Alien Dawn

Alien Dawn premiered in February 2013 on Nicktoons. The live-action, single camera action/comedy aired for a single season of 26 half-hour episodes.

A pilot for the series was originally filmed in July 2010. Nickelodeon picked the show up for production in October 2011. Filming on the 26 episodes took place from January through September of 2012. During production, the series was known as “Black Dawn” and “Mission Dawn”. After airing 15 of the show’s 26 episodes on Nicktoons, the series moved to TeenNick over a year later to burn-off the final unaired episodes during a single-day marathon.

About The Show

Cameron Turner seems like a typical teenager who enjoys hanging out with his friends and going skateboarding. But after his father, a famed astronaut and comic book artist, goes missing Cameron’s life takes a not-so-typical turn. He gets involved in a conspiracy hidden within his father’s comic book series that gives Cameron clues meant to help him learn the truth about his dad’s disappearance and last mission as an astronaut. Joining Cameron on his journey for the truth are best friend Boris, childhood friend Lucy and school rival Pierce. [via Gracenote]

The series stars Aaron Sauter, Kenny Sosnowski, Alex Shimizu, Christina Caradona, Clark Beasley Jr., and Hillary Greer.

The Episode List

The episode list and air dates below are for Nicktoons and TeenNick in the United States. The dates, days, and times listed are for their first appearance on the network. The codes are official episode numbers used by the network.

Code Title Date Day Time
Premiered on Nicktoons
999 (101/102) Genesis Feb-22-2013 Fri 10:00p
103 The School Has Eyes Mar-1-2013 Fri 10:00p
104 Beware of Falling Rocks Mar-1-2013 Fri 10:30p
105 Tunnels Mar-8-2013 Fri 10:00p
106 The Secret Society Mar-8-2013 Fri 10:30p
107 Olivine House Mar-15-2013 Fri 10:00p
108 Eclipse Mar-15-2013 Fri 10:30p
109 The Pied Piper Mar-22-2013 Fri 10:00p
110 The Video Mar-22-2013 Fri 10:30p
111 Lucy Mar-29-2013 Fri 10:00p
112 Memories of a Hero Mar-29-2013 Fri 10:30p
998 (113/114) The Compound Apr-5-2013 Fri 10:00p
115 The Trial Apr-12-2013 Fri 10:00p
Premiered on TeenNick
116 The Good, the Bad and the Tall Man Jul-27-2014 Sun 1:00p
117 The Phoenix Project Jul-27-2014 Sun 1:30p
118 Dawn of Time Jul-27-2014 Sun 2:00p
119 Super-Cam Jul-27-2014 Sun 2:30p
120 Eternal Sunshine of Boris’ Mind Jul-27-2014 Sun 3:00p
121 Reunion Jul-27-2014 Sun 3:30p
122 The Comic Convention Jul-27-2014 Sun 4:00p
123 I, Pierce Jul-27-2014 Sun 4:30p
124 The Heiress Jul-27-2014 Sun 5:00p
997 (125/126) Origins Jul-27-2014 Sun 5:30p