iCarly (2007)

iCarly premiered in September 2007 on Nickelodeon. The live-action sitcom ran for five seasons and 109 half-hour episodes.

The back-to-back series premiere on September 8, 2007 was simulcast on The N (the nighttime block on Noggin), except without the hosted TEENick segments that were shown on Nickelodeon. This means that The N technically premiered the series about one minute before Nickelodeon did. And the second episode started about eight minutes earlier on The N than when Nick started to air it.

In addition, the first airing of “iPilot” was an extended version from what was later broadcast (and what resides on digital platforms like iTunes and Amazon). It runs about four minutes longer, and is available on the show’s DVD release and was on Netflix when they originally had rights to stream it. There were also extended versions of other episodes, like “iCarly Saves TV” and “iSaw Him First”, which either aired during the original premiere or during “iCarly Webbiest Wednesday” blocks. Extended versions of “iSaved Your Life” and “iParty With VICTORiOUS” are noted in the episode list below.

iCarly also had an extensive amount of short-form web segments that were available on At various points, Nick would air these segments between episodes in “Webbiest Wednesday” and “Webbiest Week” events.

The first season of the series was originally extended to a large 40-episode order; however, the 2007-08 Writers Guild of America strike caused production to cease after the 25th episode. The second production season was therefore extended to a whopping 45 episodes, a very uncommon order for a live-action sitcom.

A joint spin-off series, Sam & Cat, premiered in 2013. A second spin-off and continuation series, also titled iCarly, debuted in 2021 on Paramount+.

About The Show

The series tells the story of Carly Shay, a teenager who creates her own web show called ‘iCarly’ with her best friends Sam Puckett and Freddie Benson, in the attic of her apartment loft with her older brother Spencer Shay. The web show quickly becomes an internet phenomenon and the trio must deal with their newfound fame, while also dealing with adolescence. [via Wikipedia]

The series stars Miranda Cosgrove, Jennette McCurdy, Nathan Kress, Noah Munck and Jerry Trainor.

The Episode List

The episode list and air dates below are for Nickelodeon in the United States. The dates, days, and times listed are for their first appearance on the network. The codes are official episode numbers used by the network.

