Hey Arnold!

Hey Arnold! premiered in October 1996 on Nickelodeon. The animated comedy ran for five seasons and 100 half-hour episodes.

About The Show

Football-headed Arnold lives with his offbeat grandparents and pet pig in a boarding house inhabited by a bunch of eccentrics. With his best buddy Gerald, Arnold endures playground bullies, crushes, and everything else that comes with big-city life. [via Paramount+]

The Episode List

The episode list and air dates below are for Nickelodeon in the United States. The dates, days, and times listed are for their first appearance on the network. The codes are official episode numbers used by the network.

Code Title Date Day Time
001 Downtown as Fruits / Eugene’s Bike Oct-7-1996 Mon 8:00p
008 The List / Haunted Train Oct-9-1996 Wed 8:00p
007 Operation Ruthless / The Vacant Lot Oct-14-1996 Mon 8:00p
005 6th Grade Girls / The Baseball Oct-16-1996 Wed 8:00p
011 Benchwarmer / Cool Jerk Oct-21-1996 Mon 8:00p
002 The Little Pink Book / Field Trip Oct-23-1996 Wed 8:00p
013 Tutoring Torvald / Gerald Comes Over Oct-28-1996 Mon 8:00p
003 Arnold’s Hat / Stoop Kid Oct-30-1996 Wed 8:00p
006 Heat / Snow Nov-4-1996 Mon 8:00p
004 Helga’s Makeover / The Old Building Nov-6-1996 Wed 8:00p
009 Mugged / Roughin’ It Nov-11-1996 Mon 8:00p
010 Door #16 / Arnold as Cupid Nov-13-1996 Wed 8:00p
012 Das Subway / Wheezin’ Ed Nov-18-1996 Mon 8:00p
014 Spelling Bee / Pigeon Man Nov-20-1996 Wed 8:00p
015 Olga Comes Home / Sally’s Comet Nov-25-1996 Mon 8:00p
016 Abner Come Home / The Sewer King Nov-27-1996 Wed 8:00p
018 Magic Show / 24 Hours to Live Dec-9-1996 Mon 8:00p
020 Arnold’s Christmas Dec-11-1996 Wed 8:00p
017 False Alarm / World Records Dec-23-1996 Mon 8:00p
025 Arnold’s Valentine Feb-12-1997 Wed 8:00p
038 Save the Tree / New Teacher Sept-22-1997 Mon 8:00p
035 Helga’s Love Potion / Gerald’s Secret Sept-24-1997 Wed 8:00p
027 The Big Scoop / Harold’s Kitty Sept-29-1997 Mon 8:00p
032 Longest Monday / Eugene’s Pet Oct-1-1997 Wed 8:00p
030 Monkey Business / Big Caesar Oct-6-1997 Mon 8:00p
029 Ransom / Ms. Perfect Oct-8-1997 Wed 8:00p
028 Arnold Saves Sid / Hookey Oct-13-1997 Mon 8:00p
034 Freeze Frame / Phoebe Cheats Oct-15-1997 Wed 8:00p
033 Mudbowl / Gerald Moves Out Oct-20-1997 Mon 8:00p
031 The High Life / Best Friends Oct-22-1997 Wed 8:00p
040 Arnold’s Halloween Oct-27-1997 Mon 8:00p
036 Steely Phil / Quantity Time Oct-29-1997 Wed 8:00p
037 Eating Contest / Rhonda’s Glasses Nov-3-1997 Mon 8:00p
021 Helga’s Boyfriend / Crush on Teacher Nov-5-1997 Wed 8:00p
022 Hall Monitor / Harold’s Bar Mitzvah Nov-10-1997 Mon 8:00p
023 Coach Wittenberg / Four-Eyed Jack Nov-12-1997 Wed 8:00p
039 Eugene Goes Bad / What’s Opera, Arnold? Nov-17-1997 Mon 8:00p
024 Tour de Pond / Teachers’ Strike Nov-24-1997 Mon 8:00p
026 Runaway Float / Partners Dec-1-1997 Mon 8:00p
045 Helga Blabs It All / Harold the Butcher Aug-31-1998 Mon 8:00p
047 Dangerous Lumber / Mr. Hyunh Goes Country Sept-2-1998 Wed 8:00p
050 Casa Paradiso / Gerald’s Tonsils Sept-7-1998 Mon 8:00p
048 Arnold’s Room / Helga vs. Big Patty Sept-9-1998 Wed 8:00p
043 Stinky Goes Hollywood / Olga Gets Engaged Sept-14-1998 Mon 8:00p
042 Curly Snaps / Pre-Teen Scream Sept-16-1998 Wed 8:00p
054 Grandpa’s Birthday / Road Trip Sept-28-1998 Mon 8:00p
053 Sid’s Revenge / Roller Coaster Oct-7-1998 Wed 8:00p
041 The Aptitude Test / Oskar Gets a Job Oct-14-1998 Wed 8:00p
046 Arnold Betrays Iggy / Helga and the Nanny Oct-19-1998 Mon 8:00p
