Big City Greens

Big City Greens premiered in June 2018 on Disney Channel. The animated comedy series is currently airing its fourth season with over 80 half-hour episodes aired to date.

About The Show

Big City Greens is an animated comedy-adventure series which follows the offbeat adventures of Cricket Green, a mischievous and optimistic country boy who moves to the big city with his wildly out of place family, including his unique sister Tilly, overwhelmed father Bill, and feisty Gramma Alice. Cricket’s natural curiosity and enthusiasm lead him and his family on epic journeys and into the hearts of his new neighbors. [via Disney+]

The Episode List

The episode list and air dates below are for Disney Channel in the United States. The dates, days, and times listed are for their first appearance on the network. The codes are official episode numbers used by the network.

Code Title Date Day Time
Season 1
101 Space Chicken / Steak Night Jun-18-2018 Mon 9:30a
102 Cricket Versus / Blue Tater Jun-19-2018 Tue 9:30a
103 Swimming Fool / Tilly’s Goat Jun-20-2018 Wed 9:30a
106 Cricketsitter / Backflip Bill Jun-21-2018 Thu 9:30a
104 Gramma’s License / Bear Trapped Jun-22-2018 Fri 9:30a
108 Photo Op / Remy Rescue Jun-25-2018 Mon 10:00a
105 Gridlocked / Mama Bird Jun-27-2018 Wed 10:00a
107 Welcome Home / Raccooned Jul-2-2018 Mon 10:00a
109 Fill Bill / Critterball Crisis Jul-9-2018 Mon 10:00a
110 Parade Day / DIY Guys Jul-11-2018 Wed 10:00a
111 Gargoyle Gals / Supermarket Scandal Jul-16-2018 Mon 10:00a
112 Barry Cuda / Suite Retreat Jul-18-2018 Wed 10:00a
113 Family Legacy / Paint Misbehavin’ Jul-23-2018 Mon 10:00a
114 Rated Cricket / Homeshare Hoedown Jul-25-2018 Wed 10:00a
116 Cricket’s Shoes / Feud Fight Jul-30-2018 Mon 10:00a
117 Breaking News / Cyberbullies Aug-1-2018 Wed 10:00a
118 Tilly Tour / Dinner Party Aug-6-2018 Mon 10:00a
120 Coffee Quest / Phoenix Rises Aug-8-2018 Wed 10:00a
115 Blood Moon Oct-6-2018 Sat 8:00a
119 Big Deal / Forbidden Feline Nov-3-2018 Sat 8:00a
121 Uncaged Jan-11-2019 Fri 8:50p
123 Harvest Dinner / Winner Winner Jan-12-2019 Sat 8:30a
122 Night Bill / Cheap Snake Jan-19-2019 Sat 8:30a
124 Hiya Henry / People Watching Jan-26-2019 Sat 8:30a
127 Valentine’s Dance / Green Streets Feb-2-2019 Sat 8:30a
125 Hurty Tooth / Sleepover Sisters Feb-9-2019 Sat 8:30a
126 Trailer Trouble / Mansion Madness Feb-16-2019 Sat 8:30a
128 Park Pandemonium / Cricket’s Biscuits Feb-23-2019 Sat 8:30a
129 Skunked / Axin’ Saxon Mar-2-2019 Sat 8:30a
130 Cricket’s Place / Volunteer Tilly Mar-9-2019 Sat 8:30a
Season 2
201 Cricket’s Kapowie / Car Trouble Nov-16-2019 Sat 9:30a
202 Urban Legend / Wishing Well Nov-23-2019 Sat 9:30a
204 Elevator Action / Bad Influencer Nov-30-2019 Sat 9:30a
203 Green Christmas Dec-7-2019 Sat 9:30a
205 Reckoning Ball / Clubbed Dec-14-2019 Sat 9:30a
206 Impopstar / Football Camp Jan-11-2020 Sat 9:25a
207 Heat Beaters / Bill-iever Jan-18-2020 Sat 9:25a
208 Shark Objects / Dream Weaver Jan-25-2020 Sat 9:25a
209 Level Up / Wild Side Feb-1-2020 Sat 9:25a
210 Garage Tales / Animal Farm Feb-8-2020 Sat 9:25a
211 Desserted / The Gifted Jul-11-2020 Sat 8:00p
212 Time Crisis / Gramma Driver Jul-18-2020 Sat 8:00p
213 Tilly Style / I, Farmbot Jul-25-2020 Sat 8:00p
214 Friend Con / Flimflammed Aug-1-2020 Sat 8:00p
215 Greens’ Acres / Dolled Up Aug-8-2020 Sat 8:00p
216 Gabriella’s Fella / Cheap Show Aug-15-2020 Sat 8:00p
217 Green Mirror / Cricket’s Tickets Aug-22-2020 Sat 8:00p
218 Times Circle / Super Gramma! Aug-29-2020 Sat 8:00p
219 Present Tense / Hurt Bike Sept-12-2020 Sat 8:00p
220 Quiet Please / Chipwrecked Sept-19-2020 Sat 8:00p
221 Chipocalypse Now Jan-16-2021 Sat 9:00a
222 ‘Rent Control / Pool’s Gold Jan-23-2021 Sat 9:00a
223 Big Resolution / Winter Greens Jan-30-2021 Sat 9:00a
224 Mages & Mazes / Okay Karaoke Feb-6-2021 Sat 9:00a
225 Date Night / The Room Feb-13-2021 Sat 9:00a
226 Bleeped / Sellouts Mar-6-2021 Sat 9:00a
227 Fast Foodie / Spaghetti Theory Mar-13-2021 Sat 9:00a
228 Ding Dongers / Animation Abomination Mar-20-2021 Sat 9:00a
229 The Van / Bat Girl Mar-27-2021 Sat 9:00a
230 Cousin Jilly / Gloria’s CafĂ© Apr-3-2021 Sat 9:00a
Season 3
301 Squashed! Oct-9-2021 Sat 8:30a
302 Boss Life / Papaganda Feb-12-2022 Sat 9:00a
303 Little Buddy / Zen Garden Feb-19-2022 Sat 9:00a
304 No Service / Takened Feb-26-2022 Sat 9:00a
305 Green Greens / Truce Bomb Mar-5-2022 Sat 9:00a
306 Trivia Night / Big Trouble Mar-12-2022 Sat 9:00a
307 DependaBill / The Delivernator Jul-16-2022 Sat 9:30a
308 Listen Up! / Big Picture Jul-23-2022 Sat 9:30a
309 Rembo / Dirt Jar Jul-30-2022 Sat 9:30a
310 The Move Sept-24-2022 Sat 9:00a
311 Country Side / Junk Mountain Oct-1-2022 Sat 9:00a
312 Farmer Remy / Homeward Hound Oct-8-2022 Sat 9:00a
313 Pie Hard / Rat Tail Oct-15-2022 Sat 9:00a
314 Frilly Tilly / Montaged Oct-22-2022 Sat 9:00a
315 Pizza Deliverance / Horse Girl Oct-29-2022 Sat 9:00a
320 Virtually Christmas Dec-3-2022 Sat 9:00a
316 Pen Pals / Study Abroad Mar-4-2023 Sat 8:00a
317 Honey Heist / Dog Mayor Mar-11-2023 Sat 8:00a
318 Chill Bill / Bunny Farm Mar-18-2023 Sat 8:00a
319 Long Goodbye Mar-25-2023 Sat 8:00a
Season 4
Note: This is a current TV series that is still airing new episodes. As such, this episode list will not always be kept up-to-date when each new episode airs.