Code Title Date Day Time
Season 1
101 iPilot Sept-8-2007 Sat 8:01p
103 iWant More Viewers Sept-8-2007 Sat 8:38p
113 iDream of Dance Sept-16-2007 Sun 7:27p
102 iLike Jake Sept-22-2007 Sat 8:00p
105 iWanna Stay With Spencer Sept-29-2007 Sat 7:30p
104 iNevel Oct-6-2007 Sat 7:30p
114 iScream on Halloween Oct-20-2007 Sat 8:00p
106 iSpy A Mean Teacher Nov-3-2007 Sat 8:00p
108 iWill Date Freddie Nov-10-2007 Sat 8:00p
107 iWant A World Record Nov-17-2007 Sat 8:00p
115 iRue the Day Dec-1-2007 Sat 8:00p
118 iPromise Not to Tell Jan-12-2008 Sat 8:00p
110 iAm Your Biggest Fan Jan-19-2008 Sat 8:00p
109 iHeart Art Feb-2-2008 Sat 8:00p
120 iHate Sam’s Boyfriend Feb-9-2008 Sat 8:00p
111 iHatch Chicks Feb-23-2008 Sat 8:00p
112 iDon’t Wanna Fight Mar-1-2008 Sat 8:00p
117 iPromote Techfoots Mar-15-2008 Sat 8:00p
116 iGot Detention Mar-22-2008 Sat 8:00p
121 iStakeout Apr-5-2008 Sat 8:00p
122 iMight Switch Schools Apr-26-2008 Sat 8:00p
123 iFence May-10-2008 Sat 8:00p
119 iCarly Saves TV Jun-13-2008 Fri 8:00p
124 iWin A Date Jul-25-2008 Fri 8:00p
125 iHave a Love Sick Teacher Jul-25-2008 Fri 8:30p
Season 2
204 iSaw Him First Sept-27-2008 Sat 9:00p
205 iStage an Intervention Oct-4-2008 Sat 8:00p
206 iOwe You Oct-11-2008 Sat 8:00p
207 iHurt Lewbert Oct-18-2008 Sat 8:00p
999 (201-203) iGo to Japan Nov-8-2008 Sat 8:00p
208 iPie Nov-15-2008 Sat 8:00p
209 iChristmas Dec-13-2008 Sat 8:00p
210 iKiss Jan-3-2009 Sat 8:00p
211 iGive Away A Car Jan-17-2009 Sat 8:00p
215 iRocked the Vote Feb-7-2009 Sat 8:00p
212 iMeet Fred Feb-16-2009 Mon 7:30p
213 iLook Alike Mar-7-2009 Sat 8:00p
219 iWant My Website Back Mar-21-2009 Sat 8:00p
216 iMake Sam Girlier Apr-11-2009 Sat 8:00p
214 iGo Nuclear Apr-22-2009 Wed 8:00p
998 (217/225) iDate A Bad Boy May-9-2009 Sat 8:00p
218 iReunite With Missy May-16-2009 Sat 8:00p
226 iTake on Dingo Jun-13-2009 Sat 8:00p
220 iMust Have Locker 239 Jun-27-2009 Sat 8:00p
224 iTwins Jul-11-2009 Sat 8:00p
997 (221/222) iFight Shelby Marx Aug-8-2009 Sat 8:00p
227 iThink They Kissed Sept-12-2009 Sat 8:00p
228 iCook Sept-19-2009 Sat 8:00p
230 iSpeed Date Sept-26-2009 Sat 8:00p
223 iCarly Awards Oct-3-2009 Sat 8:00p
229 iHave My Principals Oct-17-2009 Sat 8:00p
236 iFind Lewbert’s Lost Love Nov-14-2009 Sat 8:00p
241 iMove Out Nov-28-2009 Sat 8:00p
996 (233/234) iQuit iCarly Dec-5-2009 Sat 8:00p
232 iSaved Your Life Jan-18-2010 Mon 8:00p
237 iWas A Pageant Girl Jan-29-2010 Fri 8:00p
235 iEnrage Gibby Feb-5-2010 Fri 8:00p
232 iSaved Your Life
(extended version)
Feb-12-2010 Fri 8:00p
239 iSpace Out Mar-5-2010 Fri 8:00p
231 iFix a Pop Star Mar-19-2010 Fri 8:00p
245 iBloop Apr-17-2010 Sat 8:00p
238 iWon’t Cancel the Show May-1-2010 Sat 8:00p
240 iBelieve in Bigfoot May-8-2010 Sat 8:00p
995 (243/244) iPsycho Jun-4-2010 Fri 8:00p
242 iBeat the Heat Jun-26-2010 Sat 8:00p
Season 3
301 iGot A Hot Room Jul-30-2010 Fri 8:00p
305 iSam’s Mom Sept-11-2010 Sat 8:00p
304 iGet Pranky Sept-25-2010 Sat 8:00p
303 iSell Penny-Tees Oct-2-2010 Sat 8:00p
302 iDo Oct-11-2010 Mon 8:00p
994 (308/309) iStart A Fan War Nov-19-2010 Fri 8:00p
307 iHire An Idiot Feb-12-2011 Sat 8:00p
306 iPity the Nevel Mar-19-2011 Sat 8:00p
310 iOMG Apr-9-2011 Sat 8:00p
993 (311-313) iParty With VICTORiOUS Jun-11-2011 Sat 8:00p
402 iLost My Mind Aug-13-2011 Sat 8:00p
993 iParty With VICTORiOUS
(extended version)
Aug-27-2011 Sat 8:00p
Season 4
401 iDate Sam & Freddie Sept-10-2011 Sat 8:00p
403 iCan’t Take It Sept-17-2011 Sat 8:00p
404 iLove You Sept-24-2011 Sat 8:00p
405 iQ Oct-1-2011 Sat 8:00p
411 iBloop 2: Electric Bloopaloo Dec-28-2011 Wed 7:00p
992 (407/408) iStill Psycho Dec-31-2011 Sat 8:00p
410 iBalls Jan-7-2012 Sat 8:00p
406 iMeet the First Lady Jan-16-2012 Mon 7:30p
409 iToe Fat Cakes Jan-21-2012 Sat 8:00p
Season 5
503 iApril Fools Mar-24-2012 Sat 8:30p
501 iGo One Direction Apr-7-2012 Sat 8:00p
502 iOpen A Restaurant Apr-21-2012 Sat 8:00p
505 iHalfoween Apr-28-2012 Sat 8:00p
504 iPear Store May-12-2012 Sat 8:00p
506 iBattle Chip Jun-9-2012 Sat 8:00p
991 (510/511) iShock America Oct-6-2012 Sat 8:00p
507 iGet Banned Oct-13-2012 Sat 8:00p
512 iFind Spencer Friends Oct-20-2012 Sat 8:00p
509 iRescue Carly Oct-27-2012 Sat 8:00p
508 iLost My Head in Vegas Nov-3-2012 Sat 8:00p
513 iBust A Thief Nov-10-2012 Sat 8:00p
990 (514/515) iGoodbye Nov-23-2012 Fri 8:00p