Good Luck Charlie

Good Luck Charlie premiered in April 2010 on Disney Channel. The live-action sitcom aired for four seasons and 100 half-hour episodes.

About The Show

Teens PJ and Teddy and tween brother Gabe are typical kids — that is, until their mother has another baby. The arrival of their new sister completely upends the entire household. When their mother heads back to work after Charlie’s birth, it’s up to the kids and their dad to keep the home fires burning — and to keep Charlie out of trouble as she learns to sit up, crawl, walk and run. Teddy, as the older sister, makes a personalized video diary for Charlie, in each episode adding a nugget of wisdom for her baby sibling. [via Gracenote]

The series starred Bridgit Mendler, Leigh-Allyn Baker, Bradley Steven Perry, Mia Talerico, Eric Allan Kramer, and Jason Dolley.

The Episode List

The episode list and air dates below are for Disney Channel in the United States. The dates, days, and times listed are for their first appearance on the network. The codes are official episode numbers used by the network.

Code Title Date Day Time
Season 1
101 Study Date Apr-4-2010 Sun 8:30p
102 Baby Come Back Apr-11-2010 Sun 8:30p
106 The Curious Case of Mr. Dabney Apr-18-2010 Sun 8:30p
104 Double Whammy Apr-25-2010 Sun 8:30p
108 Dance Off May-2-2010 Sun 8:30p
107 Charlie Did It! May-9-2010 Sun 8:30p
118 Butt-Dialing Duncans May-16-2010 Sun 8:30p
110 Charlie is 1 May-23-2010 Sun 8:30p
105 Up a Tree Jun-6-2010 Sun 8:30p
103 Take Mel Out to the Ball Game Jun-13-2010 Sun 8:30p
109 Boys Meet Girls Jun-27-2010 Sun 8:30p
111 Kit and Kaboodle Jul-11-2010 Sun 8:30p
112 Teddy’s Little Helper Aug-1-2010 Sun 8:30p
113 Blankie Go Bye-Bye Aug-15-2010 Sun 8:30p
114 Charlie Goes Viral Aug-29-2010 Sun 8:30p
115 Duncans Got Talent Sept-12-2010 Sun 8:30p
116 Kwikki Chick Sept-19-2010 Sun 8:30p
123 Charlie In Charge Oct-17-2010 Sun 8:30p
125 Sleepless in Denver Oct-24-2010 Sun 8:30p
117 Girl Bites Dog Nov-14-2010 Sun 8:00p
119 Teddy’s Broken Heart Club Band Nov-21-2010 Sun 8:00p
120 Teddy Rebounds Nov-28-2010 Sun 8:00p
124 Pushing Buttons Dec-12-2010 Sun 8:00p
121 Snow Show (1) Jan-16-2011 Sun 8:30p
122 Snow Show (2) Jan-23-2011 Sun 8:00p
126 Driving Mrs. Dabney Jan-30-2011 Sun 8:00p
Season 2
202 Charlie is 2! Feb-20-2011 Sun 8:00p
203 Something’s Fishy Feb-27-2011 Sun 8:00p
201 Let’s Potty Mar-6-2011 Sun 8:00p
208 Appy Days Mar-13-2011 Sun 8:00p
204 Duncan vs. Duncan Mar-20-2011 Sun 8:00p
206 A LARP in the Park Mar-27-2011 Sun 8:00p
209 Battle of the Bands Apr-3-2011 Sun 8:00p
205 The Singin’ Dancin’ Duncans Apr-10-2011 Sun 8:00p
210 Teddy’s Bear Apr-15-2011 Fri 7:30p
211 Meet the Parents May-1-2011 Sun 8:00p
