Harvey Beaks

Harvey Beaks premiered in March 2015 on Nickelodeon. The animated comedy aired for two seasons and 52 half-hour episodes.

About The Show

“Rules are made to be broken” is an idiom that is about to come true for young Harvey Beaks, a bird with a big head and an even bigger heart. His desire to follow the rules is about to be tested by his best friends, twins Fee and Foo, who don’t abide by any rules. Harvey has always wanted to have fun, but his unlikely friends are helping bring out his wild side. The trio’s escapades in Bigbark Woods take them on adventures that include fighting a gang of squirrels and stealing bikes from a grumpy raccoon. Whatever Harvey, Fee and Foo are doing, two things are certain: they’re having fun and causing some trouble doing it. [via Gracenote]

The Episode List

The episode list and air dates below are for Nickelodeon and Nicktoons in the United States. The dates, days, and times listed are for their first appearance on the network. The codes are official episode numbers used by the network.

Code Title Date Day Time
Premiered on Nickelodeon
101A Pe-Choo! Mar-28-2015 Sat 9:31p
101B The Spitting Tree Mar-29-2015 Sun 7:10p
103 The Finger / The Negatives of Being Positively Charged Apr-5-2015 Sun 7:00p
102 The Rentl Bike / Anti-Valentine’s Day Apr-12-2015 Sun 7:00p
106 Nightclub Night / The Rebel Apr-19-2015 Sun 7:00p
107A Harvey’s First Scar Apr-26-2015 Sun 7:00p
105A A Tail of les Squirrels Apr-26-2015 Sun 7:15p
107B The Nature of Nature May-2-2015 Sat 9:15a
108B Princess is Better Than You May-2-2015 Sat 9:45a
109B Old-Fashioned Dade May-2-2015 Sat 10:15a
105B Someone’s Stealing My Stuff May-2-2015 Sat 10:45a
104 Comet Night? / Comet Night! May-10-2015 Sun 7:00p
109A The Almighty Foo May-17-2015 Sun 7:00p
108A The Ghost Problem May-17-2015 Sun 7:15p
110 The Sleepover’s Over / Certified Babysitter May-24-2015 Sun 7:00p
111 Fee’s Haircut / Harvey’s Favorite Book Jul-18-2015 Sat 11:00a
112 Dad Band / Foo’s Panic Room Jul-25-2015 Sat 11:00a
113 A Day of No To-Do / Recipe for Disaster Sept-7-2015 Mon 7:30p
114B King of Pranks Sept-18-2015 Fri 8:00p
114A Randl’s Scandl Sept-25-2015 Fri 8:00p
115A Night Maid Oct-2-2015 Fri 8:00p
115B Icky Chicky Oct-9-2015 Fri 8:00p
116A Buds Before Studs Oct-16-2015 Fri 8:00p
120 Le Corn Maze… of DOOM! / Harvey Isn’t Scary Oct-23-2015 Fri 8:00p
116B Harvey Fights Kratz Nov-6-2015 Fri 8:00p
117A Yampions Nov-13-2015 Fri 8:00p
117B Barkball Nov-20-2015 Fri 8:00p
118A Junior Squealers Jan-15-2016 Fri 8:00p
118B The Storm Jan-22-2016 Fri 8:00p
119A Steamgate Jan-29-2016 Fri 8:30p
119B Yeti Ready Feb-5-2016 Fri 8:00p
121A Terrybear Feb-19-2016 Fri 8:00p
121B Bark Kart Feb-26-2016 Fri 8:00p
122B King of the Castle Jun-6-2016 Mon 5:30p
122A Wade is Cooler Than Dade Jun-6-2016 Mon 5:45p
123 Foofee / Why Are You Even Friends? Jun-7-2016 Tue 5:30p
126 Alone / Foo Shoes Jun-8-2016 Wed 5:30p
124 The Punishment / Arbor Day Jun-9-2016 Thu 5:30p
125 Double Digits / Fee & Foo’s First Birthday Jun-10-2016 Fri 5:30p
203A The New Bugaboo Jun-13-2016 Mon 5:30p
203B The Case of the Missing Pancake Jun-14-2016 Tue 5:30p
204A Kathy with a “K” Jun-15-2016 Wed 5:30p
204B Harvey’s Pet Jun-16-2016 Thu 5:30p
205A Fee’s Pyramid Jun-17-2016 Fri 5:30p
205B Life Debt Jun-20-2016 Mon 5:30p
206A The Feelings Jun-21-2016 Tue 5:30p
206B Bag of Naughty Jun-22-2016 Wed 5:30p
201 Steampunks Part 1 Jun-23-2016 Thu 5:30p
202 Steampunks Part 2 Jun-24-2016 Fri 5:30p
210 Mr. & Mrs. Borks Sept-26-2016 Mon 5:30p
207A Operation Peanut Butter Sept-27-2016 Tue 5:30p
207B Little Littlebark Sept-28-2016 Wed 5:30p
208A Repo Fee Sept-29-2016 Thu 5:30p
208B Stalemates Sept-30-2016 Fri 5:30p
213 Technoscare Oct-15-2016 Sat 11:30a
215 It’s Christmas, You Dorks! Dec-9-2016 Fri 7:52p
Premiered on Nicktoons
212 Rockbark Rocks / Ocean Promotion Mar-1-2017 Wed 9:00p
216 Jeremy: Defender of the Forest / Princess Harvey Mar-8-2017 Wed 9:00p
217 The Split / The Dade Mar-15-2017 Wed 9:00p
214 Secret Gordon / The Unknown Comic Mar-22-2017 Wed 9:00p
211 The Blister / The Bad Seed Mar-29-2017 Wed 9:00p
209 The Ballad of Muesli & Jangles / Floo-id Apr-5-2017 Wed 9:00p
218 Hug Life / On The Fence Dec-18-2017 Mon 8:30p
221 The Late Late Afternoon Show with Harvey Beaks / The Grunicorn Dec-19-2017 Tue 8:30p
222 Photo Finished / Squashbuckling Dec-20-2017 Wed 8:30p
225 Later, Dingus / Hair to Help Dec-21-2017 Thu 8:30p
220 Break the Lake / The Amazing Harvey Dec-22-2017 Fri 8:30p
219 Princess Wants a Mom / Rage Against the Michelle Dec-26-2017 Tue 8:30p
224 Grand Motel / Missing Harvey Dec-27-2017 Wed 8:30p
223 Leaf it to Kathy / A Child’s Guide to Surviving the Wild Dec-28-2017 Thu 8:30p
226 The End & The Beginning Dec-29-2017 Fri 8:30p