The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron, Boy Genius

Jimmy Neutron officially debuted on Nickelodeon as a TV series in 2002, after several pilots, a number of shorts, and a theatrical movie to kick things off in 2001. The TV show ran for three production seasons, with over 60 half-hour episodes, the last of which debuted on TV in November 2006.

Prior to Nickelodeon acquiring the property, DNA Productions produced two very short (less than a minute each) pilots in 1995 and 1997, both titled “The Adventures of Johnny Quasar”. Nickelodeon then produced an 11-minute pilot in 1998, titled “Runaway Rocketboy!”. That pilot was released on the 2003 Jimmy Neutron DVD “Confusion Fusion”.

Prior to the movie’s release, Nick aired seven interstitials and a five-part cliffhanger titled “Calling All Aliens” in 2001. The movie was then released in theaters nationally on December 21, 2001. Nick would air the movie on TV in 2004.

About The Show

Jimmy is a fifth grade genius always inventing some new gadget to solve some new problem. With his robotic dog Goddard always ready to lend advice, and his best friends Carl and Sheen, Jimmy tries to attend Lindberg Elementary like any other kid. And like any other kid, Jimmy often finds himself in a bit of fun mischief. [via Gracenote]

The Episode List

The episode list and air dates below are for Nickelodeon in the United States. The dates, days, and times listed are for their first appearance on the network. The codes are official episode numbers used by the network.

Code Title Date Day Time
Special The Secrets of the Jimmy Neutron Movie Apr-20-2002 Sat 9:30p
101 When Pants Attack Jul-20-2002 Sat 8:00p
102 Normal Boy / Birth of a Salesman Sept-6-2002 Fri 8:30p
103 Brobot / The Big Pinch Sept-13-2002 Fri 8:30p
104 Granny Baby / Time is Money Sept-20-2002 Fri 8:30p
106 Raise the Oozy Scab / I Dream of Jimmy Sept-27-2002 Fri 8:30p
105 Jimmy on Ice / Battle of the Band Oct-4-2002 Fri 8:30p
108 See Jimmy Run / Trading Faces Oct-14-2002 Mon 8:30p
107 The Phantom of Retroland / My Son, the Hamster Oct-30-2002 Wed 8:00p
109 Hall Monster / Hypno Birthday to You Nov-1-2002 Fri 8:30p
110 Krunch Time / Substitute Creature Nov-15-2002 Fri 8:30p
111 Safety First / Crime Sheen Investigation Nov-30-2002 Sat 8:30p
113 Journey to the Center of Carl / Aaughh!! Wilderness!! Jan-31-2003 Fri 8:30p
114 Party at Neutron’s / Ultra Sheen Feb-17-2003 Mon 8:00p
115 Broadcast Blues / Professor Calamitous, I Presume Mar-14-2003 Fri 8:30p
999 (116/117) The Eggpire Strikes Back Apr-25-2003 Fri 8:00p
112 Maximum Hugh / Sleepless in Retroville May-17-2003 Sat 8:00p
118 Make Room for Daddy-O Jun-6-2003 Fri 8:30p
121 A Beautiful Mine Aug-1-2003 Fri 9:00p
122 Sorry, Wrong Era Sept-5-2003 Fri 9:00p
124 Beach Party Mummy Sept-19-2003 Fri 9:00p
126 The Retroville 9 / Grumpy Young Men Oct-3-2003 Fri 9:00p
998 (123/125) Operation: Rescue Jet Fusion Oct-13-2003 Mon 8:00p
129 Nightmare in Retroville Oct-29-2003 Wed 8:00p
131 Monster Hunt / Jimmy for President Nov-11-2003 Tue 5:00p
127 Return of the Nanobots Nov-14-2003 Fri 9:00p
120 Holly Jolly Jimmy Dec-8-2003 Mon 8:30p
119 Love Potion #976/J Feb-13-2004 Fri 8:00p
133 Sheen’s Brain Mar-8-2004 Mon 6:00p
134 MaternoTron Knows Best / Send in the Clones Mar-9-2004 Tue 6:00p
135 The Great Egg Heist / The Feud Mar-10-2004 Wed 6:00p
136 Out, Darn Spotlight Mar-11-2004 Thu 6:00p
137 The Junkman Cometh Mar-12-2004 Fri 6:00p
138 Foul Bull / The Science Fair Affair Mar-26-2004 Fri 9:00p
128 Jimmy Timmy Power Hour May-7-2004 Fri 8:00p
139 Men at Work Jun-2-2004 Wed 6:30p
140 The Mighty Wheezers / Billion Dollar Boy Jun-7-2004 Mon 6:30p
996 (141-143) Win Lose and Kaboom! Jul-9-2004 Fri 8:00p
Movie Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius (2001) Sept-17-2004 Fri 8:00p
995 (130/132) Attack of the Twonkies Nov-11-2004 Thu 8:00p
146 Lights! Camera! Danger! Nov-27-2004 Sat 7:00p
155 The N Men Nov-27-2004 Sat 7:30p
144 The Tomorrow Boys May-23-2005 Mon 6:00p
145 Fundemonium May-24-2005 Tue 6:00p
148 Stranded May-26-2005 Thu 6:00p
149 Jimmy Goes to College May-27-2005 Fri 6:00p
994 The League of Villains Jun-18-2005 Sat 8:00p
147 Who’s Your Mommy? / Clash of the Cousins Jun-20-2005 Mon 6:00p
159 My Big Fat Spy Wedding Jul-22-2005 Fri 8:00p
151 Crouching Jimmy, Hidden Sheen Nov-18-2005 Fri 6:30p
997 Jimmy Timmy Power Hour 2: When Nerds Collide! Jan-16-2006 Mon 8:00p
150 The Incredible Shrinking Town Jan-23-2006 Mon 7:30p
152 One of Us / Vanishing Act Jan-24-2006 Tue 7:30p
153 The Trouble with Clones Jan-25-2006 Wed 7:30p
154 The Evil Beneath / Carl Wheezer, Boy Genius Jan-26-2006 Thu 7:30p
156 Who Framed Jimmy Neutron? / Flippy Jan-27-2006 Fri 7:30p
993 Jimmy Timmy Power Hour 3: The Jerkinators! Jul-21-2006 Fri 8:00p
160 How to Sink a Sub / Lady Sings the News Nov-17-2006 Fri 7:30p
157 King of Mars Nov-25-2006 Sat 7:01p
158 El Magnifico / Best in Show Nov-25-2006 Sat 8:23p