ChalkZone premiered in March 2002 on Nickelodeon. The animated comedy series aired for four seasons and 40 half-hour episodes.

ChalkZone began as a series of eight shorts on Nickelodeon’s Oh Yeah! Cartoons animation showcase series, debuting July 19, 1998. Two shorts aired during the first season in 1998 and six more during the second season in 1999. Nickelodeon aired a special stand-alone pilot on December 31, 1999, which featured two more shorts. Of the ten pre-series shorts, eight were repackaged into the first season of ChalkZone, with “ChalkDad” and “Chalk Rain” being the two that were left out.

Nick officially launched ChalkZone as its own show on March 22, 2002. It debuted as Nick’s highest rated series premiere at the time with kids 2-11 and had over 4 million total viewers. The first season consisted of six half-hours, which the network ran a tremendous amount throughout the year. A second season of eight episodes debuted in 2003. The third season consisted of 16 episodes, and the fourth and final season had 10 episodes. Starting with season three (at episode #015), the show received an updated intro. Starting with episode #020, the title cards changed from a chalkboard to custom designs for each episode.

As was the case with many shows, Nick’s interest in the series dwindled between 2004 and 2005. The final six episodes were held back and didn’t air until the summer of 2008 at 6:30 in the morning.

About The Show

Young Rudy appears like any other student at his elementary school, but he has a special gift. Rudy can draw portals with his magic chalk and use those portals to enter new worlds. The drawings that have been previously erased come to life as Rudy explores the ChalkZone. [via Gracenote]

The Episode List

The episode list and air dates below are for Nickelodeon in the United States. The dates, days, and times listed are for their first appearance on the network. The codes are official episode numbers used by the network.

