Big Time Rush

Big Time Rush premiered in November 2009 on Nickelodeon. The live-action, single camera sitcom aired for four seasons and 74 half-hour episodes.

About The Show

Four best friends from Minnesota trade in their hockey sticks and high-school life for the opportunity of a lifetime: pursue pop music stardom in Los Angeles as a boy band. Discovered as a solo singer, Kendall has no interest in leaving his Midwest life behind, so he agrees to take part in “pop group” training in exchange for the record company allowing his three buddies — James, Logan and Carlos — a chance to make it with him as a group. They live in a swanky housing development, but the boys soon find life in Hollywood is not all about the parties and girls, and if they are to make it in the big time, it will only come from hard work, dedication — and the support of one another. [via Gracenote]

The serie stars Kendall Schmidt, James Maslow, Carlos Pena Jr., Logan Henderson, Ciara Bravo, Stephen Kramer Glickman, and Tanya Chisholm.

The Episode List

The episode list and air dates below are for Nickelodeon in the United States. The dates, days, and times listed are for their first appearance on the network. The codes are official episode numbers used by the network.

Code Title Date Day Time
Season 1
999 (101/102) Big Time Audition Nov-28-2009 Sat 8:30p
104 Big Time School of Rocque Jan-18-2010 Mon 8:30p
103 Big Time Crib Jan-22-2010 Fri 8:30p
105 Big Time Bad Boy Jan-29-2010 Fri 8:30p
106 Big Time Love Song Feb-5-2010 Fri 8:30p
107 Big Time Mansion Feb-12-2010 Fri 8:30p
108 Big Time Photo Shoot Feb-26-2010 Fri 8:30p
109 Big Time Break Mar-5-2010 Fri 8:30p
110 Big Time Demos Mar-19-2010 Fri 8:33p
111 Big Time Party Apr-2-2010 Fri 8:00p
113 Big Time Jobs Apr-16-2010 Fri 8:00p
116 Big Time Blogger Apr-23-2010 Fri 8:00p
114 Big Time Terror May-8-2010 Sat 8:30p
115 Big Time Dance Jun-4-2010 Fri 9:30p
117 Big Time Sparks Jun-18-2010 Fri 8:00p
112 Big Time Fever Jun-26-2010 Sat 8:30p
118 Big Time Video Jul-31-2010 Sat 8:30p
998 (119/120) Big Time Concert Aug-20-2010 Fri 8:00p
Season 2
201 Welcome Back, Big Time Sept-25-2010 Sat 8:30p
202 Big Time Fans Oct-1-2010 Fri 8:00p
203 Big Time Girlfriends Oct-11-2010 Mon 8:30p
204 Big Time Live Oct-15-2010 Fri 8:00p
205 Big Time Halloween Oct-22-2010 Fri 8:00p
206 Big Time Sneakers Nov-5-2010 Fri 8:00p
207 Big Time Pranks Nov-19-2010 Fri 9:00p
997 (209/210) Big Time Christmas Dec-4-2010 Sat 8:00p
208 Big Time Guru Jan-8-2011 Sat 8:00p
212 Big Time Crush Feb-5-2011 Sat 8:30p
996 (214/215) Big Time Beach Party Feb-21-2011 Mon 8:00p
211 Big Time Songwriters Mar-5-2011 Sat 8:00p
216 Big Time Reality Mar-26-2011 Sat 8:30p
213 Big Time Girl Group Apr-9-2011 Sat 8:30p
219 Green Time Rush Apr-22-2011 Fri 8:30p
217 Big Time Moms May-7-2011 Sat 8:00p
221 Big Time Prom King May-21-2011 Sat 8:30p
218 Big Time Break-Up Jun-25-2011 Sat 8:00p
225 Big Time Single Jul-23-2011 Sat 8:00p
220 Big Time Wedding Aug-20-2011 Sat 8:00p
223 Big Time Rocker Sept-24-2011 Sat 8:30p
224 Big Time Strike Oct-10-2011 Mon 8:00p
222 Big Time Contest Oct-15-2011 Sat 8:30p
226 Big Time Superheroes Oct-29-2011 Sat 8:00p
227 Big Time Secret Nov-5-2011 Sat 8:00p
229 Big Time Interview Nov-19-2011 Sat 8:00p
228 Big Time Move Jan-28-2012 Sat 8:30p
TV Movie
1 Big Time Movie Mar-10-2012 Sat 8:00p
Season 3
301 Backstage Rush May-12-2012 Sat 8:30p
302 Big Time Returns Jun-25-2012 Mon 7:30p
303 Bel Air Rush Jul-2-2012 Mon 7:30p
304 Big Time Double Date Jul-9-2012 Mon 7:30p
305 Big Time Merchandise Jul-16-2012 Mon 7:30p
306 Big Time Surprise Sept-22-2012 Sat 8:30p
307 Big Time Decision Sept-29-2012 Sat 8:30p
308 Big Time Babysitting Oct-13-2012 Sat 9:00p
311 Big Time Gold Oct-20-2012 Sat 9:00p
309 Big Time Camping Oct-27-2012 Sat 8:30p
310 Big Time Rescue Nov-3-2012 Sat 8:30p
312 Big Time Bloopers Nov-10-2012 Sat 8:30p
Season 4
401 Big Time Invasion May-2-2013 Thu 8:00p
402 Big Time Scandal May-9-2013 Thu 8:00p
403 Big Time Lies May-16-2013 Thu 8:00p
404 Big Time Bonus May-23-2013 Thu 8:00p
405 Big Time Cameo May-30-2013 Thu 8:00p
411 Big Time Tour Bus Jun-6-2013 Thu 8:00p
406 Big Time Pranks II Jun-13-2013 Thu 8:00p
407 Big Time Rides Jun-20-2013 Thu 8:00p
408 Big Time Tests Jun-27-2013 Thu 8:00p
409 Big Time Cartoon Jul-11-2013 Thu 8:00p
410 Big Time Break Out Jul-18-2013 Thu 8:00p
995 (412/413) Big Time Dreams Jul-25-2013 Thu 8:00p
Real-Band Specials
1 7 Secrets: Big Time Rush Jul-12-2010 Mon 7:00p
2 Big Time Rush: Live from Times Square Aug-20-2010 Fri 9:00p
3 BTR: Music Sounds Better With U Nov-12-2011 Sat 8:00p
4 Big Time Tour Apr-21-2012 Sat 9:00p
5 Big Time Rush: Party All Night Jul-23-2012 Mon 7:30p