212 Gabe’s 12-1/2 Birthday May-8-2011 Sun 8:00p
213 The Break Up May-15-2011 Sun 8:00p
215 Charlie Shakes It Up Jun-5-2011 Sun 8:00p
207 Baby’s New Shoes Jun-12-2011 Sun 8:00p
216 Bye Bye Video Diary Jun-19-2011 Sun 8:00p
214 Monkey Business Jun-26-2011 Sun 8:00p
219 PJ in the City Jul-10-2011 Sun 8:05p
221 Sun Show (1) Jul-24-2011 Sun 8:30p
222 Sun Show (2) Jul-31-2011 Sun 8:00p
217 Amazing Gracie Aug-7-2011 Sun 8:00p
220 Termite Queen Aug-21-2011 Sun 8:00p
218 The Bob Duncan Experience Aug-28-2011 Sun 8:00p
225 Ditch Day Sept-11-2011 Sun 8:00p
223 Alley Oops Sept-25-2011 Sun 8:00p
224 Scary Had a Little Lamb Oct-9-2011 Sun 8:00p
227 Return to Super Adventure Land Oct-23-2011 Sun 8:00p
230 Can You Keep a Secret? Nov-6-2011 Sun 8:00p
226 Story Time Nov-13-2011 Sun 8:00p
228 It’s a Charlie Duncan Thanksgiving Nov-20-2011 Sun 8:00p
229 Teddy on Ice Nov-27-2011 Sun 8:00p
Disney Channel Original Movie
Good Luck Charlie, It’s Christmas! Dec-2-2011 Fri 8:00p
Season 3
301 Make Room for Baby May-6-2012 Sun 8:00p
302 Bad Luck Teddy May-6-2012 Sun 8:30p
303 Amy Needs a Shower May-13-2012 Sun 7:30p
304 Dress Mess May-13-2012 Sun 8:00p
307 Catch Me If You Can May-20-2012 Sun 7:30p
308 Name That Baby Jun-15-2012 Fri 7:30p
305/306 Special Delivery Jun-24-2012 Sun 8:00p
309 Welcome Home Jul-1-2012 Sun 8:00p
310 Baby’s First Vacation Jul-15-2012 Sun 7:30p
311 Wentz’s Weather Girls Jul-29-2012 Sun 8:00p
312 Baby Steps Aug-12-2012 Sun 8:00p
313 T-Wrecks Aug-26-2012 Sun 8:00p
314 Teddy and the Bambino Sept-16-2012 Sun 8:00p
315 Team Mom Sept-23-2012 Sun 8:00p
318 Le Halloween Oct-7-2012 Sun 8:00p
316 Guys & Dolls Oct-14-2012 Sun 8:00p
317 Nurse Blankenhooper Oct-28-2012 Sun 8:00p
319 Charlie Whisperer Nov-4-2012 Sun 7:30p
321 Study Buddy Nov-11-2012 Sun 7:30p
320 A Duncan Christmas Dec-2-2012 Sun 7:30p
322/323 All Fall Down Jan-20-2013 Sun 8:00p
Season 4
401 Duncan Dream House Apr-28-2013 Sun 7:30p
402 Doppel Date May-5-2013 Sun 7:30p
403 Demolition Dabney May-12-2013 Sun 7:30p
404 Go Teddy! May-19-2013 Sun 7:30p
405 Rock, Enroll Jun-2-2013 Sun 8:00p
406 The Unusual Suspects Jun-8-2013 Sat 8:00p
407 Rat-A-Teddy Jun-23-2013 Sun 7:30p
409 Charlie 4, Toby 1 Jul-14-2013 Sun 7:30p
414 Futuredrama Jul-28-2013 Sun 7:30p
410 Teddy’s New Beau Aug-4-2013 Sun 8:00p
411 Teddy’s Choice Aug-11-2013 Sun 7:30p
412 Bug Prom Sept-15-2013 Sun 7:30p
416 Weekend in Vegas Sept-22-2013 Sun 7:30p
415 Fright Knight Oct-6-2013 Sun 7:30p
408 Sister, Sister Oct-13-2013 Sun 7:30p
413 Bob’s Beau-Be-Gone Nov-10-2013 Sun 7:30p
418 Good Luck Jessie: NYC Christmas
(part 1 of crossover with Jessie)
Nov-29-2013 Fri 8:00p
417 Accepted Jan-19-2014 Sun 8:00p
419 Down a Tree Jan-26-2014 Sun 7:30p
420/421 Goodbye Charlie Feb-16-2014 Sun 8:00p