Code Title Date Day Time
Shorts on Oh Yeah! Cartoons
001A ChalkZone Jul-19-1998 Sun 11:00a
011A Amazin’ River Sept-27-1998 Sun 11:00a
014A Rudy’s Date Sept-18-1999 Sat 11:30a
016A Snap Out of Water Oct-2-1999 Sat 6:00p
018A Secret Passages Oct-9-1999 Sat 6:00p
020A ChalkDad Oct-23-1999 Sat 6:00p
022A Chalk Rain Nov-6-1999 Sat 6:00p
026A Rapunzel Dec-4-1999 Sat 6:00p
999 FutureZone / Pie Day / Secret Passages Dec-31-1999 Fri 10:00p
Season 1
001 Rudy’s First Adventure / Rudy’s Story / Bushel Full of Yum (song) Mar-22-2002 Fri 8:30p
004 French Fry Falls (Amazin’ River) / Gift Adrift / Escucha Mi Corazon (song) Mar-29-2002 Fri 8:30p
006 The Skrawl / Pie Day / Secret Passages / We’re In The Zone (song) Apr-5-2002 Fri 8:30p
002 Snapmobile / Rudy’s Date / FutureZone / Mumbo Jumbo Jump (song) Apr-12-2002 Fri 8:30p
005 Snap Out of Water / Two Left Feet / Rudus Tabootus / All Day Jam (song) Apr-26-2002 Fri 8:30p
003 The Wiggies / Rapunzel / Hair to Stay / Coming to Life (song) May-31-2002 Fri 8:30p
Season 2
007 Hole in the Wall / The Terrible 2 1/2’s / Super Hero Snap / I’m Back and Bluer Then Ever (song) May-30-2003 Fri 8:00p
008 Disappearing Act / Portable Portal / Snap on Tour / Making Faces (song) Jun-6-2003 Fri 9:30p
009 Waste Mountain / Madcap Snap / What’s My Line? / Puttin’ on the Dog (song) Jun-20-2003 Fri 9:30p
010 Pop Goes the Balloon / Snap Builds His Dream House / Fireplug Ballet / There You Are (song) Jun-27-2003 Fri 9:30p
011 The Heist / Battle of the Hands / Chocolate Brunch / Oh My My (song) Jul-11-2003 Fri 9:30p
012 The Smooch / Power Play / All the Way to the Top (song) Aug-1-2003 Fri 9:30p
013 Pumpkin Love / Chip of Fools / Irresistible / Please Let Me In (song) Oct-30-2003 Thu 8:00p
014 Chalk Queen / Cleo’s Secret / Snap’s Wishy Washout / Chunky (song) Dec-6-2003 Sat 8:30a
Season 3
015 Draw and Let Draw / The Towering Wilter / Snapsheebah / Flashlight (song) Feb-2-2004 Mon 5:30p
016 Taffy / Follow the Bouncing Bag / Nighty Note / Dream A Lotta Dreams (song) Feb-3-2004 Tue 5:30p
017 Lost in Chalk / Asleep at the Chalk / If You Can’t Beat ‘Em, Eat ‘Em / Scat (song) Feb-4-2004 Wed 5:30p
018 Water Water Everywhere / RV Having Fun Yet? / The Doofi / Lollypoppian Rhapsody (song) Feb-5-2004 Thu 5:30p
019 That Thing You Drew / That Sinking Feeling / Insect Aside Feb-6-2004 Fri 5:30p
020 Let’s Twister Again / Legend of the Golden Worms / Beanie Boys to Men / Good To Go (song) Mar-12-2004 Fri 9:00p
022 Double Trouble / Midnight Train (song) Apr-23-2004 Fri 9:00p
023 Mother Tongue / Going Eyeballistic / The Ballad of Toe Fu / Golden Thumb (song) Jun-3-2004 Thu 6:30p
021 Indecent Exposure / My Big Fat Chalk Wedding / Rap A Present / Greetings From Greenland (song) Jun-4-2004? Fri? 9:30p?
024 Skrawl’s Brain / The Big Loo / Duck Snap Duck / The Happiest Song in the World (song) Jun-9-2004 Wed 6:30p
998 (029/030) The Big Blow Up Aug-6-2004 Fri 8:00p
025 The Smudges / Tiny Pirate Problem / Curse of the Werefrog / Magic Carpet Ride (song) Oct-1-2004 Fri 7:00p
026 Howdy Rudy / Attack of the Rudosaurus / The Really Big Talent Search / Livin’ It Up (song) Oct-22-2004 Fri 7:00p
028 When Santas Collide Dec-9-2004 Thu 8:30p
027 Purple Haze / No Place Like Home / Disaster Park / I Need A Song (song) Jun-6-2005 Mon 6:00p
Season 4
031 Do the Twitch / Day of the Living Mall / Bulky Blocky / Piece O’ Cake (song) Jun-7-2005 Tue 6:00p
032 School of Destruction / Family Von Snap / Knight Plight / Earthmover (song) Jun-8-2005 Wed 6:00p
033 Disarmed Rudy / Poison Pen Letter / The Label Police / Too Much To Do (song) Jun-9-2005 Thu 6:00p
034 The Crush / Gift of Good Intentions / Snapshots 2: Wild ChalkZone! / Go Pop (song) Jun-22-2005 Wed 6:00p
035 The Quicksand Man / Vampire Cannibals of New York / Killer Breath / Time To Go Home (song) Jun-11-2008 Wed 6:30a
036 Reggie the Red / Vincent Van NoGo / The Further Adventures of Super Hero Snap / It Is To Laugh (song) Jun-13-2008 Fri 6:30a
037 Mellow Drama Falls / Journey to the Center of the Yeti / The White Board / Doofus Penny Jun-28-2008 Sat 6:30a
038 Brainy Bitsy / Teacher’s Lounge / 2:40 / Mosquito (song) Aug-2-2008 Sat 6:30a
039 Snap vs. Boorat / Calling Dr. Memory / Snapsody in Blue / Lets Go Wandering (song) Aug-16-2008 Sat 6:30a
040 The Day ChalkZone Stood Still / BullSnap / Mine Alone / Let It Blow My Way (song) Aug-23-2008 Sat 6:30a