2 Hour Tour

2 Hour Tour premiered in March 2000 on Disney Channel. The music-filled reality series aired for a single season of nine episodes.

About The Show

Famous recording artists audition fledgling acts. [via Gracenote]

The Episode List

The episode list and air dates below are for Disney Channel in the United States. The dates, days, and times listed are for their first appearance on the network. The codes are official episode numbers used by the network.

Code Title Date Day Time
Season 1
102 Christina Aguilera Mar-11-2000 Sat 7:30p
101 98 Degrees / LP Outsyders Apr-8-2000 Sat 7:30p
103 LFO May-20-2000 Sat 9:20p
104 Nobody’s Angel Jun-10-2000 Sat 9:15p
105 SHeDAISY Jul-7-2000 Fri 7:30p
106 Savage Garden Jul-28-2000 Fri 7:30p
Blaque / JenNic Aug-12-2000 Sat 9:05p
Enrique Iglesias / Strange Wayz Sept-2-2000 Sat 9:15p
The Moffats / 6 West Sept-21-2000 Thu 8:40p