Doug premiered in August 1991 on Nickelodeon. The animated comedy, the very first Nicktoon, ran for four seasons and 52 half-hour episodes.

Due to Nick not fulfilling a contracted 65-episode minimum, Jim Jinkins took the show to Disney to make more episodes. To this day, both companies own their respective series, while Nick is unable to make any new material with the property.

About The Show

Life isn’t always a barrel of laughs for Doug Funnie. He’s just started junior high in a new school, he gets pushed around by a bully named Roger Klotz, and he’s not exactly a smooth talker around his dream girl, Patti Mayonnaise. But if there’s one thing Doug’s good at it’s creative thinking. He’s like a warehouse of imagination packed into a V-neck sweater—which is a good thing, since he always seems to wind up in some sort of a jam. It might not always be easy, but with the help of his dog Porkchop and his best friend Skeeter, Doug usually ends up landing on his feet. And if he surprises some people along the way, well, no one is quite as surprised by Doug as Doug himself. [via]

The Episode List

The episode list and air dates below are for Nickelodeon in the United States. The dates, days, and times listed are for their first appearance on the network. The codes are official episode numbers used by the network.

Code Title Date Day Time
Season 1
002 Doug Can’t Dance / Doug Gets Busted Aug-11-1991 Sun 10:00a
001 Doug Bags a Neematoad Aug-18-1991 Sun 10:00a
003 Doug’s Dog’s Date / Doug’s Big Nose Aug-25-1991 Sun 10:00a
004 Doug Takes a Hike / Doug Rocks Sept-8-1991 Sun 10:00a
005 Doug Can’t Dig It / Doug Didn’t Do It Sept-22-1991 Sun 10:00a
006 Doug Mayor for a Day / Doug’s No Dummy Sept-29-1991 Sun 10:00a
007 Doug Cool Shoes / Doug to the Rescue Oct-6-1991 Sun 10:00a
008 Doug Gets His Ears Lowered / Doug on the Wild Side Oct-27-1991 Sun 10:00a
009 Doug’s Big Catch / Doug Needs Money Nov-3-1991 Sun 10:00a
010 Doug’s Runaway Journal / Doug’s Doodle Nov-10-1991 Sun 10:00a
011 Doug’s Cookin’ / Doug Loses Dale Nov-17-1991 Sun 10:00a
012 Doug is Quailman / Doug Out in Left Field Nov-24-1991 Sun 10:00a
013 Doug’s Fair Lady / Doug Says Goodbye Dec-8-1991 Sun 10:00a
Season 2
015 Doug’s Got No Gift / Doug vs. the Klotzoid Zombies Sept-13-1992 Sun 10:00a
014 Doug Takes the Case / Doug’s Secret Song Sept-20-1992 Sun 10:00a
016 Doug’s Secret Admirer / Doug’s On T.V. Sept-27-1992 Sun 10:00a
017 Doug’s Dinner Date / Doug Meets Fentruck Oct-4-1992 Sun 10:00a
020 Doug Battles the Rulemeister / Doug’s a Genius Oct-11-1992 Sun 10:00a
021 Doug Saves Roger / Doug’s Big News Oct-18-1992 Sun 10:00a
022 Doug’s a Big Fat Liar / Doug Wears Tights Oct-25-1992 Sun 10:00a
019 Doug’s Derby Dilemma / Doug On His Own Nov-1-1992 Sun 10:00a
023 Doug on the Trail / Doug Meets Robobone Nov-8-1992 Sun 10:00a
025 Doug’s Hot Ticket / Doug’s Dental Disaster Nov-15-1992 Sun 10:00a
018 Doug’s On Stage / Doug’s Worst Nightmare Nov-22-1992 Sun 10:00a
024 Doug Pumps Up / Doug Goes Hollywood Nov-29-1992 Sun 10:00a
026 Doug’s Lost Weekend / Doug’s Lucky Hat Dec-6-1992 Sun 10:00a
Season 3
027 Doug’s Fat Cat / Doug and Patti P.I. Apr-11-1993 Sun 10:00a
028 Doug’s is Slave for a Day / Doug Rocks the House Apr-18-1993 Sun 10:00a
029 Doug’s Comic Collaboration / Doug’s Pet Capades Apr-25-1993 Sun 10:00a
030 Doug’s Career Anxiety / Doug’s Big Brawl May-9-1993 Sun 10:00a
031 Doug’s Huge Zit / Doug Flies a Kite May-16-1993 Sun 10:00a
032 Doug and the Weird Kids / Doug Behind the Wheel May-23-1993 Sun 10:00a
033 Doug’s New Teacher / Doug On First May-30-1993 Sun 10:00a
034 Doug’s Cartoon / Doug’s Monster Movie Jun-6-1993 Sun 10:00a
035 Doug’s Hot Property / Doug and the Little Liar Jun-13-1993 Sun 10:00a
036 Doug Inc. / Doug’s Nightmare on Jumbo Street Jun-20-1993 Sun 10:00a
037 Doug’s Shock Therapy / Doug is Hamburger Boy Jun-27-1993 Sun 10:00a
038 Doug and the Yard of Doom / Doug’s Garage Band Jul-4-1993 Sun 10:00a
039 Doug’s Great Beet War / Doug’s Magic Act Jul-11-1993 Sun 10:00a
Season 4
040 Doug’s Math Problem / Doug’s Big Feat Sept-26-1993 Sun 10:00a
041 Doug’s Bum Rap / Doug & Patti Sittin’ in a Tree Oct-3-1993 Sun 10:00a
042 Doug Door to Door / Doug Tips the Scales Oct-10-1993 Sun 10:00a
043 Doug’s Halloween Adventure Oct-30-1993 Sat 7:00p
044 Doug En Vogue / Doug’s Mail Order Mania Nov-7-1993 Sun 10:00a
045 Doug’s Birthday Present / Doug’s Fan Club Nov-14-1993 Sun 10:00a
046 Doug Runs / Doug Clobbers Patti Nov-21-1993 Sun 10:00a
047 Doug’s Treasure Hunt / Doug’s Brainy Buddy Nov-27-1993 Sat 7:30p
048 Doug Ripped Off! / Doug’s Babysitter Dec-5-1993 Sun 10:00a
050 Doug’s in the Money / Doug’s Sister Act Dec-12-1993 Sun 10:00a
049 Doug’s Christmas Story Dec-12-1993 Sun 8:00p
051 Doug Throws a Party / Doug Way Out West Dec-26-1993 Sun 10:00a
052 Doug Graduates / Doug’s Bad Trip Jan-2-1994 Sun 10:00a