049 Career Day / Hey Harold! Oct-21-1998 Wed 8:00p
052 Best Man / Cool Party Nov-2-1998 Mon 8:00p
055 Arnold & Lila / Grand Prix Nov-11-1998 Wed 8:00p
056 Arnold’s Thanksgiving Nov-18-1998 Wed 8:00p
058 Helga’s Show / The Flood Nov-23-1998 Mon 8:00p
019 Part Time Friends / Biosquare Nov-30-1998 Mon 8:00p
051 Phoebe Takes the Fall / The Pig War Dec-7-1998 Mon 8:00p
044 Crabby Author / Rich Kid Dec-28-1998 Mon 8:00p
057 Girl Trouble / School Dance Jan-4-1999 Mon 8:00p
059 School Play Mar-8-1999 Mon 8:00p
063 Full Moon / Student Teacher Mar-10-1999 Wed 8:00p
064 Big Gino / Jamie O in Love Mar-15-1999 Mon 8:00p
061 Eugene’s Birthday / Stinky’s Pumpkin Mar-17-1999 Wed 8:00p
065 The Beeper Queen / Oskar Can’t Read? Mar-29-1999 Mon 8:00p
062 Dinner for Four / Phoebe Skips Mar-31-1999 Wed 8:00p
067 Helga’s Parrot / Chocolate Turtles Apr-5-1999 Mon 8:00p
068 Love and Cheese / Weighing Harold Apr-7-1999 Wed 8:00p
072 Back to School / Egg Story Sept-11-1999 Sat 10:30a
069 It Girl / Deconstructing Arnold Sept-18-1999 Sat 10:30a
070 Grudge Match / Polishing Rhonda Sept-25-1999 Sat 10:30a
073 Weird Cousin / Baby Oskar Oct-9-1999 Sat 10:30a
076 Grandpa’s Sister / Synchronized Swimming Oct-16-1999 Sat 10:30a
074 Helga Sleepwalks / Fighting Families Oct-23-1999 Sat 10:30a
066 Headless Cabbie / Friday the 13th Oct-30-1999 Sat 10:30a
071 Veterans Day Nov-6-1999 Sat 10:30a
078 Helga on the Couch Dec-4-1999 Sat 10:30a
079 Dino Checks Out Dec-11-1999 Sat 10:30a
075 Monkeyman! / Buses, Bikes, and Subways Mar-4-2000 Sat 10:30a
077 Helga’s Masquerade / Mr. Green Runs Mar-11-2000 Sat 10:30a
081 Sid the Vampire Slayer / Big Sis Mar-18-2000 Sat 10:30a
083 Bag of Money / Principal Simmons Apr-5-2000 Wed 8:00p
084 New Bully on the Block / Phoebe Breaks a Leg Apr-12-2000 Wed 8:00p
086 Helga’s Locket / Sid and Germs Apr-19-2000 Wed 8:00p
089 Suspended / Ernie in Love Apr-26-2000 Wed 8:00p
060 Parents Day May-10-2000 Wed 8:00p
080 Summer Love Jun-21-2000 Wed 8:00p
085 Stuck in a Tree / Rhonda Goes Broke Jan-5-2001 Fri 9:00p
087 Beaned / Old Iron Man Jan-12-2001 Fri 8:00p
090 Arnold Visits Arnie / Chocolate Boy Jan-26-2001 Fri 9:00p
093A On the Lam Dec-8-2001 Sat 5:30p
091 Harold vs. Patty / Rich Guy Feb-3-2002 Sun 4:00p
201 (098) April Fool’s Day Apr-1-2002 Mon 8:00p
082 Gerald’s Game / Fishing Trip Apr-27-2002 Sat 11:00a
096 Married May-11-2002 Sat 5:30p
093B Family Man Jun-1-2002 Sat 11:15a
092B Curly’s Girl Oct-14-2002 Mon 5:15p
999 (099/100) The Journal Nov-11-2002 Mon 8:00p
097 Timberly Loves Arnold / Eugene, Eugene! Jan-28-2003 Tue 6:00a
088 Ghost Bride / Gerald vs. Jamie O Nov-11-2003 Tue 7:00p
095 A Day in the Life of a Classroom / Big Bob’s Crisis Nov-15-2003 Sat 5:30p
092A The Racing Mule Jan-11-2004 Sun 12:00p
094 Phoebe’s Little Problem / Grandpa’s Packard Jun-8-2004 Tue 6:30p
Movie Hey Arnold! The Movie (2002) Jun-25-2005 Sat 8:00p
TV Movie Hey Arnold! The Jungle Movie Nov-24-2017 Fri 7:00p


“The Racing Mule”: Technical issues during the debut of U-Pick Live caused this episode to not actually premiere as it was supposed to on October 14, 2002. A repeat of the full episode was scheduled over a year later on November 19, 2003 at 6:30pm (also during the U-Pick Live block), but it again had the same issues for part of the episode (the episode “Married” airing instead). The date listed above (January 11, 2004) was the first time the episode aired in full with no issues.