6teen premiered in the United States in December 2005 on Nickelodeon. The Canadian animated series ran a total of four seasons and 91 half-hour episodes, plus two hour-long specials.

The show’s first season aired for a short time on Nickelodeon in 2005 and 2006, before moving to Cartoon Network in the fall of 2008. Despite airing on two networks, 19 episodes and one of the specials never aired on TV in the United States, likely for content reasons. The show was aimed at an older audience, and what was acceptable on Canadian television wasn’t the same here in the States.

Nickelodeon first made the series available in November 2005 on their website’s streaming video player, TurboNick. A block of four episodes aired in December on the TV channel before getting a regular weekday airing starting in January 2006. After a month, the series was only seen on weekends, with the last showing on Nickelodeon being May 13, 2006. Nicktoons Network also aired the show twice, once in December 2005 and again in July 2006.

More than two years later, Cartoon Network acquired the series and aired most of the episodes Nick did, along with much of the rest of the series. The last airing on Cartoon Network was February 1, 2011.

About The Show

In the Galleria Mall, six 16-year-olds — Jonesy Garcia, Nikki Wong, Jude Lizowski, Jen Masterson, Wyatt Williams and Caitlin Cooke — learn the ropes at their first jobs while negotiating the bumpy road through their high school years in this animated Canadian series aimed at tweens and teens. [via Gracenote]

The Episode List

The episode list and air dates below are for Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network in the United States. The dates, days, and times listed are for their first appearance on the network. The codes are official episode numbers used by the network.

