Gamer’s Guide to Pretty Much Everything

Gamer’s Guide to Pretty Much Everything premiered in July 2015 on Disney XD. The live-action sitcom ran for two seasons and 37 half-hour episodes.

About The Show

Charismatic Conor may just be a teenager, but he is already a professional in his chosen field known as “KidFury,” a professional video game player who takes the industry by storm. Things change, though, when a thumb injury brings his gaming career to a screeching halt, a setback that forces him out of the gaming circuit and into a public high school for the first time. While there, he meets three fellow gamers — Franklin, Wendell and Ashley — who team up with Conor to form the school’s first-ever gaming league. Working together, the foursome learns that making lasting friendships in the real world is more meaningful than getting high scores in the digital realm. [via Gracenote]

The series stars Cameron Boyce, Murray Wyatt Rundus, Felix Avitia, and Sophie Reynolds.

The Episode List

The episode list and air dates below are for Disney XD in the United States. The dates, days, and times listed are for their first appearance on the network. The codes are official episode numbers used by the network.

Code Title Date Day Time
Season 1
101 Gamer’s Guide to Pretty Much Everything Jul-22-2015 Wed 9:30p
103 The Gaming Club Jul-29-2015 Wed 9:30p
104 The Puddin’ Party Aug-5-2015 Wed 9:30p
102 The Chair Aug-12-2015 Wed 9:30p
106 The Spirit Egg Aug-19-2015 Wed 9:30p
105 The Rival’s Arrival Sept-30-2015 Wed 9:00p
107 The Sponsor Oct-7-2015 Wed 8:30p
110 The Driving Test Oct-14-2015 Wed 8:30p
109 The Psycho Zombie Bloodbath Oct-21-2015 Wed 8:30p
111 The Incident Oct-28-2015 Wed 8:30p
108 The Prank of the Century Nov-4-2015 Wed 8:30p
113 The Odd Couple Nov-25-2015 Wed 8:30p
116 The Longest Yard Dec-2-2015 Wed 8:30p
114 The Penpal Jan-27-2016 Wed 7:30p
115 The Asteroid Blasters Feb-10-2016 Wed 7:30p
117 The Chillerz Feb-17-2016 Wed 7:30p
118 The Cabin Feb-24-2016 Wed 7:30p
119 The Super Kart Mar-2-2016 Wed 7:30p
120 The Rock Band Mar-9-2016 Wed 7:30p
112 The Goat Mar-16-2016 Wed 7:30p
121 The Escape Room Mar-23-2016 Wed 7:30p
Season 2
209 The Ringer Jul-18-2016 Mon 12:00p
204 The Olym-pig Torch Jul-25-2016 Mon 9:00p
201 The Luchador Aug-1-2016 Mon 12:00p
202 The Rankening Aug-8-2016 Mon 12:00p
205 The Protégé Aug-15-2016 Mon 12:00p
203 The Stump War Aug-27-2016 Sat 7:00p
206 The Prison Escape Movie Sept-3-2016 Sat 7:00p
210 The Long Weekend Sept-17-2016 Sat 7:00p
208 The Ghost Oct-1-2016 Sat 7:00p
207 The Has-Been’s Back Oct-8-2016 Sat 7:00p
211 The DJs Oct-15-2016 Sat 7:00p
212 The Detective Nov-5-2016 Sat 7:00p
213 The Arcade Hero Jan-2-2017 Mon 8:00p
214 The Stings Jan-2-2017 Mon 8:30p
215 The Rodeo Jan-2-2017 Mon 9:00p
216 The Big City Jan-2-2017 Mon 9:30p