Back at the Barnyard

Back at the Barnyard premiered in September 2007 on Nickelodeon. The animated comedy, based on the 2006 film Barnyard, aired for two seasons and 52 half-hour episodes.

About The Show

When the people aren’t watching, what do farm animals really do? Barnyard leader Otis the Cow can’t help but try to have some fun while he’s left in charge. His schemes with sidekick Pip the Mouse lead to trouble and provide fun-filled days for all the animals. Smart-mouthed Bessy usually has the best advice for getting out of sticky situations while Freddy the Ferret and Peck the Rooster never have a dull moment. [via Gracenote]

The Episode List

The episode list and air dates below are for Nickelodeon and Nicktoons in the United States. The dates, days, and times listed are for their first appearance on the network. The codes are official episode numbers used by the network.

Code Title Date Day Time
Premiered on Nickelodeon
101 The Good, the Bad, and the Snotty / Escape from the Barnyard Sept-29-2007 Sat 9:00p
102 Cowman and Ratboy / Cow’s Best Friend Oct-6-2007 Sat 10:30a
103 Chez Pig / The Right Cow Oct-13-2007 Sat 10:30a
104 Saving Mrs. Beady / The Farmer Takes a Woman Oct-20-2007 Sat 10:00a
105 Hypno-A-Go-Go / Fowl Play Nov-24-2007 Sat 8:00p
106 Barnyard Games / War of the Pranks Jan-19-2008 Sat 10:00a
107 Lights! Camera! Moo! / Animal Farmers Feb-2-2008 Sat 10:00a
108 Raging Cow / The Great Sheep Escape Feb-16-2008 Sat 10:00a
109 The Big Barnyard Broadcast / Dead Cow Walking Mar-15-2008 Sat 10:00a
110 Otis Season / Cow’s Night Out Mar-29-2008 Sat 10:07a
111 Big Top Barnyard / Pigmalion Apr-12-2008 Sat 10:00a
112 A Barn Days Night / Meet the Ferrets Apr-26-2008 Sat 10:00a
113 A Tale of Two Snottys / Snotty’s New Pet May-10-2008 Sat 10:00a
114 Home Sweet Hole / Otis’ Mom May-24-2008 Sat 10:00a
115 Club Otis / The Chronicles of Barnia Jun-7-2008 Sat 10:00a
116A Barnyard Idol Jul-21-2008 Mon 6:00p
116B The Haunting Jul-22-2008 Tue 6:00p
117A Brave Udders Jul-23-2008 Wed 6:00p
117B Otis’ Eleven Jul-24-2008 Thu 6:00p
118A Pecky Suave Jul-25-2008 Fri 6:00p
118B Otis vs. Bigfoot Sept-22-2008 Mon 5:00p
121A Top Cow Sept-23-2008 Tue 5:00p
121B School of Otis Sept-24-2008 Wed 5:00p
122A Otis for Mayor Sept-25-2008 Thu 5:00p
122B Dummy and Dummier Sept-26-2008 Fri 5:00p
123 Some Like It Snotty Oct-24-2008 Fri 7:00p
999 (119/120) Cowman: The Uddered Avenger Nov-29-2008 Sat 8:00p
Movie Barnyard: The Original Party Animals (2006) Jan-19-2009 Mon 8:00p
124A Pig Amok Jan-20-2009 Tue 5:00p
124B The Sun Cow Jan-21-2009 Wed 5:00p
125A Doggelganger Jan-22-2009 Thu 5:00p
125B Save the Clams Jan-23-2009 Fri 5:00p
126A Cowdyshack Feb-23-2009 Mon 5:00p
126B Adventures in Snotty Sitting Feb-24-2009 Tue 5:00p
202A Wild Mike’s Dance Party Feb-25-2009 Wed 5:00p
202B Buyers Beware Feb-26-2009 Thu 5:00p
203B Anchor Cow Feb-27-2009 Fri 5:00p
203A Abby & Veronica May-18-2009 Mon 5:00p
204A Bling My Barn May-19-2009 Tue 5:00p
204B Udderado May-20-2009 Wed 5:00p
205A Cupig May-21-2009 Thu 5:00p
205B Happy Animal Fun Time May-22-2009 Fri 5:00p
206A Dream Birthday Jun-29-2009 Mon 5:30p
206B Lord of the Beavers Jun-30-2009 Tue 5:30p
208A Little Otis Jul-1-2009 Wed 5:30p
208B Kids in the City Jul-2-2009 Thu 5:30p
209A Snotty & Snottier Jul-3-2009 Fri 5:30p
210 Barnyards & Broomsticks / The Barn Buddy Oct-5-2009 Mon 4:00p
213 Iron Otis / Too Good To Be Glue Oct-6-2009 Tue 4:00p
212 King Cud / Everett’s Treasure Oct-7-2009 Wed 4:00p
211 Free Schmoozy / Man’s Best Fiend Oct-8-2009 Thu 4:00p
207 Endangered Liaisons / Fumblebums Oct-9-2009 Fri 4:00p
216 Back at the Booyard
(listed as “Halloween Special” in credits)
Oct-25-2009 Sun 11:00a
214 Mr. Wiggleplix / Chain Gang Nov-14-2009 Sat 11:00a
219 A Barnyard Christmas Special
(listed as “It’s An Udderful Life” by Nick)
Dec-5-2009 Sat 11:00a
215 Get Bessy / A Beautiful Freddy Jan-2-2010 Sat 11:00a
220A RoboPeck Jan-16-2010 Sat 11:00a
217A Arcade of Doom Jan-16-2010 Sat 11:15a
220B Puppy Love Feb-6-2010 Sat 11:00a
217B Rodeotis Feb-6-2010 Sat 11:15a
225 A Catfish Called Eddie / Beady and the Beasts Jun-19-2010 Sat 11:27a
218 Mission: Save Bigfoot / Mrs. Beady Takes a Holiday Sept-11-2010 Sat 11:00a
221 Clonedemonium / Hickory Dickory Donkey Sept-18-2010 Sat 11:30a
Premiered on Nicktoons
201 Treasure Hunt Sept-12-2011 Mon 6:00p
222 Clown and Out / Clan of the Cave Cow Sept-19-2011 Mon 6:00p
223 Four Leaf Otis / Cop Cow Sept-26-2011 Mon 6:00p
224 Plucky and Me / Pig of the Mole People Oct-3-2011 Mon 6:00p
209B Paging Dr. Filly Nov-5-2011 Sat 8:30p
226 Aliens!!! Nov-12-2011 Sat 8:30p
Nickelodeon premiere dates:
223 Four Leaf Otis / Cop Cow Mar-17-2012 Sat 6:00a


Of the episodes that premiered on Nicktoons, the only one that later aired on Nickelodeon was “Four Leaf Otis / Cop Cow”. The rest were never shown on the main channel.