Glenn Martin, DDS

Glenn Martin, DDS premiered in August 2009 on Nick@Nite. The stop-motion animated comedy ran for two seasons and 40 half-hour episodes.

About The Show

The first production to come from Michael Eisner’s Tornante Animation, “Glenn Martin, DDS” follows the adventures of a dentist who, after learning that his favorite childhood amusement park is about to be demolished, takes his family on a cross-country road trip in his toothbrush-topped “dental mobile” to protest the razing. Along the way, the Martins grow closer as a family as they’re met by an assortment of colorful locals and crazy situations. The stop-motion animated comedy’s road trip plot, as Eisner sees it, is in the mold of themes explored in feature films “Little Miss Sunshine” and “Vacation.” [via Gracenote]

The Episode List

The episode list and air dates below are for Nick@Nite in the United States. The dates, days, and times listed are for their first appearance on the network. The codes are official episode numbers used by the network.

Code Title Date Day Time
Season 1
102 Amish Anguish Aug-17-2009 Mon 8:00p
109 The Grossest Show on Earth Aug-18-2009 Tue 8:00p
101 Save the Tooth Aug-19-2009 Wed 8:00p
103 Pimp My RV Aug-20-2009 Thu 8:00p
106 We’ve Created a Mobster Aug-24-2009 Mon 8:00p
110 A Bromantic Getaway Aug-25-2009 Tue 8:00p
107 From Here to Fraternity Aug-31-2009 Mon 8:00p
108 Korea Opportunities Sept-14-2009 Mon 8:00p
104 Fatal Direction Sept-28-2009 Mon 8:00p
113 Little Miss Backstabber Oct-12-2009 Mon 8:30p
105 Halloween Hangover Oct-26-2009 Mon 8:00p
114 Mom Dated THAT Guy? Nov-9-2009 Mon 8:00p
112 Deck the Malls Nov-29-2009 Sun 10:00p
120 The Tooth Shall Set You Free Jan-25-2010 Mon 8:00p
115 Hail to the Teeth Feb-15-2010 Mon 8:30p
118 Vegas Strip Mar-8-2010 Mon 8:00p
116 Skate, Rattle and Roll Apr-12-2010 Mon 8:00p
117 Rock and Roll Mom May-7-2010 Fri 10:30p
119 Funshine, U.S.A. May-21-2010 Fri 10:30p
Season 2
204 Bust ’em Up Jun-11-2010 Fri 10:30p
203 Dog Show Jun-18-2010 Fri 10:30p
202 Footlooseball Jul-2-2010 Fri 10:30p
205 Jackie’s Get-Witch-Quick Scheme Jul-9-2010 Fri 10:30p
206 Tooth Fairy Jul-30-2010 Fri 10:30p
209 Fashion Show Sept-10-2010 Fri 10:30p
210 Step-Brother Sept-17-2010 Fri 10:30p
212 Life Swap Oct-15-2010 Fri 10:30p
215 A Very Martin Christmas Dec-3-2010 Fri 10:30p
213 Courtney’s Pony Dec-20-2010 Mon 10:30p
217 Dad News Bears Dec-21-2010 Tue 10:30p
214 Volunteers Dec-22-2010 Wed 10:30p
999 (207/208) Camp Dec-23-2010 Thu 10:30p
211 Glennhog Day Feb-4-2011 Fri 10:30p
216 Glenn and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance Feb-18-2011 Fri 10:30p
218 Windfall Jul-10-2011 late-Sun 5:30a
219 Videogame Wizard Aug-7-2011 late-Sun 5:30a
220 Date With Destiny Aug-21-2011 late-Sun 5:30a
201 H*E*I*S*T Nov-6-2011 late-Sun 5:30a
111 Miami Spice (was originally scheduled for Oct-19-2009)