Code Title Date Day Time
Nickelodeon Premiere Dates
001 Take This Job and Squeeze It Dec-18-2005 Sun 12:00p
010 The Girls in the Band Dec-18-2005 Sun 12:30p
004 Breaking Up with the Boss’ Son Dec-18-2005 Sun 1:00p
006 Deck the Mall Dec-18-2005 Sun 1:30p
002 The Big Sickle Jan-2-2006 Mon 4:30p
003 A Lime to Party Jan-3-2006 Tue 4:30p
005 Idol Time at the Mall Jan-4-2006 Wed 4:30p
007 The Five Finger Discount Jan-5-2006 Thu 4:30p
008 Employee of the Month Jan-6-2006 Fri 4:30p
009 The Fake Date Jan-9-2006 Mon 4:30p
011 Mr. Nice Guy Jan-10-2006 Tue 4:30p
012 The Slow and the Even-Tempered Jan-11-2006 Wed 4:30p
013 The Sushi Connection Jan-12-2006 Thu 4:30p
015 Clonesy Jan-13-2006 Fri 4:30p
016 The Khaki Girl Jan-17-2006 Tue 4:30p
017 The Swami Jan-18-2006 Wed 4:30p
018 The Birthday Boy Jan-19-2006 Thu 4:30p
020 One Quiet Day Jan-20-2006 Fri 4:30p
021 The (Almost) Graduate Jan-28-2006 Sat 1:30p
022 Bring It On Jan-29-2006 Sun 6:00p
023 Cecil B. Delusioned Feb-4-2006 Sat 1:30p
027 Going Underground Feb-19-2006 Sun 6:00p
Cartoon Network Premiere Dates
Special Dude of the Living Dead Oct-23-2008 Thu 9:30p
004 Breaking Up with the Boss’ Son Nov-3-2008 Mon 4:00p
010 The Girls in the Band Nov-4-2008 Tue 4:00p
017 The Swami Nov-5-2008 Wed 4:00p
024 Boo, Dude Nov-6-2008 Thu 4:00p
022 Bring It On Nov-7-2008 Fri 4:00p
027 Going Underground Nov-11-2008 Tue 4:00p
028 Deadbeat Poet’s Society Nov-12-2008 Wed 4:00p
030 Fish and Make Up Nov-13-2008 Thu 4:00p
035 Welcome to the Dark Side Nov-14-2008 Fri 4:00p
036 The New Guy Nov-17-2008 Mon 4:00p
039 The Lords of Malltown Nov-18-2008 Tue 4:00p
040 Major Unfaithfulness Nov-19-2008 Wed 4:00p
041 Waiting to Ex-Sale Nov-20-2008 Thu 4:00p
043 Lights Out Nov-21-2008 Fri 4:00p
044 The Ding from Down Under Nov-24-2008 Mon 4:00p
052 Girlie Boys Nov-25-2008 Tue 4:00p
054 Baby You Stink Nov-26-2008 Wed 4:00p
056 Wrestlemania Dec-1-2008 Mon 4:00p
058 Silent Butt Deadly Dec-2-2008 Tue 4:00p
062 Oops, I Dialed It Again Dec-3-2008 Wed 4:00p
070 J is for Genius Dec-4-2008 Thu 4:00p
069 Whoa, Baby! Dec-5-2008 Fri 4:00p
006 Deck the Mall Dec-7-2008 Sun 12:00p
076 Date and Switch Dec-8-2008 Mon 4:00p
077 Mr. and Mr. Perfect Dec-9-2008 Tue 4:00p
078 Life Slaver Dec-10-2008 Wed 4:00p
019 Stupid Over Cupid Feb-12-2009 Thu 9:30p
020 One Quiet Day Feb-19-2009 Thu 9:30p
021 The (Almost) Graduate Feb-26-2009 Thu 9:30p
025 The One With the Text Message Mar-5-2009 Thu 9:30p
008 Employee of the Month Mar-12-2009 Thu 9:00p
067 All Pets Are Off Mar-19-2009 Thu 9:00p
001 Take This Job and Squeeze It Mar-26-2009 Thu 9:00p
002 The Big Sickle Apr-2-2009 Thu 9:00p
003 A Lime to Party Apr-9-2009 Thu 9:00p
018 The Birthday Boy Apr-16-2009 Thu 9:00p
033 Pillow Talk Apr-23-2009 Thu 9:00p
034 Losing Your Lemon Apr-30-2009 Thu 9:00p
059 The New Jonesy May-25-2009 Mon 7:00p
060 Prank’d May-25-2009 Mon 7:30p
072 Love At Worst Sight May-25-2009 Mon 8:00p
073 Cheapskates May-25-2009 Mon 8:30p
005 Idol Time at the Mall Jun-11-2009 Thu 9:30p
011 Mr. Nice Guy Jun-18-2009 Thu 9:30p
012 The Slow and the Even-Tempered Jun-25-2009 Thu 9:30p
053 Sweet 6teen Jul-2-2009 Thu 9:30p
016 The Khaki Girl Jul-9-2009 Thu 9:30p
015 Clonesy Jul-16-2009 Thu 9:30p
029 Career Day Jul-23-2009 Thu 9:30p
031 Awake the Wyatt Within Jul-30-2009 Thu 9:30p
037 In a Retail Wonderland Aug-6-2009 Thu 9:30p
038 Midnight Madness Aug-13-2009 Thu 9:30p
048 Dirty Work Aug-20-2009 Thu 9:30p
050 Spring Fling Aug-27-2009 Thu 9:30p
057 The Journal Sept-3-2009 Thu 9:30p
066 Another Day at the Office Oct-20-2009 Tue 9:30p
079 Labour Day (1) Apr-5-2010 Mon 9:30p
080 Labour Day (2) Apr-12-2010 Mon 9:30p
081 6 Teens and a Baby Apr-19-2010 Mon 9:30p
082 Blast from the Past Apr-26-2010 Mon 9:30p
083 Quit it! May-3-2010 Mon 9:30p
084 Kylie Smylie May-10-2010 Mon 9:30p
085 The List May-17-2010 Mon 9:30p
086 Great Expectations May-24-2010 Mon 9:30p
087 Out of this World May-31-2010 Mon 9:30p
088 On Your Mark, Get Set…Date Jun-7-2010 Mon 9:30p
090 Bye Bye Nikki? (1) Jun-14-2010 Mon 9:30p
091 Bye Bye Nikki? (2) Jun-21-2010 Mon 9:30p
Unaired on U.S. television
014 Enter the Dragon
026 It’s Always Courtney, Courtney, Courtney!
032 Unhappy Anniversary
042 The Hunted
045 The Wedding Destroyers
046 Jonesy’s Low Mojo
047 Smarten Up
049 A Crime of Fashion
051 Over Exposed
055 Selling Out To The Burger Man
061 2-4-1
063 Double Date
064 Fashion Victims
065 Insert Name Here
068 The One with the Cold Sore
071 Bicker Me Not
074 How the Rent-a-cop Stole Christmas
075 Opposites Attack
089 Role Reversal
Special Snow Job