Catscratch premiered in July 2005 on Nickelodeon. The animated comedy ran for a single season of 20 half-hour episodes.

About The Show

Meet three irresponsible cats who do what cats usually do — lie around and wait for the sound of a can opener. Then one day, the cats inherit millions from their wealthy owner and a life of freedom, adventure and total cat-astrophe follows. It should be fun watching a bunch of rich kitties spend millions…diamond dust kitty litter anyone? [via]

The Episode List

The episode list and air dates below are for Nickelodeon in the United States. The dates, days, and times listed are for their first appearance on the network. The codes are official episode numbers used by the network.

Code Title Date Day Time
Season 1
101 To the Moon / Bringin’ Down the Mouse Jul-9-2005 Sat 8:00p
102 Unicorn Club / Go Gomez! Go! Jul-9-2005 Sat 8:30p
103 Lovesick / King of All Root Beer Jul-15-2005 Fri 8:30p
104 Tale of the Tail / Mr. Pickles Jul-22-2005 Fri 8:30p
105 Off the Leash / Slumber Party Jul-29-2005 Fri 8:30p
106 The Ghost of Cramdilly / A Line in the Litter Box Sept-23-2005 Fri 7:30p
107 Love Cats / Zombie Party a Go-Go! Sept-30-2005 Fri 7:30p
108 Gordon’s Lucky Claw / Big Eyed Bunny Oct-14-2005 Fri 7:30p
109B Scaredy Cat Oct-28-2005 Fri 7:30p
109A Requiem for a Cat Nov-18-2005 Fri 7:30p
110 Hi Ho Kraken / King of Clubs Feb-3-2006 Fri 7:30p
111 Live Savers / Mecha Kitties Feb-17-2006 Fri 7:30p
112 My Bodyguards / Charge! Mar-3-2006 Fri 7:30p
113 A Wooly Adventure / EVIL Mar-24-2006 Fri 7:30p
114 Clan-Destiny / Mall-Adjusted Apr-7-2006 Fri 7:30p
115 Two of a Kind / Core-uption May-5-2006 Fri 7:30p
116 Katilda / The Secret Door Jun-2-2006 Fri 7:30p
117 Major Pepperidge / Magic Staff Sept-22-2006 Fri 9:00p
118 Free Hovis / Three Against Nature Sept-29-2006 Fri 9:00p
119 Blikmail / Love Jackal Oct-13-2006 Fri 9:00p
120 Spindango Fundulation / Duck and Cover Feb-10-2007 Sat 6:00p