As Told By Ginger

As Told By Ginger premiered in October 2000 on Nickelodeon. The animated dramedy ran for three seasons and 60 half-hour episodes.

The an animated tween/teen-focused series aired new episodes on Nickelodeon until 2004. Nick left a number of episodes unaired, all of which involved Ginger being in high school. Some of the episodes eventually premiered in the United States on Nicktoons Network and TeenNick’s ’90s block. All the episodes aired in other countries as well. As of 2021, all the episodes are now legally available in the United States through Paramount+ (formerly CBS All Access).

Three versions of the show’s theme song exist. The first one used in the United States was sung by Cree Summer, but was replaced with the version by Macy Gray, which premiered on Sunday, March 4, 2001 at 7:30pm in the TEENick block. Some international airings of the show had a version by Melissa Disney for the first couple episodes.

About The Show

Ginger is a middle school pre-teen who would do just about anything to be popular. With best friend Dodie she’s always up on the latest gossip, and other best friend Marcie could care less about climbing the social ladder. Set in Shelter Shrubs City, Ginger struggles with typical teenage issues as she tries to make it through middle school. [via Gracenote]

The Episode List

The episode list and air dates below are for Nickelodeon, Nicktoons Network, and TeenNick in the United States. The dates, days, and times listed are for their first appearance on the network. The codes are official episode numbers used by the network.

Code Title Date Day Time
Premiered on Nickelodeon
001 Ginger the Juvey Oct-25-2000 Wed 8:00p
002 Carl and Maude Nov-1-2000 Wed 8:00p
003 Stealing First Nov-8-2000 Wed 8:00p
004 Sleep on It Nov-15-2000 Wed 8:00p
005 Of Lice and Friends Nov-22-2000 Wed 8:00p
006 Dare I, Darren? Nov-29-2000 Wed 8:00p
007 Hello Stranger Dec-6-2000 Wed 8:00p
008 Cry Wolf Jan-14-2001 Sun 7:30p
009 The Right Stuff Jan-21-2001 Sun 7:30p
010 Kiss and Make-Up Jan-28-2001 Sun 7:30p
011 The ‘A’ Ticket Mar-4-2001 Sun 7:30p
012 Come Back Little Seal Girl Mar-11-2001 Sun 7:30p
014 Blizzard Conditions Apr-22-2001 Sun 7:30p
999 (018-020) Summer of Camp Caprice Jul-7-2001 Sat 8:00p
013 I Spy A Witch Oct-26-2001 Fri 8:30p
017 Piece of My Heart Nov-4-2001 Sun 7:30p
015 Deja Who? Nov-4-2001 Sun 8:00p
016 An “Even Steven” Holiday Special Dec-10-2001 Mon 8:30p
022 Gym Class Confidential Feb-11-2002 Mon 8:30p
024 The Nurses’ Strike Feb-12-2002 Tue 8:30p
023 Fast Reputation Feb-13-2002 Wed 8:30p
021 Never Can Say Goodbye Feb-14-2002 Thu 8:30p
025 Trouble in Gal Pal Land Mar-3-2002 Sun 7:30p
026 Sibling Revile-ry Mar-10-2002 Sun 7:30p
027 Losing Nana Bishop Mar-17-2002 Sun 7:30p
028 TGIF Mar-24-2002 Sun 7:30p
029 Lunatic Lake Mar-31-2002 Sun 7:30p
031 April’s Fools Apr-1-2002 Mon 8:30p
030 Ms. Foutley’s Boys Apr-7-2002 Sun 7:30p
032 Love With A Proper Transfer Student Apr-14-2002 Sun 7:30p
033 Family Therapy Apr-21-2002 Sun 7:30p
034 New Girl in Town Apr-28-2002 Sun 7:30p
036 Mommie Nearest May-19-2002 Sun 7:30p
035 Ginger’s Solo Jun-30-2002 Sun 7:30p
040 And She Was Gone Nov-24-2002 Sun 7:00p
038 Next Question Jan-19-2003 Sun 7:00p
037 No Hope for Courtney Jun-1-2003 Sun 7:30p
039 Driven to Extremes Jun-29-2003 Sun 7:30p
998 (041-043) Foutleys on Ice
(promoted as “Far From Home”)
Aug-9-2003 Sat 8:00p
044 Wicked Game Nov-11-2003 Tue 3:00p
045 The Easter Ham Apr-11-2004 Sun 6:00p
046 About Face Jun-6-2004 Sun 6:00p
997 (047/048) Butterflies Are Free
(promoted as “No Turning Back”)
Jun-11-2004 Fri 8:00p
051 Fair to Cloudy Jun-20-2004 Sun 6:00p
050 Heat Lightning Jun-27-2004 Sun 6:00p
Premiered on Nicktoons Network
057 Ten Chairs Nov-24-2004 Wed 3:00p
049 Stuff’ll Kill Ya Nov-14-2006 Tue 7:30a
Premiered on TeenNick
Pilot The Party Oct-9-2015 late-Fri 12:03a
052 Detention Oct-22-2016 Sat 11:00p
053 Kiss Today Goodbye Oct-22-2016 Sat 11:32p
054 Dodie’s Big Break Oct-23-2016 Sun 11:00p
055 A Lesson in Tightropes Oct-23-2016 Sun 11:32p
Premiered on CBS All Access
056 Battle of the Bands Jan-12-2021 Tue
996 (058-060) The Wedding Frame Jan-12-2021 Tue


The pilot episode “The Party” was first released on the “Far From Home” DVD on April 5, 2005.

“The Wedding Frame” was first released on DVD on November 23, 2004.