminutive Great Voltar, whose large-scale plans have a way of ending up as small as he is, L.O.S.E. is also comprised of Doktor Frogg, perhaps the unluckiest mad scientist alive, Reginald “Red” Menace, a happy-go-lucky former farm boy who supplies the muscle (but only if you’re really mean), and Doomageddon, a pan-dimensional creature with a lazy attitude and a penchant for messing with Doktor Frogg. [via Gracenote]

The Episode List

The episode list and air dates below are for Cartoon Network in the United States. The dates, days, and times listed are for their first appearance on the network. The codes are official episode numbers used by the network.

# Title Date Day Time
Season 1
1 Lightning Liz / The Bank Job Mar-5-2009 Thu 9:00p
2 Justice Gene / Table for Four Mar-9-2009 Mon 7:00p
3 Escape from Skullossus / :10 Mar-16-2009 Mon 7:00p
4 Slam Dunked / Evil-est in Show Mar-23-2009 Mon 7:00p
5 Lose vs Liar / Swimming with Sharks Mar-30-2009 Mon 7:00p
6 Rock-a-bye Voltar / iDestruct Apr-6-2009 Mon 7:00p
7 One Zillion / Bite at the Museum Apr-13-2009 Mon 7:00p
8 Full Throttle / Happy Birthday Dear Doktor Apr-20-2009 Mon 7:00p
9 Injustice Gene / Send in the Clones Apr-27-2009 Mon 7:00p
10 Ice Creamed / The Split May-4-2009 Mon 7:00p
11 School Daze / Bad-o-Meter May-11-2009 Mon 7:00p
12 Suzie Scouts / At the Movies May-18-2009 Mon 7:00p
13 Not Accordion to Plan / The Henchbot Elites Jun-1-2009 Mon 7:30p
14 Mr. and Mrs. Badango / Drivers’ Evil Ed Jun-2-2009 Tue 7:30p
15 The Night Before Chaosmas / Counting on Victory Jun-4-2009 Thu 7:00p
16 Fortune’s Fools / World Wreckers Jun-4-2009 Thu 7:30p
17 LOSE Tooth / Underwhere? Jun-8-2009 Mon 7:00p
18 LOSE Junior / League of Super Hockey Jun-9-2009 Tue 7:00p
19 Evil Never Sleeps / Glory Hog Feb-7-2010 Sun 12:00p
20 Past Due / Degrees of Evil Feb-7-2010 Sun 1:30p
21 20,000 Crunches Under the Sea / Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow Feb-7-2010 Sun 3:30p
22 Vollossus / No Good Deed… Feb-7-2010 Sun 5:00p
23 Franken Blecch / Room for Four Oct-27-2010 Wed 2:30p
24 Red Menacing / Dr. Strong Frogg Oct-28-2010 Thu 2:30p
25 Party Pooper / a LOSE/LOSE situation Oct-29-2010 Fri 2:30p
26 Dial E for Evil / Voltar Squared Nov-1-2010 Mon 2:30p
Season 2
27 Hard Boiled / Etched in Stone Unaired
28 Voltina / And the Loser is… Unaired
29 All You Can Eat / Golden Claw Unaired
30 The Cookoff / My BFF Destrucktor Unaired
31 Journey to the Center of Evil / Canned Unaired
32 Last Villain Standing / Ant-Archy Unaired
33 Vote Voltar / L.O.S.E. the M.O.V.I.E. Unaired
34 Doomababy / Back to the Coupons Unaired
35 Changemorpher / Force Fighters VI Unaired
36 U.O.ME / MR. WUBBY Unaired
37 Friendship Day / Snugglebum Unaired
38 Doomageddon in Love / Hot-Cantato Unaired
39 Steeeeeeeve / Lose Newz Unaired
Season 3
40 Voltopia / Kickin’ Boot Unaired
41 Voltar’s Parade / Just Us Genes Unaired
42 Spaaaaace Bugs / Buy 2 Get None Free Unaired
43 Mama Menace / Change for the Worse Unaired
44 In Your Dreams / Trashpocalypse Now Unaired
45 00-Geddon / Hurty Dancing Unaired
46 Kinderprison / Each Sold Evilly Unaired
47 Gameaggedon / Chez Voltar Unaired
48 Brain Freeze / Henchstrike Unaired
49 Muhaha / The Art of Evil Unaired
50 The Skulloshow / The Cute of all Evil Unaired
51 V-TV / Cloudy with a Chance of Stupid Unaired
52 LOSE Weight / Once Upon a LOSE Unaired