CatDog previewed after the Kids’ Choice Awards in April 1998 before its official debut in October. The show was Nick’s first original animated series (aka “Nicktoon”) to premiere on weekdays, with the entire first season airing in one month. The series ended with 68 total half-hours, two of which have never aired on TV in the United States, but have been released on DVD and digital.

About The Show

Conjoined siblings — one a dog, the other a cat — deal with the unique challenges of their existence. Cat, the more clever of the two, frequently has a plan or a scheme in the works, and more often than not, that scheme goes awry. Together, the brothers face constant ridicule from the Greaser Dogs, as well as from Winslow, a mouse that lives in the wall of their house. Cat longs for fame and fortune, while Dog is happy chasing garbage trucks — a pursuit that always ends with Cat being towed helplessly along as Dog runs headlong after the next truck. [via Gracenote]

The Episode List

The episode list and air dates below are for Nickelodeon and Nicktoons in the United States. The dates, days, and times listed are for their first appearance on the network. The codes are official episode numbers used by the network.

Code Title Date Day Time
Premiered on Nickelodeon
001 Dog Gone / All You Can’t Eat Apr-4-1998 Sat 9:30p
002A Flea or Die! Oct-5-1998 Mon 5:00p
012B Siege on Fort CatDog Oct-5-1998 Mon 5:15p
007 The Island / All You Need is Lube Oct-6-1998 Tue 5:00p
010 Shriek Loves Dog / Work Force Oct-7-1998 Wed 5:00p
009 Diamond Fever / The Pet Oct-8-1998 Thu 5:00p
008 Party Animal / Mush, Dog, Mush! Oct-9-1998 Fri 5:00p
013 Armed and Dangerous / Fistful of Mail! Oct-12-1998 Mon 5:00p
004 Pumped / Dummy Dummy Oct-13-1998 Tue 5:00p
006 Squirrel Dog / Brother’s Day Oct-14-1998 Wed 5:00p
011 Escape from the Deep End / The Collector Oct-15-1998 Thu 5:00p
003 Full Moon Fever / War of the CatDog Oct-16-1998 Fri 5:00p
012A CatDog’s End Oct-19-1998 Mon 5:00p
002B CatDog Food Oct-19-1998 Mon 5:15p
014 Safety Dog / Dog Come Home! Oct-20-1998 Tue 5:00p
005 Nightmare / CatDogPig Oct-21-1998 Wed 5:00p
015 New Neighbors / Dead Weight Oct-22-1998 Thu 5:00p
019 Neferkitty / Curiosity Almost Killed the Cat Oct-23-1998 Fri 5:00p
018 Home is Where the Dirt is / New Leash on Life Oct-26-1998 Mon 5:00p
017 Just Say CatDog Sent Ya / Dog’s Strange Condition Oct-27-1998 Tue 5:00p
020 Smarter Than the Average Dog / CatDog Doesn’t Live Here Anymore Oct-28-1998 Wed 5:00p
016 All About Cat / Trespassing Oct-29-1998 Thu 5:00p
021 Send in the CatDog / Fishing for Trouble / Fetch Feb-15-1999 Mon 8:30p
022 The Lady is a Shriek / Dog the Mighty Feb-16-1999 Tue 8:30p
023 Hail the Great Meow Woof / Battle of the Bands Feb-17-1999 Wed 8:30p
024 Adventures in Greaser Sitting / The Cat Club / Cat Diggety Dog Feb-18-1999 Thu 8:30p
026 Fred the Flying Fish / CatDog Divided Feb-19-1999 Fri 8:30p
028B Nine Lives Feb-22-1999 Mon 5:00p
025A Climb Every CatDog Feb-22-1999 Mon 5:15p
028A Spaced Out Feb-23-1999 Tue 5:00p
027B Dog Ate It / Dopes on Slopes Feb-23-1999 Tue 5:15p
027A The Unnatural Feb-24-1999 Wed 5:00p
025B Canine Mutiny Feb-24-1999 Wed 5:15p
029 Dem Bones / Winslow’s Home Videos / You’re Fired Feb-25-1999 Thu 5:00p
030 Showdown at Hole 18 / Sneezie Dog Feb-26-1999 Fri 5:00p
032 It’s a Wonderful Half Life / Shepherd Dog Jul-26-1999 Mon 6:30p
031 Surfin’ CatDog / Guess Who’s Going to be Dinner! Jul-27-1999 Tue 6:30p
034 The House of CatDog / CatDog Campers Jul-28-1999 Wed 6:30p
035 Let the Games Begin! / Winslow Falls in Love Jul-29-1999 Thu 6:30p
033 Dog Power / It’s a Jungle in Here! Jul-30-1999 Fri 6:30p
042 Sumo Enchanted Evening / Hotel CatDog Oct-9-1999 Sat 11:00a
044 Rodeo CatDog / Teeth for Two Oct-16-1999 Sat 12:00p
047 Sweet and Lola / Rich $hriek, Poor Shriek Oct-23-1999 Sat 12:00p
059 CatDogula Oct-26-1999 Tue 8:00p
045 Remain Seated / CatDog Catcher Nov-6-1999 Sat 12:00p
058 Talking Turkey Nov-21-1999 Sun 8:00p
040 A Very CatDog Christmas Nov-30-1999 Tue 8:00p
043 Shriek on Ice / No Thanks for the Memories Dec-4-1999 Sat 12:00p
038 Extra! Extra! / CatDog Squared Dec-11-1999 Sat 12:00p
057 CatDog 3001 / Cloud Bursting Dec-31-1999 Fri 8:30p
036 Royal Dog / Springtime for CatDog Mar-9-2000 Thu 8:00p
037 A Dog Ate My Homework / The End Mar-9-2000 Thu 8:30p
039 Cliff’s Little Secret / Freak Show Mar-16-2000 Thu 8:00p
041 Fire Dog / Dog Show Mar-16-2000 Thu 8:30p
048 The Geekers / The Golden Hydrant Mar-23-2000 Thu 8:00p
049 Lube in Love / Picture This Mar-23-2000 Thu 8:30p
050 Stunt CatDog / Greasers in the Mist Mar-30-2000 Thu 8:00p
051 Doo Wop Diggety / CatDogumentary Mar-30-2000 Thu 8:30p
060 Kooky Prank Day / Back to School Apr-1-2000 Sat 6:00p
053 Monster Truck Folly / CatDog’s Gold Nov-3-2000 Fri 3:30p
999 (061-063) CatDog and the Great Parent Mystery Nov-25-2000 Sat 8:00p
046 Silents Please! / Gorilla My Dreams May-14-2001 Mon 6:00p
056 Seeing Eye Dog / Beware of Cliff May-15-2001 Tue 6:00p
052 Rinky Dinks / Hypno-teased May-16-2001 Wed 6:00p
054 CatDog Candy / Movin’ on Up May-17-2001 Thu 6:00p
055 New Cat in Town / CatDog’s Booty May-18-2001 Fri 6:00p
064 Harasslin’ Match / Dog the Not So Mighty Nov-28-2003 Fri 6:00a
066 Cat Gone Bad / The Old CatDog and the Sea Jun-15-2004 Tue 6:30p
Premiered on Nicktoons
068 Vexed of Kin / Meat Dog’s Friends May-7-2005 Sat 9:00a
Unaired in the United States, but released on DVD/digital/streaming:
065 Cone Dog / The Ballad of Ol’ 159
067 Mean Bob We Hardly Knew Ye / CatDog in Winslowland